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How To Store Cannabis

Top Tips For Storing Cannabis.

Follow our Tips For Storing Cannabis to learn more. A successful harvest can yield a considerable amount of high-quality Cannabis buds. Once dried and cured, you’ll want to keep your weed as fresh, potent and flavor-filled as possible. Correct storage can help to stop degradation and deterioration of THC levels.

Like many products, Cannabis has a ‘shelf-life’ and will break-down and degrade over time. With correct drying, curing and storage, Cannabis can be kept for anything from six-months, to one-year, with little loss of flavor, aroma, or potency.

Your buds can stay fresh for quite a long time, given optimal conditions, but, like anything the THC levels, together with the taste and smell, will slowly decrease. A recent study has shown that Cannabis potency can depreciate by 16% over a year, followed by a loss of 26% and 34% in subsequent years, if stored for longer periods of time.

Old buds have little flavor or effect, the THC levels are reduced and often turn to CBN, inducing a ‘heavy’ lethargic sensation. Even fresh buds that have been incorrectly stored can quickly lose many of there appealing characteristics. Learn to store your buds correctly, avoiding mold and reducing degradation.

Black Widow Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Black Widow Seeds

Black Widow Feminized

Black Widow marijuana is closely related to the highly awarded White Widow strain, but produces darker colored buds with potentially higher THC levels. Created by Shantibaba, founder and leader of the Mr Nice seed bank.

Cookies And Cream Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Cookies And Cream Seeds

Cookies And Cream Feminized

Cookies and Cream are quickly becoming some of the most popular strains among growers and connoisseurs alike. With sky-high THC content, powerful effects, and abundant yields, it’s no wonder these strains are taking the market by storm.

LSD Cannabis Seeds For Sale

LSD Seeds

LSD Feminized

If height is an issue, LSD is a great choice, remaining short and squat through to maturity.It’s dense buds and close lateral branches generate a healthy harvest of approximately 400 grams per square meter, slightly more, around 500 grams per square meter when grown outdoors.

Keep Your Cannabis Fresh, Potent and Full Of Flavor.

  • Can Weed Get Old? – Regardless of how well you dry, cure and store your buds, they will age over time. A freshly cured bud has aroma and flavor, with it’s highest THC level. Over a period of time, all of these characteristics will be lost, leaving behind a dry, odorless, brown bud, with little, if any potency.
  • Can Weed Go Bad? – Although ‘old-weed’ isn’t the best, it’s still okay to smoke. Cannabis buds that have been poorly cured, or incorrectly stored however, can quickly go ‘bad’ and should be avoided. Poor storage can lead to mold developing in and around the buds. If consumed, they can make you feel ill, nauseous and short of breath.
  • How To Avoid Bad Weed – Good, fresh Cannabis buds can have a range of aroma’s, from fresh and fruity, to cheesy and diesel-fuel. Old, damp and musty aroma’s are very easy to identify. Feel the texture of the buds. Do they seem to just fall away from the stems, a bad sign and indication of mold. Look for white spots and visible evidence. Avoid any and all moldy Cannabis! The potency of Cannabis buds naturally reduces over time. The resin glands contain the oils which emit the taste and smell, while retaining the THC. These small, ‘stalk-like’ trichomes are densely packed across the buds and can easily become damaged, or destroyed. Environmental conditions can also affect the ‘shelf-life’ of your Cannabis.
  • Light Exposure – Both artificial and natural light speeds up the degradation of Cannabis. Keep your buds in dark, or dimly-lit conditions. Do not expose them to direct sunlight. Sun-bleached Cannabis buds have a light-brown color and lower potency.
  • Excessive Heat or Cold – Maintaining an even storage temperature not only prevents mold, it can increase the length of time they remain fresh. Too cold and the trichomes will freeze and break. Too hot and the oils will evaporate, drying the buds out further.
  • Humidity Levels – Once dried and correctly cured, your buds should have little moisture left. They will contain a small residue however. During the early day’s of storage, periodically open the jars or containers, ensuring any trapped moisture has the opportunity to escape.

Tips For Storing Cannabis At Home – Bags, Storage Jars or Plastic Containers?

If you’ve correctly dried and cured your Cannabis buds, they should be ready to smoke and store. People ask, ‘How do I store Cannabis buds?‘ The more important question is where ‘Where should I store my Cannabis buds?’

An air-tight container is essential. You can purchase large and small storage jars. Use cleaned and sterilized jam-jars. Plastic ice-cream containers or zip-lock food bags. All are perfectly acceptable and can keep your buds fresh and potent for months to come.

Ensure all the moisture has been released from within the buds before storing them. Damp buds can easily go moldy when stored in the wrong conditions. The chosen area should obviously be private, but maintain a reasonable temperature, with little fluctuation. A dark, dry cupboard is an ideal place for long-term storage.

For many outdoor growers, good, long-term storage is essential. Individual plants can provide large harvests during late September and into October, but these heavy yields will have to be dried, cured and stored for later enjoyment.

There are many air-tight containers freely available. Plastic food containers from take-away’s are an ideal choice and can be stacked upon each other without damaging the buds. Sweet-tins, cookie and spaghetti jars, as well as many other suitable containers, can all be easily and cheaply sourced.

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Growing your own Cannabis is the cheapest and best way to enjoy good quality buds. Purchased, mass-produced buds are a great smoke, but it’s hard to beat the high you feel, enjoying buds that you grew and nurtured to maturity. With good quality Cannabis seeds and a little knowledge, you’ll be surprized just how easy it can be.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are the best choice, producing guaranteed female plants capable of generating the highest quality buds. Autoflowering Cannabis seeds are also completely feminized, but combine both vegetative and flowering stages together, for faster, easier harvests.

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Whatever your style, or level of experience, growing Cannabis can be fun, rewarding and relaxing. Buy Cannabis seeds online from one of the USA’s most trusted seed banks.

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