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Montana has had an active medical marijuana in place since 2004, and recently, in June 2017, included Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain to their list of conditions and ailments that qualify for registration as a marijuana patient. Once registered, an adult resident can legally buy marijuana seeds in Montana online and grow up to sixteen plants, in various stages of growth, without fear of prosecution. Becoming registered isn’t difficult, with over thirteen thousand patients already enjoying the benefits of medical marijuana in Montana, and having the right to grow to your plants, even a limited amount, could save you a lot of time in the end.

By save you time, we mean jail time, because that’s what’s on offer to those caught growing marijuana seeds in Montana without first registering and qualifying as a patient. Under thirty marijuana plants and it’s a potential ten year sentence. Over a pound of marijuana or thirty plants, you could be facing life in jail. Before you buy marijuana seeds in Montana and begin growing your own plants, we recommend you find a friendly doctor and become a registered patient.

Once registered, you can legally grow up to sixteen marijuana plants, with a maximum of four in flower at any one-time. Achieving the best and biggest yields from four plants requires each plant to be a pure female, any males will cost you a twenty-five percent reduction in total yield straight away. Feminized marijuana seeds guarantee female-only plants, with vigorous growth and stable genetics, offering a wide selection of flavors and high’s, as well as a range of medicinal properties and benefits. Through our association with I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the leading marijuana seed producers and suppliers, we can guaranteed delivery and germination on all our recommended seeds. All purchases are shipped using the best stealth postal and packaging techniques, and should for any reason your seeds fail to arrive, replacement will be dispatched immediately and totally free of charge.

You can grow marijuana seeds in Montana either indoors or outside, and although the best quality buds are usually grown indoors where greater control can be maintained over the growing and flowering areas, the largest, ‘per-plant’ harvests are more commonly grown outdoors over an entire season. Germinated in early Spring, marijuana plants have plenty of time to grow and develop before the daylight hours shorten and they begin to flower later in the season. Buying feminized marijuana seeds guarantees female plants, while selecting autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds will reduce the overall time needed from sowing to harvest. Whether its medical marijuana seeds, or one’s for more recreational use, you can buy marijuana seeds in Montana online and enjoy growing your own, high quality buds and cola’s, view some of our recommended strains below.

Our Recommended Medical Marijuana Seeds.

Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds.

We have a wide selection of medical marijuana seeds for sale, offering different tastes and aroma’s, as well as providing medicinal value for many ailments and conditions. Both medical and recreational marijuana are identical, and grow exactly the same. The only difference is in the amount of THC and CBD the plant has and the proportions of each. While strains high in THC and low in CBD provide a ‘high’, enjoyed by recreational users, a higher CBD negates these effects and allows the user to enjoy the medical properties without effecting there daily lives. Medical marijuana has been proven in trials to have a number of uses, including pain relief, assisting eating and sleeping disorders and as an aid to reducing the effects of chemotherapy to name but a few.

Different strains have different flavors and effects, as well as practical medical uses for a variety of conditions. Buy marijuana seeds in Montana online through us, that reduce the symptoms you are suffering from. Our choice collection of high quality medical marijuana seeds are all sold with guaranteed delivery and germination included in the price.

Afghan Seeds

Afghan Feminized

Afghan Marijuana Seeds

A 100% pure Indica with a relaxing high and long-lasting euphoric effects. Increased resin production and sweet, earthy flavored buds make Afghan one of most popular Indica strains available. Potent medical marijuana with a 20% THC content.

Chronic Widow Seeds

Chronic Widow Feminized

Chronic Widow Marijuana Seeds

An Indica dominant strain combining the potent White Widow and high-yielding Chronic genetics. Extremely high THC and CBD levels, together with a creamy, spicy flavor make it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Green Crack Seeds

Green Crack Feminized

Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

A highly potent Sativa dominant strain which leaves the user feeling euphoric and energized. A firm favorite with many medical and day-time smokers for it’s positive and uplifting effects. Easy to grow and recommended for beginners.

Buy Recreational Marijuana Seeds.

Although all marijuana has some form of medicinal value, even if it’s only to relax and help relieve stress, or increase the appetite, strains with a higher THC content are often referred to as recreational strains, rather than medical. If you enjoy the relaxing properties associated with marijuana, and wish to feel ‘high’, these marijuana seeds for sale offer a better effect.

Grown either indoor or outside, they are capable of producing the strongest, most potent buds, with some strains reaching up to twenty-five percent THC levels, not advised for the novice or average user. Autoflowering seeds are quicker to produce their harvests, and are recommended for fast, early season yields, while your feminized plants are still in their vegetative stage.

As only four plants are legally permitted to be in flower at any one time, you can produce two or even three autoflowering harvests before your larger, season-long grown plants begin to flower, offering a fast and easy way to grow marijuana in Montana and harvest buds throughout most of the season.

We offer some of the most popular and sought after strains, all with stable genetics and capable of producing high quality harvests. Select any of the recommended strains below and buy marijuana seeds in Montana that suit your needs, growing style and experience level.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream Feminized

Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds

Extremely aromatic and filled with an explosive fruit flavor, Blue Dream is an highly popular West Coast strain producing a relaxing and balanced high. Easy to grow and capable of producing large harvests, a perfect choice for indoor growers.

Crystal Seeds

Crystal Feminized

Crystal Marijuana Seeds

Extremely potent with approximately 25% THC and high CBD levels. Easy to grow both indoors and outside, producing many strong lateral branches and multiple budding sites. Heavy yields of large cola’s totally coated in resin.

Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck Feminized

Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds

Extremely potent with a 25% THC content, Trainwreck is an almost ‘mind-bending’ strain generating a highly euphoric, relaxed feeling. A complex hybrid combining Mexican, Thai and Afghani genetics, suitable for indoor and outdoor growing.

Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds in Montana with 100% support.

All our recommended marijuana seeds for sale are dispatched directly from I Love Growing Marijuana and are sold with guaranteed delivery and germination. Unlike many marijuana seed distributors, they do not sell their seeds as ‘souvenirs only’, choosing to help and support you in your growing, by offering all the help, support and information you need to produce a high quality harvest.

With a first-class customer support team, any questions, issues or concerns are quickly answered and dealt with, and by providing complete and comprehensive information on each available strain, growing your own marijuana in Montana can be easy, regardless of your level of experience.

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If you are new to growing marijuana in Montana and would like to learn more about the best methods and techniques to produce your own high quality buds, download the free, growing marijuana guide.

Packed full of information, this no obligation download explains how to grow your seeds for maximum yield, as well as information about when to harvest your plants for peak flavor and potency. Receive all the help, information and support you need when you legally buy marijuana seeds in Montana through us.

Learn How To Grow Marijuana Seeds.

Did you know the success to the perfect taste, highest potency and best buds is when you harvest!

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  • Marijuana grow guides, learn the basics from building a grow room to starting your seeds and through the different stages to harvest.

  • Plant care guides, follow the simple steps and be aware of the signs of nutrient effeciences, pests, diseases, mold and more.

  • Medical Guides, With more USA states legalizing marijuana learn about growing your own medical marijuana and its uses and effects.

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