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Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Cannabis Seeds Sale

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Sale.

The Girl Scout Cookies seed sale starts today, July 20th. Buy a 10-seed packet of either the Feminized, or Autoflowering variety and get 10 free Girl Scout Cookies seeds added to your order. Enjoy fast, guaranteed delivery, the highest quality strains and free Marijuana seeds when you buy Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana seeds during the next 4 days.

Our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana hold regular sales and free seed give-away’s during the year. This week it’s the turn of one of the USA’s most popular ‘home-grown’ strains, Girl Scout Cookies. Created from a blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison, this 80% Indica, 20% Sativa is a strong, potent variety, flavor-filled and aromatic.

You’ve probably already tried the strain with its high THC content and powerful effects. Now you can grow-your-own, saving you $$$ on the retail cost. Best of all, buy Girl Scout Cookies seeds over the coming few days and receive an extra 10-seed packet for each one purchased. With no limit on the number of packets you can buy, receive 10, 20 or even more free Marijuana seeds.

Strain Spotlight – Girl Scout Cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Autoflowering Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie Feminized

Created by crossing an OG Kush with a Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies is a highly popular Californian strain that’s achieved legendary status. Very potent, generating a relaxing, euphoric high, recommended for recreational and medical users.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are perfect for the indoor grower. A moderately easy strain to grow, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female plant. The vegetative period can be from as little as 4-weeks, depending on your growing style and technique, with the plant generating impressive yields when ‘topped’, pruned and super-cropped. These techniques can significantly improve the quality and quantity you achieve from your crop. Learn more with the Marijuana Grow Guide.

Once your plants have filled the growing area, it’s time to begin flowering. Like all traditional Feminized Marijuana seeds, the plants require 12-hours of undisturbed darkness every night to flower and fully mature. The combination of dominant Indica and 20% Sativa genes, produce bushy plants with long, close branches and multiple budding sites. Training the tops and pruning the lower leaves and branches will help increase light-penetration and air-flow, improving your harvest.

Full maturity requires between 9 – 10 weeks depending upon conditions. With care and a little knowledge, indoor growers can expect to generate up to 21 ounces of top-quality buds per square meter. Cultivated outdoors from the start of the season, individual plants can generate harvests of up to 21 ounces of good-quality buds each. Expect dense, hard nuggets with a generous coating of resin.

Girl Scout Cookies is well known for its dark chocolate, minty aroma. Although not over-powering, it can be easily identified, with a light, earthy scent. When smoked, expect sweet flavors of brown sugar, mint and chocolate, wrapped with a nutmeg tang. A very enjoyable taste and aroma that can quickly fill a room with the smell of cookie-dough and spices.

With its combination of Indica and Sativa genetics producing THC levels of up to 21%, the effects are fast-acting and long-lasting. Expect an almost instant creative euphoria and mental alertness, coupled with a relaxing ‘body-buzz’, capable of easing daily aches and pains. The perfect strain for relaxing in the evening, or socializing with friends.

Right now, you can buy 10 Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds and receive a second, identical packet, completely free of charge. Double your buying-power during this special seed sale.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds

As you would expect from a Girl Scout Cookie variety, the buds are dense and covered in resin. THC levels are high at 21% providing a fast, hard-hitting, but euphoric high that leaves the user very relaxed and uplifted.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering.

If you like the sound of growing your own Girl Scout Cookie Marijuana, but are unsure if you have the skill, time or knowledge, why not try the Autoflowering version? A fast and easy-to-grow Marijuana plant that produces identical buds to the traditional, feminized variety, but grows and flowers automatically, regardless of the number of light-hours the plants receive.

Small, bushy and compact, they are an ideal choice for growing outdoors across the growing season. With no requirement for a reduction in light-hours to induce flowering, the plants fully mature over an average of 10-weeks from sprouting. With rotational planting over the season, a regular supply of fresh, high-quality buds can be produced, both indoors and outside.

With no defined vegetative stage, the plants are short and bushy, with average mature heights of approximately 1-meter. Yields vary, depending upon the intensity and duration of the light-hours they receive. Autoflowering seeds produce their biggest, best quality harvests when given long hours of direct sunlight. With care and good conditions, individual plants can yield between 5 – 15 ounces each.

Once dried and cured, the buds are identical to those produced from the traditional feminized seeds. The Girl Scout Cookies chocolate-minty flavor and sweet-sugar aroma are just as evident. Many new growers are now buying these Autoflowering seeds to produce their own fast, easy harvests. Amaze yourself at how easy it can be to produce top-quality buds with Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering seeds.

THC levels are just as potent, reaching up to 21%. The effects are creative and euphoric, with a calming relaxed sensation. Identical to the feminized variety. Although the CBD content is relatively low, it can help to reduce stress, tension and anxiety, as well as reducing pain and insomnia, while helping to stimulate the appetite.

Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for fast, easy grows. Find out more and claim your free 10-seed packet when you buy Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Seeds.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seeds Online.

Buy Marijuana seeds online in the USA during this special seed sale and get double your order. Receive an extra 10-seed packet of the Autoflowering or Feminized variety, depending upon your purchase. 10 free Girl Scout Cookies seeds with all 10-seed packets bought. Half your costs on bigger 20-seed packets during this special 4-day sale.

With free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, the price includes all costs. Dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, based in Modesto, California. Receive your seeds in super-fast time, with a choice of secure payment options and all the help and support you may require to produce your own successful harvest.

With a wide choice of Feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana seeds for sale, find all the very best, most popular strains, all sold with guaranteed germination as standard. Any issues will be quickly dealt with, by contacting the dedicated I Love Growing Marijuana support team.

Whether you choose to grow indoors, or outside, Girl Scout Cookies feminized and Autoflowering seeds can produce high-quality harvests with potent, powerful effects. Find out for yourself why this has become one of the USA’s most popular, most cultivated strains.

Find out more about this 4-day Girl Scout Cookies seed sale.

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