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Choosing The Best Cannabis Seeds.

Choosing the best Cannabis seeds for you is a vital and important step If you’re considering growing your own weed,  With so many different variations, names and types, it can often seem a little overwhelming and a daunting task at first. Seed and strain selection affects every aspect of growing, from how and where they like to be cultivated. Through to yield, flavor and length of time to mature. Read our in-depth guide to help in choosing the best Cannabis seeds for you to grow.

Although there is a slight difference in the definitions of Cannabis and Marijuana, within the seed industry they are the same plant. Europeans tend to refer to the plants and buds as Cannabis. While American’s and Mexicans often refer to the products as Marijuana. Whether they are called Cannabis or Marijuana seeds for sale online, the subsequent plants are exactly the same.

The seeds contain the genetic ‘blue-print’ for the resulting plant. Flavor’s, aroma’s and potency levels are already defined, way before the seed is even germinated. With this in mind, growers can choose seeds and strains that suit their growing methods, tastes and needs. A successful harvest is more than just generating buds! It’s about producing high-quality weed, with all the traits and characteristics you want from those buds.

Choosing the best Cannabis seeds for you to grow, requires an understanding of the different varieties available. Seeds differ in specific ways, with their own traits and preferred growing methods. Understanding these variations will help you choose the best strains for you, when buying Cannabis seeds online.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Sets For Beginners

Beginners Grow Set

Beginners Seeds Set

Beginners Grow Kit contents include 20 white widow autoflowering seeds. 3 plant protectors and complete set of plant nutrients for each stage of your plants delvelopment.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Set For Heavy Yields

High Yield Grow Set

High Yield Seeds Grow Set

20 feminised Big Bud seeds guaranteeing female-only plants with large cola’s, dense buds and heavy yields. Easy to grow and perfect for larger indoor grows.

Complete Marijuana Seeds Grow Set For Medical Use

Medical Grow Set

Medical Seeds Grow Set

20 feminised Cheese seeds, guaranteed to germinate producing the highest quality female Cheese Cannabis plants, perfect for indoor growers.

Types Of Cannabis Seeds.

If your new to the world of growing your own weed, you’ll come across a variety of words, commonly used to describe Cannabis seeds. Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering strains grow differently, requiring a range of skills and experience. Choosing the best Cannabis seeds for you, requires an understanding of each type and their differences.

Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds

Extremely aromatic and filled with an explosive fruit flavor, Blue Dream is an highly popular West Coast strain producing a relaxing and balanced high. Easy to grow and capable of producing large harvests, a perfect choice for indoor growers.

Regular Seeds.

Regular Cannabis seeds are the most natural, produced by the fertilization of male pollen onto the female pistils. They have no set gender and will produce 50% male, 50% female plants, on average. Only female Cannabis plants produce buds and high-levels of THC, so male plants are usually removed once they show their sex. However, if you wish to produce your own seeds, you’ll need a high-quality male plant.

Advantages – Can provide slight variations on flavor and aroma, resulting in potential new strains. Male plants can be used to produce future generations of seeds. Clones and cuttings often root with better success from ‘Mother-plants’ cultivated from Regular seeds.

Disadvantages – Plants can display a variety of characteristics, resulting in a lack of uniformity. Difficult to detect a male plant until it enters its flowering cycle. With no guaranteed gender, time, effort and money is wasted growing unwanted male plants.

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue Feminized

Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds are a highly popular choice for both indoor and outdoor growers, and are one of the latest additions to our feminized seeds collection. Created from a blend of three strains, Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb.

Feminized Seeds.

Feminized Cannabis seeds have been genetically modified to remove all male chromosomes. The subsequent plants are guaranteed to be pure-female, each capable of producing identical yields, flavor’s and aroma’s, given similar growing conditions. Knowing every plant is female increases per-seed harvests compared to growing Regular seeds. It also allows for techniques such as hydroponics and the Screen-of-Green method to be utilized, where several plants may be intertwined, making removal almost impossible.

Advantages – Guaranteed female plants, producing identical buds, flavor’s and effects. Uniform growth makes creating an even canopy easier, resulting in bigger, heavier yields. No wasted time, money or effort growing unwanted male plants. Much wider choice and selection of strains.

Disadvantages – Little difference between plants, offering a lack of variety over a single strain. Difficult to root clones or cuttings. Almost impossible to produce pollen, stopping you creating your own seeds. Some people are against genetically modified crops and see feminized seeds in the same category.

Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Zkittlez Auto

Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower seeds produce dense, fruity buds with a powerful 23% THC content inducing a relaxing high.

Autoflowering Seeds.

Autoflowering Cannabis seeds are also completely feminized, guaranteeing pure-female plants. Originally crossed with a wild form of Hemp, a distant relative of the Cannabis plant, modern strains now just carry the Ruderalis gene, enabling automatic flowering. Easy to grow and perfect for outdoors, the plants simultaneously grow, flower and mature, regardless of the number of daylight hours they receive. Perfect for beginners and those looking for fast, easy harvests.

Advantages – Guaranteed female plants, producing buds with identical flavor’s, aroma’s and potency levels as their original, feminized counter-part. Combined vegetative and flowering reduces overall times to between 10 – 14 weeks, depending on strain choice and conditions. No requirement for long hours of darkness. Plants of all ages can be cultivated together. Summer harvests.

