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Last chance to plant your Free Autoflowering Marijuana seeds this season.

The Summer of 2020 is in full swing, and although it’s probably one of the strangest any of us have encountered, with restrictions, masks and social distancing measures, people still want to grow Marijuana seeds and smoke good quality, tasty buds.

If you’re thinking of growing your own Marijuana this season, time is quickly running out, in fact, it’s already too late to plant traditional feminized seeds outdoors as they won’t have sufficient time to grow before commencing flowering.

There is still time however, to plant and harvest Autoflowering seeds before the end of this 2020 growing season, especially for those growers located in more Southern States. With a combined growing and flowering phase, Autoflowering seeds are capable of achieving complete maturity in approximately eight weeks, and have no requirement for set hours of light or darkness, making them a perfect choice for planting for the later part of the season.

With only an average of 8 weeks needed from sprouting until harvest, there is still just time for you to grow your own high quality Marijuana harvest. Although yields are smaller than traditional feminized Marijuana seeds, the quality and potency are similar, and with harvests averaging between 4 – 6 oz per plant, given good growing conditions, their return far out-way’s the initial investment in seeds.

Free Marijuana Seeds – 10 + 10 Free Autoflowering Seeds

With free shipping and guaranteed delivery on all purchases, together with 10 free Autoflowering Marijuana seeds with all 10-seed packet purchases, there has never been a better time to stock-up or buy and germinate them now, with just enough time left for them to grow, flower and mature, ready for harvest.

With a huge selection of feminized Autoflowering seeds, all completely guaranteed to germinate and produce the highest quality plants, choose the Autoflowering strains that suit your needs and taste the best. Perhaps you enjoy the recreational ‘buzz’ of a good Sativa, or maybe a more ‘couch-locking’ Indica is more to your tastes. Either way, take advantage of this offer and receive your free Autoflowering seeds with every 10-seed packet purchased.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflowering Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower Seeds

As you would expect from a Girl Scout Cookie variety, the buds are dense and covered in resin. THC levels are high at 21% providing a fast, hard-hitting, but euphoric high that leaves the user very relaxed and uplifted.

Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue Autoflower Seeds

A complex strain, Gorilla Glue Autoflower seeds are comprised of three different varieties blended together; Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel.

Zkittles Autoflowering Seeds


Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower seeds produce dense, fruity buds with a powerful 23% THC content inducing a relaxing high.

Free Marijuana Seeds – Free Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery.

That’s right, receive free Marijuana seeds by taking advantage of these special offers from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of fresh, high quality Marijuana seeds. With a variety of payment options, including bank transfer, cheque, card or Bitcoin, choose the payment that suits you best.

New to growing your own Marijuana? No problem, Autoflowering seeds are the easiest and most simple way to grow your own Marijuana. With no separate vegetative period and their own self-flowering and maturing cycle, there is very little to do but sit back and watch the plants grow and mature in as little as 8 weeks from sprouting.

Enjoy greater choice and big savings! Check out the Auto Mixpack, offering three great strains and massive savings on bulk purchases. Each packet contains 5 or 10 seeds of each strain, giving you either 15 or 30 feminized Autoflowering seeds in total at a huge discount.

Free Autoflowering Seeds - End Of Season Sale

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