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Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Nevada.

Marijuana Nevada State Law

Is Cannabis Legal In Nevada?

Nevada has a complete and comprehensive Cannabis program, often used as a model for other states. Following a voter initiative on November 8, 2016, state laws were amended in July 2017, legalizing the possession and use of Cannabis for all adult residence over the age of 21.

Possession is limited to one ounce of Cannabis or 3.5 grams of Cannabis concentrate, such as Ice, Wax and Shatter. Outdoor consumption is prohibited at present, with the hope that adults may be able to gather and enjoy a smoke outside in designated areas soon.

Retail outlets are open and operational across the state, providing a legally regulated, taxed product. Residence can grow up to six Cannabis plants at any one-time, providing they live 25 miles or more away from an operating Cannabis retail outlet.

Growing Cannabis In Nevada.

Growing Cannabis in Nevada is legal, providing the nearest Cannabis retail outlet is at least 25 miles away. Adults may grow up to six plants for personal use, or as a registered caregiver. Medical Cannabis use is also permitted for those patients suffering from certain diagnosed, recognized conditions.

Cultivation is limited to a maximum of six plants per household, with no stipulation regarding vegetative or mature status. Plants can be grown together as complete crops, or in a rotational system to produce smaller, more frequent harvests.

If you would like to learn more about the various methods of cultivating Cannabis, download the free, no obligation Marijuana Grow Guide. A complete and comprehensive growing manual covering all aspects of growing Cannabis, both indoors and outside.

Growing Marijuana Legally In USA

Nevada enjoys up to 300 days of sunshine a year, with Las Vegas being one of the hottest cities in the USA. The long Summer’s and daily hours of sunlight, make growing Cannabis outdoors a cheap and easy option.

Indoor cultivation is also very popular, often producing the highest quality buds. Initial set-up costs are more expensive, requiring investment for lights, air-flow and temperature control. Running costs are also increased due to power usage.

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Super Silver Haze Seeds

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Feminized

An almost pure Sativa, Super Silver Haze is well-known for it’s large glistening buds and generous coating of resin. A fast-maturing Haze producing a clear, energizing high that can be enjoyed all day with no loss of effect.

Super Skunk Seeds

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Predominately an Indica, Super Skunk amplifies the potency, flavor and aroma of the original Skunk strain. Fast to mature and perfect for beginners, generating very good yields of pungent, sweet tasting buds with a powerful, relaxing effect.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow

White Widow Feminized Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Nevada.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are the most commonly purchased and cultivated form of Marijuana seeds. Devoid of all male chromosomes, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure-female plant. Vegetative and flowering cycles are separate, controlled by the number of light-hours the plants receive.

With a wide selection of strains, Feminized Cannabis seeds can be successfully cultivated indoors or outside. Indica-dominant seeds generally produce squat, bushy plants with an average flowering time of approximately eight weeks. While Sativa-dominant strains tend to grow taller, requiring an extra few weeks to fully mature.

Originally, Cannabis was either Sativa or Indica, with little natural cross-pollination. Indica buds are hard and dense, with a thick coating of resin. The effects are quite physical, inducing a relaxing ‘body-buzz’ effect. Sativa buds tend to be more airy with less resin. Generating a more cerebral, uplifting high.

Through selective breeding, almost all of the modern and most popular Cannabis seeds for sale in Nevada are hybrids, containing varying levels of both Sativa and Indica genetics. Uniform and stable, they produce plants with almost identical characteristics time after time.

Learn more about three of the most popular Cannabis seeds for sale in Nevada.

Agent Orange Feminized

Agent Orange (Fem)

Agent Orange Feminized Seeds

Agent Orange feminized marijuana seeds are a 50/50 blend of Sativa and Indica genetics, expertly crafted by Subcool and TGA Genetics, from a Jack The Ripper Sativa and an Orange Velvet hybrid.

Gelato Feminized Seeds

Gelato (Fem)

Gelato Feminized

A potent strain with a high THC content, perfect for relaxing in the evening and socializing. Can help to reduce stress, ease depression and reduce chronic pain.

Skywalker OG Seeds

Sky Walker OG (Fem)

Sky Walker OG Feminized Seeds

Skywalker OG is an 80% Indica dominant marijuana plant, producing heavy yields of sticky, resinous buds. Highly potent and fast-hitting, this strain is one of the strongest forms of Kush marijuana available.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Nevada.

Autoflowering Cannabis seeds have become extremely popular in Nevada. Perfect for growing outdoors, these special feminized seeds simultaneously grow, flower and mature, regardless of the number of daylight hours the plants receive. In fact they produce their biggest and best quality harvests when given as many hours of strong, direct sunlight as possible.

Simultaneously growing and flowering, Autoflowering seeds require between 8 – 10 weeks from sprouting to fully mature. The plants are small, generally reaching no more than a meter tall, with yields of between 4 – 6 ounces per plant, given ideal conditions.

Perfect for beginners and those growers looking for fast, easy harvests, Autoflowering Cannabis plants require little care or attention. Highly popular with outdoor growers in Nevada, they can provide a regular supply of fresh Cannabis buds from Spring through to the Fall.

Almost all of the most popular Cannabis strains are available as either Feminized or Autoflowering seeds. Both types produce buds with similar flavors, aromas and effects. Feminized seeds are perfect for growing indoors, while Autoflowering seeds can provide a cheap and easy way to produce your own regular supply.

Find out more about our Autoflowering Cannabis seeds for sale in Nevada.

Banana Kush Autoflowering Seeds

Banana Kush (Auto)

Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds are a 60% Indica dominant strain, first bred and created in California, A mix between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze strains.

Critical Mass Autoflowering Seeds

Critical Mass (Auto)

Critical Mass Autoflower Seeds

Easy to grow strain producing dense, creamy buds with a citrus flavor. Powerful THC/CBD levels induce a relaxing ‘body-buzz’ effect.

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds

Gorilla Glue (Auto)

Gorilla Glue Autoflower Seeds

A complex strain, Gorilla Glue Autoflower seeds are comprised of three different varieties blended together; Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel.

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