Maximize The Potency From Your Harvest.

Maximize The Potency From Your Marijuana Crop

Harvesting, drying and storing your buds correctly can make a big difference to the taste and quality. Rushing these last final steps can reduce the flavor and THC levels considerably, so, after waiting patiently while the plants grew, flowered and matured, the last thing you want to do now is to reduce the quality.

Once your plants are harvested they stop producing resin, so care must be taken to ensure as must resin remains on the leaves and buds as possible.

While they are growing, around 70% of the plants weight is made-up of water, and the aim now is to reduce that water content, allowing the buds to burn and smoke evenly.

Cutting And Drying Your Harvest

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Cutting and Drying Marijuana.

One of the best methods for drying is to cut the plants and hang them upside down in a dark area with a constant temperature of around 65 degrees with adequate airflow in-between them. This ensures that each bud is dried evenly and the delicate resin crystals are disturbed and crushed as little as possible.

Trimming the buds at this stage is optional. While some people remove only the large fan leaves, allowing the smaller leaves to wrap around the buds, others prefer to trim away all the unwanted leaves at this stage. Leaving the buds on the stems at this stage is advised, as it allows for better airflow around them, minimizing the risks of bud-rot and mold.

The buds should now be left for between 7 – 10 days, allowing them to dry evenly and ready for trimming.

Trimming Marijuana

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Trimming Marijuana.

Once the buds are dry they can be removed from the stems and trimmed to shape. If you have left the larger fan leaves on, they should be removed and disposed of, as they have very little THC or resin and taste harsh. Smaller leaves should be collected as they are trimmed, as they often have quite a generous coating of resin and THC. While these smaller leaves may still be harsh to smoke, they are perfect for making ‘Bubble-Hash’, oil, cannabis butter and other edibles from.

Although at this stage the buds can be smoked and enjoyed, they do still contain quite high levels of chlorophyll and water, making the flavor taste fresh and slightly minty. The process of curing slowly removes the remaining moisture, allowing the full flavor and potency of the buds to develop and mature.

Curing Cannabis

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Curing Cannabis.

Curing is performed by simply placing the buds within an air-tight container, opening it and gently ‘tossing’ the buds to allow the air the change around them. When performed correctly, the buds will become moist again at the start as the remaining moisture held within the middle of the buds works its way outward to evaporate.

After a few days of regularly opening and closing the sealed container, the buds will have lost all their remaining water content, producing buds that burn evenly with a deeper, richer flavor. With all the moisture removed, the buds can now be left in sealed bags or airtight containers without the fear of bud-rot or mold setting in.

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Harvesting Marijuana Guide.

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