Grow High Quality Weed From Seeds

Grow Weed From Seeds.

New to growing Cannabis and Marijuana? Learn how to grow weed from seeds and produce your own buds.

How To Grow Weed From Seeds

Marijuana has grown naturally around the world for thousands of years and is often referred to as a weed, due to the ease with which it can reproduce and grow. Found in a variety of climates and countries, there are two, distinctively different forms of the plant, Indica and Sativa.

Both varieties produce male and female plants, with female’s requiring pollination from the male. A single male Marijuana plant can release thousand of pollen spores, fertilizing many females, creating thousands of seeds. Whether you’ve purchased premium feminized Marijuana seeds, or simply found some on a plant, or in a bag of weed, learning how to grow weed from seeds follows the same method for all.

Growing weed from seeds is the most natural way for Marijuana plants to multiple, the only other way is to remove sprouts and branches, cultivating them into clones. Once fertilized by a male, the female Marijuana weed plant focuses its energy on seed production, rather than generating more flowers and buds.

Weed seeds require between 10 – 14 days to fully develop and form, once they have, they will swell and break-out of the seed bract, or remain stuck around the bud area’s, waiting for the plant to wither and die, or the seeds to be shaken free by the wind or passing wildlife.

In this way, growing weeds from seeds has propagated Marijuana around the world, and, as long as both male and female plants are cultivated in close proximity to each other, the females will become fertilized, and seeds form, drop and grow naturally.

However, female Marijuana plants can create thousands of seeds, and the majority fail to germinate and grow when left naturally. If you have bought premium quality weed seeds, or only have a limited supply, you will want to germinating as many of these seeds as possible, and by following a few simple techniques, you can ensure all good quality, mature weed seeds germinate and have the best chance of producing a high quality Marijuana plant.

How To Grow Weed From Seeds – Germination and Sprouting.

Many of the most common and popular weed seeds are a combination of both Indica and Sativa genetics and are known as hybrid Marijuana strains.

The seeds often display signs of their dominating heritage, with Sativa seeds being small and usually a plain beige color. Indica seeds are larger, often displaying a stripe effect across the husk.

Germination requires the main tap root to break-out of the hard, husky shell, supplying the necessary nutrients and water for the plant to grow and develop. Mature seeds will have a hardened case, and to improve germination levels, we advice you soak the seeds in a cup of water for 24 – 36 hours first.

Once the seeds have been soaked, many will already show signs of the white tap root breaking through. Now gently place the seeds between damp paper towels, put this onto a saucer, ensuring the towels remain moist at all times, and position in a warm, dark place. Within a matter of days, the tap-root will force its way out of the shell and have completely germinated, ready to be potted.

Using the correct sized pot can make a big difference to how your plants grow. In general, if you are growing feminized seeds that require separate vegetative and flowering cycles, we recommend planting your weed seeds into a small/medium sized pot, allowing them to develop over the next few weeks before moving them into a larger pot to continue and complete their development, or planting them outdoors, into the prepared soil.

If you are growing Autoflowering weed seeds, we recommended planting the germinated seeds directly into 5 – 10 liter pots, where they will have enough room for the roots to grow, without being disturbed over their short, 8 week growing and flowering cycle.

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Grow High Yields Of Weed From Seed

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How To Grow Weed From Seeds – Growing and Flowering.

Traditional weed seeds have two separate cycles, growing, when the plants are in their vegetative stage, rapidly developing leaves and branches. Then the flowering cycle, beginning when the plants receive approximately 12 hours of regular uninterrupted hours of darkness per night, which continues over an average of 8 – 10 weeks, or until the buds are fully developed and mature.

During both cycles, it’s important the plants receive good quality light, air and all the necessary nutrients required. You can buy plant feeds specifically designed to boost both the growth and flowering cycles, increasing the size and weight of your yields.

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds grow and flower simultaneously over an average period of just 8 weeks. Fast and easy to grow, they flower regardless of the number of daylight hours they receive, producing their biggest and best harvests when cultivated outdoors, during the late Spring and Summer months.

If you are growing weed from seeds indoors, you have complete control over the length of time you vegetate the plants, and when you send them to flower. Outdoor weed plants are controlled by nature, and as the daylight hours begin to decrease, the plants will naturally begin to flower.

Flowering Your Weed Seeds

The differences between a correctly harvested, manicured plant can easily be seen visually, tasted, smelt and felt in the buds overall effects. Poor methods will result in degrading the THC and flavor, resulting in a bland, low potency harvest.

How To Grow Weed From Seeds – Harvesting.

Whether it’s an average of 8 – 10 weeks flowering time for traditional feminized varieties, or in total, as with the case of Autoflowering strains, your Marijuana plants will flower over this period, reaching maturity, and will be ready to harvest. Knowing when to harvest your plants for maximum yield, potency and flavor is a major part of learning how to grow weed from seeds, and a skill all growers acquire over time.

During the last few weeks of flowering the buds swell, gain weight and their flowers begin to change color, wither and disappear, these are all signs that your weed plants are reaching maturity. Tiny ‘pin-heads’ should be visible on the buds and close surrounding leaves, these are the trichomnes and contain the resin that induces many of the effects associated with weed, they can also help you decide when the plant has achieved complete maturity.

Use a magnifying glass to inspect the swollen, bulbous tips of the resin glands. Look closely and you should be able to identify the liquid contained within the head. This will change color from clear, through to amber as the plant develops and achieves complete maturity. Harvesting your weed as the tips begin to change from a clear to ‘milky’ color will induce a clean, creative euphoria, while leaving the plant to mature further, and the glands to change from cloudy to amber, will produce a more lethargic ‘stoned’ sensation.

Achieving a balance between taste, yield and the ‘high’ produced when you grow weed from seeds is all part of the fun. Experience and knowledge can help improve future harvests, but as long as your plants receive sunlight and undisturbed darkness, water, nutrients and fresh air, they will grow and flower, generating a successful harvest.

Once you’re happy the plants have fully matured, remove the large fan leaves as these contain little, if any, resin or THC. Cut larger branches from the main stem if they are too large or awkward, and hang to dry at general room temperature for between 7 – 10 days with indirect air-flow to reduce the chances of mold or bur-rot developing.

Once dry, the stems should snap cleanly, and the buds can be removed, trimmed and stored ready for smoking or curing.

Marijuana Plant Problems

Find all the answers to identifying problems when growing marijuana weed from seed. I Love Growing Marijuana offer in depth guides packed with information for each stage of the growing process from seed to harvest.
Harvest Your Weeds From Seeds

Drying Weed From Seeds

Harvesting, drying and storing your weed correctly can make a big difference to the taste and quality. Rushing these last final steps can reduce the flavor and THC levels considerably.

How To Grow Weed From Seeds – More Information.

We have a wide and varied collection of weed seeds for sale, including feminized and Autoflowering strains. If you’re a new grower and just beginning to learn how to grow weed from seeds, check out the beginner Grow Set. Containing the seeds, nutrients and complete set of Plant Protectors, as well as all the information and feeding schedules needed to produce your own successful weed harvest.

Autoflowering seeds are some of the easiest Marijuana plants to grow, quickly producing high quality buds and fast harvests. With many strains available, you can choose from a wide selection and buy Autoflowering weed seeds online, enjoying free, guaranteed deliver to all parts of the USA and Europe.

Feminized seeds offer the widest choice and are the most popular selection for both indoor and outdoor growers. With a collection of recreational and medicinal varieties, select from an assortment of high quality weed seeds, offering a variety of flavors, aroma’s and high’s.

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