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Start The 2022 Grow Season With Some Cheap Marijuana Strains In The Early Bird Seed Sale

2022 Early Bird Marijuana Seed Sale.

Early Bird 2022 Marijuana Seed Sale is just around the corner, it’s time to begin our special Marijuana Seed Sale.

If you’ve been following us over the last year, you’ll know our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana regularly hold special seed sales over the year. If you’ve missed out in the past, don’t let this special sale pass you by, it could be a while before these offers are repeated.

Whatever your level of experience, we have a selection of high-quality seeds and strains, just right for you. With many varieties available in either Feminized or Autoflowering format, choose the best seeds for your needs.

Feminized Strains

Feminized seeds are great for growing indoors, offering a wide choice of flavors, aromas and effects. The vegetative period can be as long or short as you require, depending on your growing methods.

The Sea-of-Green techniques is perfect for squat, bushy plants, quickly forming a thick, even canopy. Taller plants are better suited to the Screen-of-Green method. This encourages the plants to grow horizontally, rather than vertically, reducing future height issues and maximizing the number of future budding sites.

With a wide selection of both Sativa and Indica dominant strains available, find your favorite Feminized Marijuana seeds below.

LA Confidential Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential Feminized Seeds

An ideal strain for training, topping or utilizing the Screen-of-Green technique with, the plants quickly grow ready to flower. Indoor yields of 400 grams per square meter are easily achievable, while outdoors expect up to 450 grams.

Super Skunk Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Predominately an Indica, Super Skunk amplifies the potency, flavor and aroma of the original Skunk strain. Fast to mature and perfect for beginners, generating very good yields of pungent, sweet tasting buds with a powerful, relaxing effect.

White Widow Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

White Widow

White Widow Feminized Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering seeds have become more and more popular over the years, providing fast, easy harvests, regardless of your growing experience. Created to grow, flower and fully mature over a period of approximately 10-weeks from germination, they can be successfully cultivated either indoors or outside.

Many of the most popular Marijuana strains have an Autoflowering option. Although commonly grown outdoors over the Summer months, they can be cultivated indoors, using a single growing-room to provide fresh, regular harvests.

Once dried and cured, the buds are almost identical to those from traditional feminized seeds, offering a variety of flavors and effects. Find out more about our Autoflowering seeds below.

Gelato Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


Gelato Autoflower Seeds

With Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies as its parents, Gelato Marijuana was always going to be tasty, expect sweet, fruity flavors and a floral aroma from its large, dense buds.

LSD Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


LSD Autoflower Seeds

A potent 80% dominant Sativa strain, almost psychedelic in effect. Fast to mature, easy to grow. Perfect for all levels of experience.

Purple Kush Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Purple Kush

Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

100% Indica, Purple Kush are one of the easiest autoflowering marijuana strains to grow. THC levels up to 22% it generates a body buzz feeling, deeply relaxing and almost sedative. Known to stimulate and improve the appetite.

Early Bird 2022 Marijuana Seed Sale.

Whether you choose from our Feminized or Autoflowering seeds collection, you’re assured of the freshest, highest quality seeds. However, if you want more seeds and increased buying power, our Early Bird 2022 Marijuana Seeds Sale gives you the chance to double your purchase, at no extra cost.

The sale starts today, so there’s no time to lose! Select a 10-seed packet from any of the qualifying strains and a second, free packet will be added automatically to your purchase. Double your order for free! Receive twenty of the highest quality seeds of your choice, for the price of just ten.

This offer won’t last long. Come back in a few days and it’s over. Don’t let the chance of ten free Marijuana seeds, identical to your order, pass you by.

All of our seeds are of the highest quality and dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana. Based in Modesto, California, they provide a fast, free and guaranteed delivery service to all residents of the USA.

Choose from a variety of payment options, including Cash, Card, Bank transfer and Bitcoin. All secure and totally discreet.

Find all the strains included in the Early Bird 2022 Marijuana Seed Sale below.

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