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Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Memorial Day Weekend Sale.

Get 10 free Marijuana seeds when you buy any selected strains.

To celebrate this year’s Memorial Day, I Love Growing Marijuana are giving away 10 FREE Marijuana seeds on selected strains. Enjoy many of the most popular strains and receive twice as many seeds for your money, with this special, time-limited offer.

I Love Growing Marijuana are one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds. With a substantial collection of feminized and Autoflowering seeds for sale, they cater for all tastes and requirements, from potent recreational strains, through to Medical Marijuana, with elevated CBD levels and a much lower THC content.

Choose from three highly popular strains, order a 10-seed pack and automatically get 10 free Marijuana seeds included within the price. Select your favorite strain below.

Memorial Day Free Seed Give-away.

Maui Wowie Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Maui Wowie is a highly popular Sativa dominant strain that grows naturally around the islands of Hawaii. A tall, easy Marijuana strain to grow, it needs a warm climate and plenty of sunlight to develop its full potential, especially when cultivated outdoors.

With its 80% Sativa dominance, Maui Wowie requires between 9 – 10 weeks to completely flower and mature, generating large harvests of between 14 – 17 oz indoors, and up to 16 oz per plant when cultivated outdoors in warm, tropical climates. Expect large, dense buds with a pineapple and citrus-fruit aroma.

THC levels average approximately 20%, which, when combined with the low CBD content, produces a happy, euphoric high that invigorates the mind and energizes the body. A well-known ‘mood-booster’ it’s often prescribed to combat fatigue and depression, as well as reducing chronic pain and stress.

An easy-to-grow Marijuana strain with a sweet, fruity flavor and fast, long-lasting potent effects.

Maui Wowie Seeds Memorial Day Sale

Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Blue Dream feminized Marijuana seeds are a combination of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, both highly awarded and popular strains in their own right. 80% Sativa dominate, these pure-female seeds can be grown either indoors, or outside under a warm, sunny climate, and are of our most popular strains, providing that cool, ‘West-Coast’ high.

The plants grow tall, so super-cropping methods and techniques should be used when growing Blue Dream Marijuana seeds indoors. Care should also be taken when this strain is cultivated outdoors, as the sweet aroma is known to attract a variety of bugs and parasites. Flowering requires an average of 9 weeks for the plants to completely mature, with yields up to 21 oz per square meter.

Blue Dream Marijuana is a highly popular strain, producing THC levels of approximately 21%. Perfect for daily, day-time use, the high is clean, crisp and clear, helping to motivate the mind and energize the body. Perfect for creative thought and stimulation, it can also help to reduce pain, headaches, inflammation and menstrual cramps.

A perfect day-time smoke with a deep blueberry flavor and long-lasting, dreamy high.

Blue Dream Seeds Memorial Day Sale

Sour Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

With it’s unique lemon and chemical flavor, there’s no mistaking Sour Diesel Marijuana. A highly popular strain comprised of 40% Indica and 60% Sativa genes, producing a tall, ‘cash-crop’ plant that can be successfully cultivated both indoors and outside. Highly popular with recreational and medicinal users alike.

With it’s 10 week flowering period and less forgiving nature, Sour Diesel Marijuana seeds are not for beginners and should only be cultivated by experienced growers, it’s one of the reasons the buds command some of the highest prices in the medical dispensaries. Expect aromatic yields of approximately 16 oz per square meter, given good growing conditions.

THC levels of 20% produce a fast, powerful high that can energize the body for the day ahead, leaving the mind happy, relaxed and in a mild state of euphoria. Medical applications include; reducing stress, anxiety and depression, while combating pain and insomnia. Perfect for both day and night-time use.

A highly sought after and popular strain with a uniquely defining flavor and aroma.

Sour Diesel Seeds Memorial Day Sale

Free Marijuana Seeds – Free USA Shipping

You can receive twice as many high quality Marijuana seeds for your money by taking advantage of this special, time-limited offer. Buy a 10-seed packet of any of the strains above and get an extra 10 seeds TOTALLY FREE.

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING to all parts of the USA. Dispatched directly from I Love Growing Marijuana using the very best ‘stealth’ packaging and shipping practices, all purchases are completely guaranteed to arrive, and should, for any reason they fail to do so, contact the I Love Growing Marijuana support team who will arrange for replacements to be shipping out as soon as possible.

Memorial Day Sale On Selected Marijuana Seeds

How To Grow Free Marijuana Seeds.

Learn how to improve the yield, flavor and potency of your harvests with the free Growing Marijuana Guide. Packed full of information, this free and instant download is a comprehensive guide to growing Marijuana for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Whether your new to growing Marijuana or a seasoned ‘Cash-crop’ grower, download this free PDF and learn tips from the Pro’s, including germination techniques, super-cropping, when to cut your plant’s for maximum potency and how to correctly harvest, dry and cure your weed for the smoothest, most enjoyable smoke.

Grow Cannabis Seeds Like A Pro In USA

You can also buy the memorial sale strains in these discounted variety packs.