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Pineapple Haze Marijuana Seeds
Strawberry Cough Marijuana Seeds

If you like sweet, fruity flavors we have two highly popular and deeply satisfying marijuana strains for you.

Both Strawberry Cough and Pineapple Haze are completely feminized seeds, producing pure female plants with generous harvests of large, dense buds. If you’re never considered growing these marijuana seeds, read on and discover why both of these strains are enjoyed by medicinal and recreational users alike.

Strawberry Cough Marijuana Seeds.

Completely feminized and guaranteed to generate pure female plants, these Strawberry Cough marijuana seeds are highly popular with both indoor and outdoor growers around the world. An 80% Sativa dominant strain that’s easy to grow and requires very little maintenance, perfect for all levels of experience from beginner to seasoned veteran.

Strawberry Cough Seeds

Strawberry Cough (Fem)

Strawberry Cough Feminized

The exact origins of Strawberry cough are unclear, however, the fruity Haze and Skunk undertones do offer clues to its parentage. Comprising of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genes, the plants are easy to grow.

Berry Mix Pack Marijuana Seeds

Berry Mix Pack

Berry Mix Feminized Seeds

For lovers of fruity berry flavors, this mix pack contains Blueberry, Blackberry Kush and Strawberry Cough feminized seeds.

Strawberry Cough plants grow bushy, rather than tall, perfect for Screen-of-Green and Sea-of-Green cultivation techniques.

Their easy-to-grow nature makes them forgiving of many of the basic mistakes new growers can make, while more experience growers can focus on enhancing the yield, flavor and quality of the mature buds.

Flowering times are between 8 – 10 weeks depending upon conditions, with outdoor growers able to harvest around October.

Yields are good, producing approximately 14 oz of high quality marijuana buds per square meter when grown indoors, and huge single plant yields when grown outdoors over the Summer season.

The low CBD content and up to 18% THC level produces a relaxed and happy feeling with an energizing high. A perfect strain for smoking during the day leaving the user feeling alert and positive, while happy and relaxed.

A fruity strain, it tastes and smells of fresh strawberries, while the underlying skunk flavor can produce a tickle in the back of the throat, causing the user to cough. However, once this feeling passes, you’re left with an unmistakable strawberry flavor.

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You can Buy Strawberry Cough Feminized Marijuana Seeds in complete packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, or alternatively they are available as part of the Sativa Mix Pack and Berry Mix Pack.

Pineapple Haze Marijuana Seeds.

Pineapple Haze is another of our highly popular and best selling fruity marijuana strains that’s enjoyed by both recreational and medicinal users alike. These 70% Sativa dominant marijuana seeds grow well outdoors in sunny climates, and with a little care, previous experience and knowledge can produce extremely large, potent buds and generous harvests.

Pineapple Haze Seeds

Pineapple Haze (Fem)

Pineapple Haze Feminized

Long-flowering Sativa dominant strain with a fruity, pineapple flavor and aroma. The Haze influences and a low CBD content increase the euphoric sensations, producing a long-lasting and energizing high. Great for day and night-time use.

Fruity Mix Pack Seeds

Fruity Mix Pack

Fruity Mix Feminized Seeds

For lovers of fruity flavors, this mix pack contains Blueberry, Pineapple Haze and Strawberry Kush feminized seeds, each guaranteed to germinate, creating the finest buds and cola’s. Varying flowering times produce a slightly staggered harvest.

Pineapple Haze marijuana plants can grow over 8 feet tall, and pruning as well as super-cropping techniques are advised when the plants are cultivated indoors.

An easy way to solve any height issues is to reduce the vegetative period to around 14 days, the plants will still grow and stretch during the first few weeks of flowering.

The Haze dominance of the strain requires a longer flowering period of between 10 – 12 weeks, or harvest late in October when grown outdoors. Yields are generous with Pineapple Haze producing approximately 19 oz of high quality buds per square meter, given good conditions, and large, individual harvests when grown outdoors to complete maturity.

With its Sativa-Haze influences, THC levels of approximately 19% and a low CBD content produce a euphoric high that’s stimulating and invigorating, boosting both your creativity and energy levels. Perfect for daily use it offers mild pain relief and  euphoric, positive thoughts, helping you to enjoy your day.

Pineapple Haze is a classic Haze marijuana producing large, dense buds with a sweet tropical aroma. A complex flavor with hints of pineapple, pine and undertones of a sweet skunky taste, a perfect Haze strain to enjoy during the day.

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You can Buy Pineapple Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds in complete packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, or alternatively, as part of the Fruity Mix Pack.

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