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Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Nevada

The changing laws now allow more people to grow and buy marijuana seeds in Nevada than ever before, there are however, a few rules and regulations that must be obeyed in order to qualify. Nevada implemented a medical marijuana program in 2001, allowing registered patients over the age of twenty-one the legal right to possess and grow their own marijuana plants. Up to twelve plants could be grown, with six in flower at any one time. Public possession to a maximum of one ounce was also permitted under the medical marijuana legislation.

As of 1st January 2017, the state extended the right to grow and legally buy marijuana seeds in Nevada online to all it’s adult residents, eliminating the need for registration. Possessing marijuana up to one ounce, is permitted under the new, relaxed laws, and residents living more than twenty-five miles away from the nearest licensed medical marijuana dispensary are permitted to grow marijuana seeds in Nevada without fear of prosecution.

One of the key points to growing and buying marijuana seeds in Nevada, is the distance you live from a registered marijuana dispensary. Although Nevada is the seventh largest state, much of it’s land is semi-arid desert and uninhabitable, with the majority of it’s residents living within the twenty-five mile radius of a local dispensary. Within the boundary, growing marijuana in Nevada isn’t permitted, unless you were already allocated a licence prior to the dispensary opening.

If you live more than twenty-five miles from a dispensary, you can legally buy marijuana seeds in Nevada and begin growing either indoors or outside, depending upon your chosen method. Live inside one of the boundaries, and you can still buy marijuana seeds in Nevada online, but germinating and cultivating them isn’t permitted.

You can legally buy marijuana seeds in Nevada online and enjoy the assurance of guaranteed delivery when you purchase your seeds through us. We offer a selection of the highest quality seeds and strains, all sold including ‘stealth’ packaging and shipping costs. Dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading online marijuana seeds producers and suppliers, each seed is of the highest quality and guaranteed to germinate. Choose from a wide variety of strains, including the very best recreational and medical marijuana seeds, all guaranteed to produce the highest quality plants and buds.

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Buy Indoor Marijuana Seeds.

Growing marijuana indoors usually produces the highest quality buds, as far greater control can be maintained over the growing area. Daylight hours can be provided via high powered lights, and altered at will to induce flowering when required.

Temperature and humidity levels can have an effect on both the yield and quality from each plant, and growing marijuana seeds indoors in Nevada is the only way to control the plants development, rather than growing outdoors and relying on nature to provide for the plants needs.

Feminized marijuana seeds offer the best return per square meter, guaranteeing that each of the six plants that you are legally permitted to grow will produce a female plant capable of creating the harvest you desire. Only female marijuana plants produce buds, the males produce pollen to fertilize the female’s, creating the next generation of seeds. Ensuring that each of the six plants you are legally permitted to grow are female, is the best way to begin maximizing the return from your growing area.

We have a wide selection of both recreational and medical marijuana seeds for sale, with ‘old-school’ classics, as well as a variety of some of the best loved and most popular new varieties. Any of our feminized marijuana seeds for sale can be grown indoors, given the right conditions, but we recommended buying seeds and strains that suit your level of experience, for the best harvests.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream (Fem)

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Extremely aromatic and filled with an explosive fruit flavor, Blue Dream is an highly popular West Coast strain producing a relaxing and balanced high. Easy to grow and capable of producing large harvests, a perfect choice for indoor growers.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Girl Scout Cookie (Fem)

Girl Scout Cookie Feminized

Created by crossing an OG Kush with a Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies is a highly popular Californian strain that’s achieved legendary status. Very potent, generating a relaxing, euphoric high, recommended for recreational and medical users.

Green Crack Seeds

Green Crack (Fem)

Green Crack Feminized Seeds

A highly potent Sativa dominant strain which leaves the user feeling euphoric and energized. A firm favorite with many medical and day-time smokers for it’s positive and uplifting effects. Easy to grow and recommended for beginners.

Buy Outdoor Marijuana Seeds.

Growing marijuana seeds outdoors in Nevada isn’t going to be easy. Although the state has large areas of land where ‘guerrilla’ growing methods may be practiced, much of it is desert and unfit for growing anything. Extreme heat during the day, and cold night temperatures offer little help for a growing plant, and producing a healthy and worthwhile harvest outdoors is difficult.

Living more than twenty-five miles from your nearest dispensary allows you to grow up to twelve plants legally, and planted close to your home, you may be able to provide the plants with enough care and attention to produce a good harvest, by selecting the right seeds and strains.

Feminized seeds are a good option, but as they require a reduction in daylight hours to commence flowering, they are not always the best choice. Planted outdoors in the Spring, the seedling will grow throughout the Summer, and start to flower as the the Fall approaches. The plant will require a full season to grow, flower and fully mature, making a maximum of one large crop per year.

Autoflowering seeds are also feminized, but unlike traditional feminized seeds, require no reduction in daylight hours to begin flowering, preferring to produce their biggest and most potent harvests when exposed to as many daylight hours as possible. Easy to grow and requiring approximately ten weeks from germination to harvest, autoflowering seeds are a great choice for outdoor marijuana growers, regardless of their level of experience.

Beginner Mix Pack Marijuana Seeds

Beginners Mix Pack

Beginners Mix Feminized Seeds

Ideal for those just starting out, this mix pack contains White Widow,Bubblegum and AK-47 feminized seeds.
Feminized Super Seeds Mix

Super Mix Pack

Super Mix Feminized Seeds

The Super Mixed Pack Seeds contains three feminized and highly popular Marijuana strains in one packet. Save $$$ compared to individual pack prices, with free shipping and guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.
USA Mixed Seeds Pack

USA Mix Pack

USA Seeds Mix Feminized Seeds

Three of the very best all-American classic marijuana strains, this mix pack contains NYC Diesel, L.A. Confidential and Maui Wowie feminized cannabis seeds.

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Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, regular, autoflowering or feminized marijuana seeds you require, we offer the highest quality online. Each seed is hand picked and packed to ensure only the very best, mature seeds are dispatched, each guaranteed to germinating, creating a strong, vibrant plant with the traits and characteristics you selected.

Payment includes guaranteed delivery, with no added costs and should for any reason, your seeds fail to arrive, replacements will be shipped as soon as possible at no extra cost.

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Download the free, no obligation growing marijuana guide available here, and learn some of the techniques and methods adopted by professional and commercial growers to enhance the quality and quantity of their harvests.

Enjoy complete security with a selection of payment options including Bitcoin, cash and debit/credit card facilities, as well as all the help and assistance you need when you buy marijuana seeds in Nevada online through us.

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