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Marijuana Seeds 4th July Sale

Enjoy our biggest free Marijuana seeds give-away this 4th July.

Celebrate this 4th July with our very best and biggest free Marijuana seeds giveaway. Enjoy a selection of seeds and strains, catering for all growing styles, both indoor and outdoor, including recreational and medicinal varieties. With guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA included in the price, and free Marijuana seeds on selected purchases, there’s never been a better time to stock up on your favorite strains.

All the strains on offer with  our 4th July free Marijuana seeds give-away are completely feminized, devoid of any male chromosomes and guaranteed to produce the highest quality, pure female plants. Uniform and stable characteristics make growing easy, with strains in both traditional feminized and feminized Autoflowering format available, to suit all levels of experience and growing styles.

So whether you’re an indoor grower or outdoor, experienced or considering producing your first crop, we have a strain to suit your needs. Enjoy our biggest and best ever free Marijuana seeds give-away this 4th July and celebrate with double the number of seeds for your money.

Free Marijuana Seeds – 10 + 10 Double Your Purchase.

If you’re looking for the best free Marijuana seeds deals, and easy to grow strains, we have a selection of classic Marijuana seeds available. Super Skunk feminized, Super Silver Haze feminized and White Widow in both feminized and autoflowering versions. Receive 10 free Marijuana seeds with each 10 seed packet you purchase of these three classic strains.

To celebrate this 4th July 2020 our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana have included more free Marijuana seeds in their give-away than ever before. Choose from the hugely popular Girl Scout Cookies, Robert Bergman’s own Gold Leaf Autoflower, the powerful AK-47 in both feminized and autoflowering format, or the CBD-rich Carmagnola, perfect for medicinal use. Whichever strain suits your needs, preference or growing style, enjoy 10 free Marijuana seeds with all 10 seed pack purchases of these high quality, feminized seeds.

Free Marijuana Seeds – AK-47 Feminized and Autoflowering.

AK-47 needs very little introduction, being a total ‘old-school’ classic. A true ‘Killer’ of a strain, it’s powerful, knockout punch is incredibly potent and long-lasting. Choose from either feminized or autoflowering varieties, depending upon your needs, growing technique and style, with both strains able to grow indoors all year round, and outdoors during the growing season.

With just an 8 week flowering period for the feminized seeds, and 8 weeks total growth and flowering for the autoflowering variety, it doesn’t take long for you to cultivate your own high quality crop. Expect to harvest around 14 oz of high quality buds per square meter indoors, and similar per-plant yields outdoors with the feminized varieties, and 4 – 6 oz per square meter, or plant during the Summer months from the autoflowering version.

For the first-time, you can now get free AK-47 Marijuana seeds with all 10-seed packs purchased. Double your seed collection with this incredible offer and enjoy some of the longest-lasting, hardest-hitting weed, a true world-wide Classic!

4th July Sale Free AK 47 Seeds

Free Marijuana Seeds – Carmagnola CBD Feminized Seeds.

Carmagnola is an incredible Marijuana strain and perfect for medicinal use. Unlike many other Marijuana, it contains little THC, with levels of just 0.3%, and will not get you high. It does however, contain a large dose of CBD, between 6 – 9%, making it a perfect choice for medicinal use, or for using to make Cannabis butter, gummies, cookies and other medicinal edibles with.

An easy to grow strain, it requires little experience to cultivate a good quality crop, with the plants growing tall and requiring approximately 7 weeks in flower to completely mature and ripen. Once harvested and dried, the buds take-on a citrus flavor and aroma, ideal for cooking with, or just enjoying for the health benefits that concentrated CBD can provide.

Completely feminized and guaranteed to produce the highest quality female plants, expect typical yields of between 14 – 17 oz per square meter when cultivated indoors, with similar yields from individual plants, when cultivated outdoors over the growing season. Get 10 free Marijuana seeds with all 10-seed packs purchased during this special 4th July free Marijuana seeds give-away.

4th July Sale Free Carmagnola CBD Seeds

Free Marijuana Seeds – Girl Scout Cookies Feminized.

A hugely popular feminized strain that’s traveled from coast-to-coast across the USA, delighting both growers and smokers alike. Completely feminized, these highest quality Girl Scout Cookie feminized Marijuana seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing the strongest, most stable and uniform plants.

A great strain for the indoor grower, the plants are capable of large, heavy yields of up to 21 oz of the best quality buds per square meter from its 80% Indica, 20% Sativa genetics. THC levels are good, at up to 21%, with a less than 1% CBD content. Expect a powerful ‘high’ with long lasting effects that leaves you feeling relaxed and calm, with a happy, euphoric sensation.

Girl Scout Cookies is a great day and night strain, leaving the user relaxed, but not ‘couch-locked’. Buy a 10 seed pack today and receive 10 free marijuana seeds to double your order, with all packaging and postal costs included in the price.

4th July Sale Free Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Free Marijuana Seeds – Gold Leaf Autoflower.

Created by Robert Bergman himself, this tried, tested and highly successful strain is an incredible Autoflower with a 60% – 40% Indica/Sativa dominance. Extremely easy to grow, and a ‘must’ for all beginners and ‘guerrilla-growers’, these compact, feminized seeds are a perfect choice both indoor and outdoors from Spring through until the Fall.

With a total growing and flowering time of just 8 weeks, you can enjoy fast, high quality buds, regardless of the number of light or darkness hours the plants receive. Yields are similar to other other flowering varieties, producing between 4 – 6 oz of high quality buds per square meter indoors, with similar per-plant yields when cultivated outdoors over the Summer months.

With a powerful THC content of 21%, these Gold Leaf autoflower Marijuana seeds certainly deliver a powerful punch, inducing a happy, relaxed and uplifted sensation that’s euphoric and long lasting. Get 10 free Marijuana seeds with every 10-seed pack purchased during our 4th July 2020 giveaway.

4th July Sale Free Gold Leaf Autoflower Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

With a wide selection of both feminized and autoflowering strains available, this 4th July free Marijuana seeds give-away shouldn’t be missed. Never before have our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana offered some many strains, with both AK-47 and Carmagnola offered as part of the free Marijuana seed give-away for the very first-time.

  • Enjoy the very best quality seeds, hand-selected and chosen for peak ripeness.
  • Receive complete customer support from purchase through to harvest
  • All ‘stealth’ packaging and shipping costs are included in the price.
  • Use a variety of secure payment options, including cash, debit/credit card, bank transfer and Bitcoin.
  • Guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA. Failed to arrive, replacements will be shipped ASAP.

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If you’re new to growing Marijuana, or just looking for some extra knowledge and ‘brush-up’ on techniques, download the Marijuana Grow Guide today. This informative PDF can be instantly printed off or read online and stored for later referral.

Packed full of information, the Marijuana Grow Guide covers all aspects of growing your own Cannabis and Marijuana, for both recreational and medicinal use. Learn the best methods to achieve maximum germination from your seeds, how to employ super-cropping techniques and complete descriptions of both the Sea-of-Green, and Screen-of-Green growing methods.

And the best think about the instant download, Marijuana Grow Guide, is that just like our special free Marijuana seeds deals, it’s also totally free, no purchase needed and no obligations. Simply enter your email address and receive your free copy today.

Whether it’s learning to grow, or get free Marijuana seeds, we here at Marijuana Seeds US are always online.

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