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Buy Cannabis Seeds In South Australia.

Recent changes in the laws, now allow Australian residents to possess and use cannabis for a selection of medical purposes. With trials and studies showing that cannabis may have some benefits for certain conditions, doctors may now prescribe medical cannabis to qualifying patients, should they wish.

Although recreational use is still prohibited, at least it’s a move in the right direction for those wishing to try alternative medicines, without breaking the law. Growing cannabis, for either recreational, or medical purposes however, is still against the law, and could lead to a fine, or even a jail sentence for large, commercial growing operations.

Banana kush Seeds

Banana Kush Seeds

Banana Kush Feminized Seeds

One of the most popular and awarded Sativa dominant strains, Amnesia Haze produces a sociable and energizing high from it’s aromatic, lemon citrus flavored buds. Perfect for the indoor grower with yields of 550 per square meter.

Green Crack Seeds

Green Crack Seeds

Green Crack Feminized Seeds

A highly potent Sativa dominant strain which leaves the user feeling euphoric and energized. A firm favorite with many medical and day-time smokers for it’s positive and uplifting effects. Easy to grow and recommended for beginners.

OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush Seeds

OG Kush Feminized Seeds

Highly respected American strain with it’s own unique signature flavor of earthy pine and sour lemons. Extremely popular across the USA, spawning countless varieties and variations. Adapts easily to all growing conditions, indoors and outside.

Growing Cannabis In South Australia.

Despite growing cannabis in South Australia being illegal, many people are taking advantage of the ambient climate and long hours of strong sunlight to grow their own plants. Online searches to buy cannabis seeds in Australia have increased substantially as more and more people buy high quality seeds and being growing their own cannabis plants quietly and discreetly.

For most people, outdoor growing is the cheapest and most practical solution and with a wide, varied selection of the finest cannabis strains available, we can cater for all needs, tastes and preferences. Feminized cannabis seeds are the best choice, containing no male chromosomes, each seed is 100% guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest female plant.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Sets For Beginners

Beginners Grow Set

Beginners Grow Set

Beginners Grow Kit contents include 20 white widow autoflowering seeds. 3 plant protectors and complete set of plant nutrients for each stage of your plants delvelopment.

Bergmans Plant Food

Bergmans Plant Food

Bergmans Plant Food

Robert Bergman’s marijuana plant food provides all the nutrients necessary to achieve vigorous and healthy growth.

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Medical Marijuana And Its Uses.

With changes in Australian law now allowing for its possession and use, many more people can freely enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis without breaking any laws. Patients must be registered with a state doctor and be prescribed its use for one of several qualifying conditions, including cancer relief, HIV and reducing epileptic seizures.

Studies around the world are showing that a chemical compound contained within cannabis called CBD, may help reduce and alleviate a wide number of conditions ranging from combating the side effects of chemotherapy, to reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Cannabis strains with high levels of CBD are commonly known as medical cannabis seeds, and although they still contain THC, the compound associated with feeling ‘high’ and euphoric, they offer a more balanced effect and an increased medicinal value. The following are all considered medical cannabis seeds.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Extremely aromatic and filled with an explosive fruit flavor, Blue Dream is an highly popular West Coast strain producing a relaxing and balanced high. Easy to grow and capable of producing large harvests, a perfect choice for indoor growers.

Critical Mass Seeds

Critical Mass Seeds

Critical Mass Feminized Seeds

With a high THC level and CBD content, Critical Mass is a favored medical marijuana strain, quickly gaining popularity with both growers and patients alike. Easy to cultivate, producing good harvests of creamy-skunk flavored buds.

Chronic Widow Seeds

Chronic Widow Seeds

Chronic Widow Feminized Seeds

An Indica dominant strain combining the potent White Widow and high-yielding Chronic genetics. Extremely high THC and CBD levels, together with a creamy, spicy flavor make it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Indoor or Outdoor Cannabis Seeds.

Growing cannabis outdoors in Australia isn’t difficult, the long hours of daily sunshine during much of the year, provides the perfect environment. With a little care, and regular watering, cannabis plants can grow very tall and bushy, yielding several pounds of high quality buds from a single plant. The main disadvantage is that cannabis plants require a reduction in daylight hours to flower and mature, leading to a long wait from Spring planting until harvesting towards the end of the Summer season.

Growing indoors negates this problem with the use of artificial lights. Indoor lighting can be set for either vegetative growth, around eighteen hours on, or a standard 12/12 on-off regime, which promotes the best flowering conditions. Several harvests can be achieved in a single growing area per year when growing cannabis indoors.

Although all cannabis strains can be grown both indoors, or outside, certain strains are known to be better suited than others. Often, longer-flowering Sativa dominant strains are better suited to outdoor conditions, while many of the modern, popular hybrid strains prefer a more controlled indoor environment.

Alternatively, many cannabis growers in Australia are choosing to grow autoflowering seeds, strains of cannabis that grow and flower simultaneously, reducing the time needed from germination to harvest to an absolute minimum, with many mature in around eight weeks from sprouting, regardless of the number of daylight hours the plants receive. This makes outdoor growing much easier, and allows for both staggered planting and harvests.

Agent Orange Feminized

Agent Orange Seeds

Agent Orange Feminized Seeds

Agent Orange feminized marijuana seeds are a 50/50 blend of Sativa and Indica genetics, expertly crafted by Subcool and TGA Genetics, from a Jack The Ripper Sativa and an Orange Velvet hybrid.

Candy Kush Feminized

Candy Kush Seeds

Candy Kush Feminized

With genes from OG Kush and Blue Dream, Candy Kush feminized marijuana seeds are a 75% Indica dominant strain, with a subtle aroma and sweet candy-berry flavor. Easy to grow, requiring very little previous experience or knowledge.

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Seeds

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

The most famous medical marijuana strain just got easier to grow with these White Widow autoflowering seeds. Great for beginners, requiring very little knowledge to produce a high quality crop, within twelve weeks from germination.

Buy Cannabis Seeds In South Australia