Cash Crop Marijuana Strains.

Cash Crop Strains are popular although for some growers it’s the flavor, for others, the high, but these Marijuana seeds for sale, are for growers looking for the biggest, most profitable harvests. Often referred to as Cash crop strains, the plants produce some of the heaviest yields, both indoors and outside.

Of course, maximizing your harvests requires more than correct seed selection. Growing conditions, techniques, nutrients and experience all play a vital part in producing the biggest harvests.

Outdoor growers need warm weather and plenty of direct sunlight to produce the plants capable of generating huge harvests. While indoor growers need to maintain ambient temperatures and humidity, as well as providing sufficient light and fresh air for maximum growth.

Whether you grow indoors, or outside over the season, your plants can only produce a set amount of buds per square meter. Select seeds capable of achieving the heaviest yields, Cash crop strains, if you want to produce the biggest yields.

For those growers looking to maximize their harvests, Cash crop strains generate more buds per square meter. Completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate, these seeds produce the heaviest yields.

Learn more about the Top 3 Cash Crop strains.

Top 3 Strains

Chronic Widow 18 – 24 ounces

Chronic Widow is one of our best-selling varieties, generating potent, powerful harvests and generous yields. A 65/35 Indica – Sativa hybrid, created from the Chronic and White Widow strains, the feminized seeds produce tall plants that can reach over 6 foot given ideal conditions.

An adaptable variety that grows well indoors, within greenhouses and outside in warm, southern states. Flowering times average approximately 10 weeks, producing large, dense buds from a strong, close branch network. Perfect for Screen-of-Green growers, reducing height issues and maximizing bud development.

Indoor yields of up to 700 grams per square meter can be produced, given optimum conditions. Outdoor plants, harvested from mid-October, are capable of generating up to 24 ounces of good quality buds per-plant. THC levels of 23% ensure the harvests are as powerful as they are heavy, inducing a relaxing high, reducing cares, worries and stress. Perfect for evening and night-time use.

Trainwreck 18 – 25 ounces

The Trainwreck Marijuana strain is a three-way hybrid comprising of Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica. The resulting plants are tall and fast-growing, producing a multitude of large, dense buds and generous harvests. Moderately easy to grow, they can adapt to a wide selection of both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques, including hydroponic set-ups.

A blend of 65% Sativa and 35% Indica, indoor flowering times vary between 8 – 10 weeks depending upon conditions. With a small amount of care and an understanding of advanced growing methods, such as the Screen-of-Green technique, yields of 18 ounces per square meter can be produced. Outdoor plants can reach over 7 feet tall, producing up to 25 ounces each. Harvest times are mid-October in southern states.

Loved by recreational users, the sweet and spicy flavors stimulate the taste-buds leaving a citrus-pine after-taste on the palette. THC levels of 21% induce a fast-acting high, very uplifting and euphoric. A perfect daytime strain with an energizing body-buzz.

High Yield Mix Pack 16 -32 ounces

The High Yield Mix Pack is one of our top-sellers, containing three of the best-performing Marijuana strains. Choose from 5, 10 or 20 individually wrapped seeds of each strain, giving you a total of 15, 30 or 60 seeds in total. Find the biggest buds, heaviest yields and best savings, while enjoying a selection of flavors, aroma’s and highs.

Big Bud, Chocolope and Amnesia Haze. Three classic strains that produce superior yields, dense, flavor-filled buds and powerful effects. Ideal for outdoor cultivation methods, with good  conditions, harvests of between 16 Р32 ounces per-plant are achievable. Indoor growers should train their plants to produce a thick, even canopy to maximum per square meter harvests.

With a selection of flavors, aroma’s and effects, this Mix Pack is the perfect choice for Cash-Crop growers. Three, top-selling strains at a massively reduced per-seed cost. A ‘must’ for the serious, professional grower. THC levels vary between 16 – 21%, delivering a selection of uplifting, creative, euphoric and relaxing effects, perfect for day, evening and night-time use.

How To Grow Cash Crop Strains

Growing Cash Crop Marijuana Seeds

Cash crop Marijuana seeds produce some of the biggest, heaviest yields. With good conditions and a selection of techniques, some of the best, per-plant harvests can easily be achieved.

Strain selection is an important factor in producing the largest harvests, not all Marijuana varieties are capable of generating such heavy amounts. However, other factors must also be considered, if you’re to produce the yields these seeds are truly capable of.

Light, air, water and nutrients all play a major part in determining the final yield, as does the skill and experience of the grower. To maximize your harvests, you need an understanding of the plants needs and how to train them for the best rewards.

The Marijuana Grow Guide is a complete and comprehensive manual dedicated to Cannabis and Marijuana growers. Detailing all aspects of growing, it explains many of the advanced techniques used by professional growers to maximize their plants potential.

Completely free and without obligation, download your copy of the Marijuana Grow Guide today.

5 Frequently Asked Questions – Cash Crop Strains.

  • Are Cash Crop strains easy to grow?

    All of these seeds are completely feminized, guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure female plant. Although not difficult to grow, achieving the biggest, heaviest yields will require some skill and knowledge.

  • Can I grow Cash Crop strains indoors?

    All of these recommended seeds can adapt to both indoor and outdoor cultivation methods. Height can be an issue, as these plants grow tall, but with training and advanced growing methods, heavy, per square meter yields can easily be produced.

  • How long from germination to harvest?

    In general, these strains require a week or two longer in flower to achieve peak maturity and weight. Indoor flowering times average between 9 – 10 weeks. While outdoor growers should expect to harvest around mid-October.

  • How much Cannabis do Cash Crop strains produce?.

    The biggest, best quality harvests require a level of skill and knowledge. They are also dependent upon perfect environmental conditions. Given the opportunity, these strains can produce an average of 20 ounces of good quality buds per square meter indoors and similar per-plant harvests outside, cultivated over the course of the growing season.

  • How will these Cash Crop strains make me feel?

    Choose uplifting, energizing, Sativa-dominant strains for daytime use. While the heavier, more relaxed body-buzz effects from Indica-dominant varieties are better suited to night-time use.

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