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Do Si Dos Seed Sale.

The Do Si Dos Marijuana seed sale starts today. For the coming days, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana are giving away 10-free Do Si Dos Marijuana seeds with every 10-seed packet purchased. Enjoy some of the most powerful, potent buds, generous harvests and lip-smacking flavors, with these high-quality seeds.

It hasn’t taken long for this new, hybrid strain to rise to the top of the popularity chart. Launched in 2016 by Archive Seed Bank, it was created by cross-breeding Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. First released in Portland, Oregon, it was quickly introduced into Colorado, before gaining world-wide recognition as one of the very best, new Marijuana strains.

Like many of the new hybrids, the Do Si Dos Marijuana strain is perfect for modern, indoor growing techniques. Completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate, each seed will produce the finest female plant. If you’re looking for impressive, easy harvests of super-powerful buds, you’ve got to check-out this enticing special offer.

Do Si Dos Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds

An Indica-dominant strain with an incredible THC content of up to 30%. Adaptable for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, generating abundant harvests of top-quality buds. Also contains 1% CBD for medicinal use.

Do Si Dos Feminized Seeds.

Do Si Dos Feminized Marijuana seeds contain no male chromosomes, guaranteeing each seed will produce a pure female plant. A 70/30 Indica-dominant strain, it has a natural resilience to mold and mildew, making it very easy to grow and cultivate. A perfect for growing indoors under controlled conditions. The plants also perform very well outside, given a warm, sunny climate.

These plants develop quickly during the vegetative stage, producing large leaves and a thick foliage. Prune the lower parts to ensure adequate air-flow and use advanced growing techniques such as training, topping and bending. These techniques help to maximize growth, forming a dense, even canopy.

The vegetative stage can be as long, or short as required. While the plants receive at least twelve hours of sunlight per-day, they quickly grow and develop. If you would like to learn more about improving the yield, flavor and potency of your buds, download the Marijuana Grow Guide.

Buy Do Si Dos Marijuana seeds online and receive a second, identical packet completely free of charge.

A completely free Ebook, that’s become the world’s most downloaded Cannabis and Marijuana grow manual. Learn all aspects of indoor and outdoor cultivation, from correct germination techniques, through to when to harvest your buds for the very best rewards. Make the most of your Do Si Dos seeds, download the free Marijuana Grow Guide.

Flowering begins once the plants receive twelve hours of darkness per night. Over an average 8 – 9 weeks, expect an explosion of dense, hard buds with blazing orange pistils and a thick coating of resin. With it’s top-class pedigree, the buds are both eye-catching and colorful. The plants emit a strong aroma of skunk and diesel, with fruity, fermented undertones.

As maturity approaches the buds gain size and density, often becoming too heavy for the plant without support. Typical yields of between 14 – 18 ounces of top-quality buds can be produced per square meter. While plants cultivated outdoors can generate up to 18 ounces each over the growing season.

With average THC levels of between 24% – 28%, it’s not surprizing Do Si Dos Marijuana seeds have become a prized and popular strain. Together with it’s unique flavor of fermented fruits and a strong diesel after-taste, its a strain that’s easy to identify.

The effects are almost instant, feeling like a wave of creativity and energy flowing through your brain. A great strain for inspirational thinking, but a little too much will certainly lead to couch-lock. It doesn’t take long before the Indica ‘body-buzz’ starts to take over. It will quickly ease your body into a state of deep relaxation.

A great strain for evening and night-time use, helping to reduce stress and combat chronic pain. Average CBD levels of 1%.

Do-Si-Dos Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


Do-Si-Dos Autoflower Seeds

Do-Si-Dos is a easy to grow strain, producing generous yields of dense, potent buds. Powerful THC levels of up to 30%, with a 1% CBD ratio. Now available in both feminized and autoflowering form.

Do Si Dos Autoflowering Seeds.

This Do Si Dos Marijuana seed sale celebrates the release of the new, Autoflowering variety. Created from the same genetics as the feminized original strain, these seeds include the additional of the Ruderalis gene, enabling autoflowering. Produce the same, potent, powerful buds, easier and quicker, with the new Do Si Dos Autoflowering seeds for sale.

Almost of all the most popular feminized Marijuana seeds now have an autoflowering alternative. Unlike traditional feminized seeds, they grow and flower simultaneously, under any number of light-hours. Originally produced to grow outdoors over the Summer months, many of new hybrid strains perform very well indoors, especially under LED lighting.

With many states legalizing personal cultivation, more and more people are growing their own Marijuana indoors. More often than not, indoor cultivated buds are more potent than those grown outside, but the cost of running high-powered lights and other equipment can become quite expensive.

Buy Do Si Dos Autoflowering seeds and receive a second, identical packet completely free of charge.

Autoflowering Marijuana plants cultivated indoors, require 18 – 20 hours of light per day to produce their biggest, best quality yields. Running high-powered lights for this many hours increases the per-ounce costs substantially. However, many of these new hybrids have been produced for the indoor grower, performing best under LED lights with lower running costs.

Over an average of 10 – 14 weeks, Do Si Dos Autoflowering seeds grow, develop and fully mature, regardless of the number of daylight or darkness hours the plants receive. In just a single growing area, plants can be cultivated and rotated, replacing each mature plant with a fresh, young seedling. This can generate a regular supply of potent, powerful buds at a fraction of their retail cost.

Do Si Dos Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for growing indoors over the Winter months. The plants produce hard, dense buds with all the attributes and characteristics of the traditional, feminized variety. Enjoy that strong, unique aroma and diesel-like flavor, together with THC levels of between 24% – 28%.

There is very little difference between Autoflowering and Feminized Marijuana buds. Modern strains and varieties contain the same genetics, whether feminized or autoflowering, with the additional of the Ruderalis gene. Growing techniques differ, Auto’s require less time, care and attention, but the quality and flavor of the buds is virtually the same.

If you’re tempted to try growing Autoflowering seeds indoors, now’s the perfect opportunity. Not only are Do Si Dos seeds are a great choice, producing fast, potent harvests, but right now you can double your dollar with this special buy-10-get-10-free introductory offer.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online In The USA.

With more and more states legalizing limited, personal cultivation, buying Marijuana seeds online in the USA has never been easier or faster. I Love Growing Marijuana have grown to become one of the leading producers and suppliers of high-quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds in the USA.

Based in Modesto, California, they offer a wide choice of Marijuana seeds for sale, both Feminized and Autoflowering. Enjoy fast, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, at no extra cost.

With a first-class customer care department, any questions or concerns regarding your order are quickly answered. Together with reviews, strain reports and free growing guides, they offer all the help and support you may require to produce a successful harvest.

Buying Marijuana seeds online couldn’t be easier. Find a choice of options suited to all forms of online payment.

The Do Si Dos seeds sale won’t last long, don’t miss out. Buy any number of 10-seed packets and an additional packet will be added for every purchase.

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