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The Spooky Season Marijuana Seed Sale.

The Spooky Season Seed Sale starts as the end of October is approaching and we are getting close to Halloween. Celebrate the coming festivities with this special, Spooky Season marijuana seed sale. Beginning today, October 18th, and continuing through until October 22nd, buy any 10-seed packet from our list of qualifying strains and a second, identical packet will be automatically added to your order.

Double your stocks with this amazing offer. Receive twenty of the finest feminized marijuana seeds for the price of just ten. With all packing costs included in the price, as well as fast, guaranteed delivery across the USA, the price you see, is the price you pay. Buy marijuana seeds online today and receive twice as many seeds for your dollar.

With a selection of top-quality seeds, you’ll soon find favorites, old and new, in this special, time-sensitive sale. From beginner, through to ‘cash-crop’ veteran, there’s a strain for all growing styles, techniques and levels of experience. Buying marijuana seeds? Discover the biggest choice of high-quality strains at the lowest prices, when you buy online.

Dive into the luminescent allure of Northern Lights, embark on the grand voyage with Moby Dick, uncover the mysteries of G13, or sail through the cerebral waves of Jack Herer. This spooky seed sale promises a harvest that legends are made of.

Northern Lights Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Northern Lights marijuana seeds combine Thai and Afghani genetics, producing a squat, compact plant with multiple budding sites. Thick stems, strong branches and dense buds, are all typical characteristics of this Indica-dominant strain. A great choice for all levels of experience and growing techniques, both indoors and outside.

A favorite with many indoor growers, Northern Lights marijuana seeds are easy-to-grow and fast to mature. Rarely exceeding more than one-meter tall, the plants can quickly produce a thick, even canopy. filling a growing area. Highly recommended for Sea-of-Green growers. Flowering times average between 7 – 9 weeks, generating yields of up to 12-ounces per square meter.

THC levels of up to 18% may seem mild in comparison to many, modern-day hybrids, but the effects induce a balanced effect. An almost instant wave of sensations help to reduce aches and pains, energizing, while relaxing, the body. A slow, creeping euphoria slowly builds as the effects intensify, inducing happy thoughts, laughter and an enjoyable, long-lasting high.

Receive 10 free Northern Lights feminized seeds with all 10-pack purchases.

Northern Lights

Feminized Seeds

Northern Lights Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Moby Dick marijuana seeds were originally created during the 1980’s, in Amsterdam, Holland. The brain-child of Dinafem seeds, it crossed the infamous, White Widow strain, with a top-quality Haze. The resulting plants are a blend of 75% Sativa, 25% Indica genes, stable and easy-to-grow. Amaze yourself with heavy-harvests of top-quality buds.

Given plenty of space and good conditions, Moby Dick marijuana seeds can be successfully cultivated indoors. Tall, bushy plants, with long branches and multiple budding sites, make the strain an ideal choice for Screen-of-Green growers. Flowering times average approximately 9-weeks, generating up to 12-ounces per square meter. Outdoors, yields can reach up to 24-ounces per-plant.

With THC levels of up to 21% and a low CBD content, the effects are uplifting and euphoric, often inducing bouts of laughter and amusement. A great strain for lazy afternoons and warm evenings, creating a happy, positive vibe, while stimulating creative conversation. A social strain, great for improving the mood.

Buy 10 Moby Dick marijuana seeds, get an extra 10 free, during the Spooky Season seed sale.

Moby Dick

Feminized Seeds

Moby Dick Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

G13 Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

The G13 marijuana strain has a mysterious background. The popular belief is the strain was created by the U.S. government, during research into the cannabis and marijuana plant. Clones were taken by a rogue employee, who began cultivating the strain as a clone-only variety. Now feminized and stable, buy G13 marijuana seeds online and grow this powerful strain yourself.

Although the G13 marijuana strain is Indica-dominant, it flowers like a Sativa. The plants can stretch considerably during the first weeks of flowering, generating long branches and multiple budding sites. Pruning can help improve air-flow, reducing the chances of mold and bud-rot. Allow between 9 – 11 weeks for the plants to fully mature, generating approximately 21-ounces per square meter.

A strong, powerful strain, with THC levels of up to 24% and a low CBD content. The effects are very Indica-based, generating a deeply relaxed sensation. A great choice for evening use, the Sativa element can lift moods, reducing the aches, pains and stresses of the day. Be prepared to drift into a happy, restful sleep.

Twenty G13 feminized marijuana seeds for the price of a ten-seed packet. Claim yours today.


Feminized Seeds

G13 Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Jack Herer Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Jack Herer marijuana seeds are easy-to-grow, requiring just a little knowledge or experience to produce a high-quality harvest. Cultivated indoors, the plants require a 4 – 8 week vegetative cycle, depending on your growing technique. Short cycle times reduce height issues, generating bushy plants. While a longer vegetative period produces much taller plants.

The strains naturally resistance to mold and disease, make it an ideal choice for all levels of experience. With good conditions, indoor yields of up to 18-ounces per square meter can be produced. Flowering times average approximately 9-weeks. Outdoor plants can generate similar, per-plant yields, culminating in late-September harvests.

The combination of Sativa and Indica genes produce a fast-acting high, very uplifting and euphoric. Light-use induces positive effects, perfect for daytime use. A great strain for improving a persons mood and sense of well-being, it can motivate the mind, generating happy, creative thoughts.

Double your stock of Jack Herer feminized marijuana seeds during this buy-10-get-10-free seed sale.

Jack Herer

Feminized Seeds

Jack Herer Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online.

When it comes to buying high-quality marijuana seeds online, we’ve got it covered, with a wide selection of seeds and strains, perfect for all levels of experience. From fast-maturing autoflowering strains, through to potent, powerful hybrids, offering elevated THC levels, or an increased CBD content. Find a wide choice of fresh, feminized marijuana seeds for sale, with mouth-watering flavors and strong effects.

All our recommended marijuana seeds for sale are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana. Based in California, they have become one of the USA’s most-trusted distributors of high-quality cannabis and marijuana seeds. All costs are included in the price, with guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.

Choose from a selection of payment options, all completely safe and secure. Buy marijuana seeds from one of the world’s most respected online websites. Take advantage of the many offers and deals, giving you more of the seeds you want, for your money. Double your buying power with a choice of strains and regular special offers.

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ILGM Halloween Seed Sale

Store Name: ILGM Seed Bank

Store Description: I Love Growing Marijuana are offering buy 10 get 10 free on their popular seeds during the spooky season seed sale. These strains are especially potent and well known for producing excellent harvests. Like the mysterious G13, this bud is the stuff of legends! According to marijuana folklore, this potent Cannabis was an experimental blend of everything the United States Government could get their hands on in the 1960s.

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