White Marijuana Strains.

White Strains known for their frosted appearance, White Marijuana strains ooze ‘bag-appeal’. Ever-popular and constant best-sellers, they offer potent, powerful high’s as well as a selection of medicinal benefits.

The White Marijuana strains were created in the Netherlands during the early 1990’s. At the time, they were one of a number of newly created Marijuana hybrids, containing both Sativa and Indica genetics.

Over the last thirty years, these genetics have been used and incorporated into a wide variety of strains. Feminized and stable, they offer growers of all levels of experience, the chance to grow their own high-quality buds.

All our White Cannabis seeds for sale are completely feminized, guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure female plant.

Learn more about the 3 most popular White Marijuana strains.

Top 3 Strains

White Widow Feminized.

White Widow was the first of the White Marijuana strains, creating the foundations of many subsequent varieties. A 60% Indica, 40% Sativa hybrid, its fast-maturing, easy-to-grow nature made it an instant success. Completely feminized, each seed is guaranteed to produce the finest female plant, generating large buds and heavy harvests.

An adaptable strain that performs well both indoors and outside, given good conditions. The plants are compact, squat and bushy, perfect for Sea-of-Green cultivation techniques. Flowering times average between 8 – 9 weeks, producing yields of up to 18 ounces per square meter.

An ever-popular strain since winning the Cannabis Cup in 1995, it’s loved by recreational and medicinal users alike. High THC levels of up to 19%, induce a happy, creative high, perfect for day-time and evening use. Relaxing the body and stimulating the mind.

White Rhino Feminized.

The White Rhino strain was first introduced by the Green House Seeds Company. Incorporating original ‘White’ genetics with other potent varieties, the plant produces giant sized cola’s over an abundance of strong, close branches. Moderately easy to grow, it produces its best harvests when cultivated indoors in a controlled environment.

The 80% Indica, 20% Sativa mix produces a fast flowering time, requiring approximately eight weeks to fully ripen and mature. Good conditions and a small amount of care can produce indoor yields of up to fourteen ounces per square meter. While outdoor plants will be ready to harvest in early October, generating up to seventeen ounces per plant, given good conditions.

The large, dense buds these plants produce make trimming easy, filling the air with a sweet-pine, creamy aroma. A smooth, flavorsome smoke whose effects are a bit of a ‘creeper’. THC levels of 20% slowly build, inducing a happy, relaxed sensation. Perfect for night-time use. Often prescribed to combat chronic pain, inflammation and the effects of arthritis.

White Widow CBD Feminized.

The ‘White’ strains are well-known for the medicinal properties, with these White Widow CBD seeds created especially for their calming, therapeutic properties. Using the same, original genetics, these easy-to-grow, pure female seeds can be cultivated indoors, or outside, producing squat, dense plants and successful harvests.

Unlike many of the Marijuana strains, these plants have been created to provide a balanced ‘high’ and increased medicinal benefits. The buds look, smell and taste identical to the original strain, differing only in the effects they induce. Expects yields of up to eighteen ounces per square meter, over an eight week flowering cycle.

Both the THC and CBD content, average between 6 – 9%, inducing a relaxed, uplifting sensation with increased medicinal benefits. High levels of CBD can help to combat a number of conditions and ailments; including reducing chronic pain, inflammation, stress, depression and fatigue. While the reduced THC content allows for daily use, with mild, uplifting and motivational effects.

How To Grow White Strains

Growing White Marijuana Seeds

All of our top 3 White Marijuana strains for sale contain the very best genetics. Feminized and stable, the pure female plants are easy to grow and adaptable to a wide number of cultivation styles and techniques.

Whether you grow indoors, or are looking for a high-quality outdoor variety to plant this Spring, these White Marijuana seeds are a perfect choice. Given good conditions, care and attention, the strains will reward you with an abundance of potent, powerful buds.

Growing Marijuana in many parts of the USA is completely legal, with permitted limits on the number of plants you’re allowed to grow. Find out more about the Marijuana laws in your state, Growing Marijuana In The USA.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions – White Cannabis Strains.

  • Are White Marijuana seeds easy to grow?

    Our White strains are completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate. Indica-dominant they are easy to grow and fast to mature.

  • Can I grow White Cannabis strains outdoors?

    With their squat, dense structure, they are perfect for close-quarter, indoor growing methods, such as the Sea-of-Green technique. Fast to mature they require only a small amount of care and attention to produce a successful harvest.

  • How long from germination to harvest?

    Once germinated the seedlings require an amount of vegetative time to grow and develop, before being sent to flower. The buds require approximately 8 – 9 weeks to achieve peak ripeness.

  • How much Cannabis will White strains produce.

    Yields vary depending upon factors including; vegetative period, growing conditions and technique. Indoor growers can produce up to 18 ounces of buds per square meter, with top-quality conditions. While outdoor plants, cultivated over the course of the season, can produce up to 17 ounces each.

  • How will these White strains of cannabis make me feel?

    Our top 3 White Marijuana strains induce a variety of effects. Strong THC levels induce a happy, uplifting sensation, while an increased CBD content can produce more calming, relaxed effects.

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