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How would you like some top-quality Bruce Banner Seeds?  Of course you would, right. Well our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana have launched a great strain spotlight offer, giving you 10 free Marijuana seeds with all qualifying 10-seed pack purchases.

Bruce Banner Marijuana seeds are a popular and in-demand strain that produces the highest quality buds. Its calming, euphoric high is reminiscent of the mild-mannered scientist, while its size, yield and effects are more like his alter-ego, The Incredible Hulk.

To help spotlight this fantastic strain to our readers, The ILGM Seed Bank are giving away packets of both feminized and Autoflowering Bruce Banner seeds with all purchases. Find out which seeds suit you best.

Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds

More people buy feminized Marijuana seeds than any other type. Devoid of all male genes, they only produce pure female plants. As only female plants produce buds and cola’s, ensuring all the plants are female maximizes harvests.

A 60% Sativa dominant strain, Bruce Banner is a classic hybrid seed containing 40% Indica genetics. An easy to grow variety, it thrives given warm conditions and plenty of fresh air. It’s also a great strain for growing indoors, with a natural resistance to mold.

Created from an OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner feminized seeds grow tall and are a perfect candidate for Screen-of-Green growing techniques. Pruning, super-cropping and bending all help to reduce the overall height of these plants, as well as increasing the total yields.

For a Sativa dominant hybrid these Bruce Banner Feminized seeds have a surprisingly short flowering period. Requiring just 8 weeks to fully flower and mature, they produce buds with a pungent, earthy flavor and diesel aroma.

Yields are good, with indoor growers producing up to 14 oz of the highest quality buds per square meter. Outdoor growers should expect individual plant harvests of up to 19 oz, depending upon climate and conditions.

With its potent, fast-hitting high, Bruce Banner seeds produce gloriously euphoric effects. THC levels can reach up to 25%, leaving you feeling relaxed, happy and energized, increasing creativity and energy levels.

Buy a 10-seed packet of Bruce Banner Feminized seeds during this special offer period and receive 10 extra seeds totally free.

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Bruce Banner Autoflowering Seeds

If growing Bruce Banner Marijuana sounds a good idea, but perhaps a little too much work, there’s a solution. The strain is also available as an easy-to-grow self-flowering strain. Completely feminized, these Bruce Banner Autoflowering seeds produce all the effects, but far quicker and easier to grow.

Using the same parentage as traditional feminized seeds, the only difference is the addition of the Ruderalis gene, enabling autoflowering. With no requirement for long hours of darkness to induce flowering, Bruce Banner Autoflowering seeds simultaneously grow and flower through to complete maturity.

Requiring just 8 weeks to grow, flower and completely mature, Bruce Banner Autoflowering seeds produce some of the fastest harvest. The plants are of a good size, taller than many Autoflowering strains, producing between 4 -6 oz per square meter indoors. Outdoor growers can expect similar per-plant yields during the warm Summer months.

With its pungent diesel aroma and earthy flavor, the buds are identical to those produced from feminized seeds. THC levels of 25% and a mild CBD content produce a happy, creative high with long-lasting euphoric effects.

Buy a 10-seed packet of Bruce Banner Autoflowering seeds during this special offer period and receive 10 extra seeds totally free.

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Free Marijuana Seeds With Free USA Delivery

Getting your hands on some free Bruce Banner Marijuana seeds is easy. Select a 10-seed packet from either Feminized or Autoflowering format and pay for your purchase using any of the usual secure methods. A second packet of your chosen Bruce Banner seeds will be automatically added to your purchase.

With no additional charges for postage or packaging, these extra, high-quality Marijuana seeds are totally free. Double your stack, half your costs, or save the extra seeds for planting later in the year.

Dispatched directly by the ILGM Seed Bank, enjoy the best genetics, guaranteed delivery and all the support you may require to generate your own first-class harvest.

Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds Sale

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