Buy Regular Marijuana Seeds

Although limited, we offer the most stable and highest quality regular marijuana seeds available, all sold with guaranteed germination and the ability to produce either a male or female cannabis plant, with the traits, attributes and characteristics associated with each individual strain.

Not recommended for the average grower, requiring purely female plants, these regular marijuana seeds will produce a dominant male plant with high quality pollen for fertilization, or a strong female, perfect for generating fast-rooting clones for commercial purposes.

Every purchase is assured to arrive with guaranteed delivery and the very best stealth packaging and postal techniques employed, and if your delivery or seeds fail to germinate, replacements will be dispatched immediately.

If you’re a commercial breeder or clone producer, these regular marijuana seeds offer the best, stable genetics to help generate the highest quality seeds and clones for your future use.

Regular Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

Durban Poison Regular Seeds

Durban Poison Regular

Durban Poison Regular Cannabis Seeds

Only available in regular seed form, Durban Poison is a highly prized and valued outdoor medical marijuana strain with pure Sativa genetics. A tall plant with a long flowering period and generous harvest of energizing, uplifting potent buds.
Harlequin Regular Seeds

Harlequin Regular

Harlequin Regular Cannabis Seeds

Well known around the world for it’s extremely high CBD content, Harlequin marijuana is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor medical marijuana growers.
Jack Herer Regular Seeds

Jack Herer Regular

Jack Herer Regular Cannabis Seeds

Medical grade marijuana with a potent, long-lasting cerebral effect. Each pack contains seeds guaranteed to germinate, creating either the highest quality male plant suitable for breeding, or a superior clone producing mother, with several pheno-types.
Northern Lights Regular Seeds

Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights Regular Cannabis Seeds

A pure Indica strain producing the highest quality male and female marijuana plants. The purest genetics ensure the strongest, most potent plants and buds, as well as being highly suitable for creating your own seeds for future planting.
Super Skunk Regular Seeds

Super Skunk Regular

Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds

Need to add some flavor and aroma into your strain? Try crossing them with these superior quality Super Skunk seeds. Offering both male and female seeds in every pack, with the chance of using the male pollen for cross-strain fertilization.
White Widow Regular Seeds

White Widow Regular

White Widow Regular Cannabis Seeds

A perfect mix of 50/50 Sativa and Indica genetics make these regular White Widow seeds highly prized and sought after for their medical uses and attributes. Perfect for selecting a superior clone mother for commercial generation and production.