Disadvantages – Smaller than traditional Cannabis plants, often producing less buds per square meter. Growing indoors requires a constant 18 hours of light per-day, throughout the plant’s life-cycle, increasing ‘running-costs’. No option to take clones or cuttings.

Choosing Indica, Sativa or Hybrid Cannabis Seeds.

Almost every strain description shows the plants genetics. Cannabis originally grew as either Sativa; A tall plant with large, loose buds found in tropical and equatorial parts of the world. Or Indica; A smaller plant producing dense buds with thick resin and a short flowering cycle. When combined, they form Hybrid seeds, with a mix of traits and characteristics, depending on dominance.

Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica Dominant

What Are Indica Seeds

In general, Indica-dominant Marijuana seeds are squat, bushy and easy to grow. Their hardy, forgiving nature makes them the perfect choice for new and inexperienced growers, both indoors and outside.

Indica Strains.

Found in the mountainous regions of Pakistan and Asia, Indica Cannabis seeds can cope with harsher conditions and cooler temperatures. The plants are squat and dense with strong, close branches and dense, resin-coated buds. Flowering times are shorter, averaging between 8 – 9 weeks, with the buds inducing a ‘body-buzz’ effect, very calming and tranquil.

Advantages – Shorter flowering cycle allows for an extra indoor harvest per year. Dense, squat plants are perfect for the Sea-of-Green technique. Hard, dense buds, strong aroma’s and thick, sticky resin increases ‘bag-appeal’. Great for night-time use, inducing a deeply relaxed sensation. Can combat chronic pain and inflammation, as well as insomnia. Often mold and bug resistant

Disadvantages – Smaller plants in size and yield. Can require pruning due to the increased size and amount of leaves. Often has the strongest, most pungent aroma’s requiring odor-control. Heavy ‘body-buzz’ effect can make the user feel tired and sleepy, not good for daytime use.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Sativa Dominant

What Are Sativa Seeds

Sativa Marijuana plants can be found growing naturally in warm, equatorial countries. Unlike Indica varieties that have adapted to grow in harsh environments, Sativa’s enjoy long, warm Summer’s and a gentle onset of the Fall.

Sativa Strains.

Sativa Cannabis seeds produce tall plants with a classic ‘Christmas-Tree’ shape. Traditionally found in warm, sunny climates, the plant’s require a long, gentle flowering cycle to develop to their full potential.

The effects are cerebral and uplifting, producing a burst of energy and euphoric ‘high’. Medicinal uses include reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Advantages – Often produce the biggest plants when cultivated outdoors in warm southern states. The effects are perfect for daytime use, inducing energy, clarity and focus, while improving creative thought. Often recommended in low-doses to help combat a range of illnesses and improve mental well-being.

Disadvantages – Can cause height issues and problems, when cultivated indoors. Longer flowering times can reduce the number of crops produced indoors, per-year. Often more susceptible to mold, bugs and bud-rot issues. Require a greater degree of knowledge and experience to produce a successful harvest.

High CBD Low THC Feminized Seeds

Hybrid Seeds

What Are Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid Cannabis seeds are very popular, accounting for the majority of online Cannabis seed purchases. Land-race strains contain only pure Sativa or Indica genetics. While hybrid Cannabis seeds contain varying levels of both, producing a more balanced high and greater effects.

Hybrid Strains.

Hybrid Cannabis seeds are the most popular. Created from a combination of other strains, they offer the widest choice of flavor’s, aroma’s and effects. Strains can vary from Indica, to Sativa-dominant, or those offering a perfect balance of both. Flowering times vary, usually between 8 – 10 weeks, producing buds that offer differing degrees of both effects.

Advantages – The biggest choice of seeds, offering the widest selection of traits and characteristics. Can be easy or difficult to grow, depending on the variety. All modern strains are Hybrid seeds. Great for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, often generating the heaviest harvests. Wide choice of ‘highs’ and effects, including medicinal CBD seeds.

Disadvantages – Many of the new strains contain elevated THC levels, making them super-strong and too powerful for everyday use. Created through cross-breeding, some people prefer the more natural ‘high’ induced by Land-Race strains. Predominately only available in feminized form, with no option to grow a male for breeding purposes.

Buy Cannabis Seeds In The USA.

With a wide choice, it’s easy to buy Cannabis seeds online. We offer some of the very best strains, available in both Feminized and Autoflowering format. Choose from some of the most popular varieties across the USA and enjoy fast, free, guaranteed delivery from one of the world’s leading Cannabis seed bank’s and Marijuana seed producers.

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Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Unsure which Cannabis seeds are right for you? Find a wealth of information, growing reviews and customer comments, helping you choose the best Cannabis seeds for your needs. Select from a choice of pack sizes, perfect for the hobby grower, through to larger, dedicated ‘cash-crop’ growers.

Save yourself money with one of the many available Mix Packs for sale. Containing three, individually wrapped strains, each with an underlying theme, you’ll enjoy greater variety with your harvests.

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With the right seeds and best strains, growing Cannabis can be easy. Always buy the best quality seeds available. Poor, low-quality seeds only lead to disappointing results. Buy Cannabis seeds online from a reputable seed bank with a proven history and trusted reputation.

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