Fast Flowering Strains.

Top 3 Fast Flowering Strains – Once germinated and sprouted, traditional Marijuana seeds begin their vegetative cycle. During this time, the plants grow rapidly, developing new leaves and branches. Long hours of strong sunlight produce the fastest growth. Indoor growers should set their lights to run at least 18 hours per day. While outdoor growers should have the seeds planted during the early part of Spring.

Once the light-hours are decreased to approximately 12 per-day, a chemical change within the plant occurs. New growth slows and small, white flowers, known as pistils, begin to appear. This is the start of the flowering cycle. Over the coming weeks, buds will develop and form, slowly reaching peak ripeness and maturity.

The vegetative cycle can be as long, or as short as required for indoor growers. While plants cultivated outdoors will naturally respond to the decreasing light-hours as the Fall approaches. The flowering cycle however, requires a set number of days for the buds to achieve peak ripeness.

Some Marijuana varieties mature faster than others, reducing the flowering time to a minimum. These fast flowering strains are ideal for the outdoor grower, ensuring the plants are ripe and ready for harvest, before the night-time temperatures drop too low.

All our Cannabis seeds for sale are completely feminized, guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure female plant.

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Top 3 Strains

Skywalker OG Feminized – 8 Weeks

Skywalker OG is an 80% Indica-dominant strain that produces its best harvests when cultivated outdoors in dry, sunny conditions. A large, monster of a plant that spreads, requiring lots of room for the strong branch network to fully develop. Perfect for outdoor growers in southern states.

The short flowering cycle of 8 weeks produces large, dense buds with that classic OG aroma of spices with an earthy-sweetness. Given a suitable vegetative period, yields of between 14 – 17 ounces of good quality buds can be generated, per square meter indoors. While plants cultivated outdoors from Spring-time, can yield as much as 28 ounces each.

Fast flowering, heavy harvests and a THC content of up to 26%, enough for even the most veteran smoker! A great night-time smoke with almost ‘knock-out’ effects. Often prescribed for its pain-relieving qualities, it can help reduce stress and anxiety, fighting insomnia and depression.

MK Ultra Feminized – 8 Weeks

MK Ultra is a perfectly balanced Marijuana strain, offering equal doses of both Indica and Sativa genetics. A potent strain with powerful, fast-acting effects, it was created by crossing a premium quality OG Kush with the legendary G13 strain.

The plants are small, squat and bushy, perfect for indoor growing techniques. Their natural resistance to mold and mildew, make them an ideal choice for hydroponic set-up’s. Despite its 50% Sativa genetics, bud production is fast and quick to mature. Expect indoor yields of around 12 ounces of top-quality Marijuana, over an average 8-week cycle.

The effects are fast-acting and hard-hitting. The THC content of 20% may not seem that strong, but the blend of Indica and Sativa delivers a wave of instant euphoria and relaxation. A night-time smoke with strong aroma’s and flavors of pine and sweetness. Often used by medical patients to aid sleep and relaxation.

Agent Orange Feminized – 8 Weeks

Agent Orange Marijuana is one of the few fast flowering strains with an Sativa dominance. The blend of 55%, with 45% Indica, induces an uplifting, motivational high that’s perfect for daytime use. An aromatic variety with a pungent, cheesy-orange aroma. Not the easiest plant to grow, it needs care and attention to produce its biggest, best quality harvests.

Indoor flowering times average 8 weeks, producing up to 16 ounces of good quality buds per square meter. Growers are advised to use advanced growing techniques to reduce future height issues in flowering. Cultivated outdoors, the plants may require an extra week, with harvests in early October. Per-plant yields can be up to 19 ounces, given warm, sunny conditions.

A favorite strain for many growers and smokers, its unique aroma and flavor make it unmistakable. Unlike many fast flowering varieties the effects are more Sativa-like. THC levels of 19% inducing happy, euphoric feelings and a motivational body-buzz. A great daytime strain, perfect for socializing and feeling creative.

How To Grow Fast Flowering Cannabis Strains

Growing Fast Flowering Marijuana Seeds

For many people, fast flowering Marijuana seeds are essential. Growing outdoors is always dependent on good weather conditions, with cold, night-time temperatures able to cause mold and mildew issues with some strains.

Indoor growers can also benefit from using fast flowering strains. With planning, it may be possible to produce an extra harvest per-year, maximizing your grow-room potential. Many of the common issues and problems with Marijuana plants occur during the later stages of flowering. Reducing the length of time the buds require to achieve maturity, can help to reduce these issues.

Whether you choose to grow Marijuana indoors or outside, understanding how the plants grow and develop is vital in producing a successful harvest. Low-stress training and advanced growing techniques can help to maximize your crops yield, as well as helping improve bud development, flavor and potency levels.

With a little knowledge, you can soon be producing your own potent Marijuana buds and with Fast Flowering Marijuana strains, you won’t have to wait too long. Take a short-cut to success with the free, no obligation Marijuana Grow Guide.

Packed full of tips and techniques to help you produce top-quality harvests, this comprehensive manual explains all aspects of growing Marijuana, with information on improving yields, flavor and potency. Written by Robert Bergman, this free guide has become the world’s most downloaded PDF, dedicated to growing Cannabis and Marijuana.

5 Frequently Asked Questions – Fast Flowering Strains.

  • Are Fast Flowering Marijuana seeds easy to grow?

    Given good conditions, these Fast Flowering Marijuana are easy to grow and a good choice for all levels of experience. A small understanding of the plant is advised to ensure a successful harvest. New growers can download the free Marijuana Grow Guide for more help.

  • Can I grow Fast-Flowering Marijuana seeds outdoors?

    Many of these Fast Flowering varieties are perfect for growing outdoors in warm, southern states. Average harvests are late September/early October, so ensure your local night-time temperatures remain warm enough during the flowering period.

  • How long from germination to harvest?

    On average, all our recommended Fast Flowering varieties require approximately 8 weeks to mature and reach peak ripeness. Prior to this, a period of vegetative growth must be completed for the plant to achieve a sufficient size. A minimum of 4 weeks is recommended.

  • How much Cannabis will these Fast Flowering strains produce?

    Despite their shorter flowering cycle, these strains can produce very generous harvests. Cultivated outdoors over the course of the season, several varieties can produce more than 20 ounces of good quality buds per-plant. While indoor harvests of 16 ounces of top-quality buds per square meter, can be achieved under ideal conditions.

  • How will these Fast Flowering strains make me feel?

    Many of the strains are Indica-dominant, induce a relaxed, sleepy ‘body-buzz’ effect. Some strains have a greater concentration of Sativa dominant genes. These generate a more uplifting, euphoric effect, better suited to daytime use.

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