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Sour Diesel Seed Sale.

If you’re looking for All-American classic Marijuana seeds, these Sour Diesel seeds are a great choice. Stable and established, the pure feminized seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing strong, vibrant plants.

Whether you chose to grow indoors or outside in warm, sunny climates, Sour Diesel seeds can adapt to a number of growing methods and techniques. A blend of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genes. They combine to form a Marijuana strain that’s not the easiest to grow, but well worth the extra effort.

A pungent, strong flavored strain, Sour Diesel Marijuana seeds have been extremely popular since their creation in the 1990’s. A collaboration of the infamous Chemdawg and Super Skunk strains, it has an unmistakable ‘diesel-fuel’ aroma, with a sour lemon and spicy flavor.

A strain well-known for its powerful effects, Sour Diesel Marijuana buds contain average THC levels of up to 20%. Sativa dominant, the ‘high’ is fast-acting and long-lasting, inducing an energizing body-buzz and happy euphoria.

Great for day-time use, it can help to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It can help to induce a positive mental attitude, while delivering a physical energy boost. A firm favorite with recreational users and great for socializing with friends. Known to stimulating the mood and creative conversation.

Buy 10 Get 10 Free Sour Diesel Marijuana Seeds 

If you’re a lover of top-quality seeds and strains, you’ll enjoy this week-long special offer from I Love Growing Marijuana. Starting today, and for the rest of this week, 9th March, they are offering a free 10-seed packet of their finest Sour Diesel seeds free with all qualifying purchases.

Choose either a 10-seed packet of Sour Diesel Feminized or Autoflowering seeds. Receive an extra 10- seed pack absolutely free. Reduce your per-seed costs by taking advantage of this special, time-sensitive offer.

Double your seeds by purchasing a single packet and receive 20 of the finest Sour Diesel seeds for the price of 10. For under $100 you can receive 20 pure female seeds Sour Diesel seeds, capable of generating huge harvests of potent, pungent buds.

I love Growing Marijuana are one of the world’s biggest suppliers of fresh, high quality Marijuana seeds for sale. Choose from a selection of secure payment options, including Bank transfer, Debit/Credit card facilities, Cash or Bitcoin.

The price includes all postage and packaging costs, using the very best ‘stealth’ delivery methods and techniques. Enjoy guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, with replacement seeds for any deliveries that fail to arrive.

Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Sour Diesel Feminized or Autoflowering?

Sour Diesel Marijuana seeds are available as traditional Feminized or female Autoflowering seeds. Both produce buds with almost identical traits and characteristics, with that classic ‘diesel-fuel’ aroma and sour lemon flavor.

The main difference between the two variations is the way they grow, flower and mature.

Traditional Feminized Marijuana seeds have two separate life-cycles. While they receive 12 or more hours of sunlight they will grow, producing new leaves and branches. Once the daylight hours decrease, and the plants receive at least 12 hours of undisturbed darkness they will begin to flower. Feminized Sour Diesel seeds require approximately 10 weeks in flower to fully mature.

Autoflowering seeds are identical to Feminized varieties, but with the addition of the Ruderalis gene. Once germinated and sprouted, the plants will grow, flower and completely mature, regardless of the number of light hours they receive. Planted outdoors from the end of Spring, the plants will develop over an average of just 8 – 10 weeks, producing identical buds, but far quicker, easier and without waiting several months to harvest.

Growing traditional Sour Diesel Marijuana seeds outdoors over the Summer months can produce huge, ‘tree-like’ plants and abundant yields of up to 16 oz per square meter. Autoflowering seeds do not produce such large harvests, averaging 4 – 6 oz per square meter. However their ease and speed of maturity can make it possible to cultivate several crops per year.

Sour Diesel Autoflower Seeds

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Autoflower Seeds

Sour Diesel marijuana has been a popular choice since its creation in California back in the 1990’s. A heavy-yielding strain that produces large, dank buds with a unique flavor and powerful high.

Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

Highly recommended strain for both recreational and medical users, Sour Diesel induces a creative, dreamy cerebral high that energizes and invigorates. Perfect for relieving stress, pain and depression with a unique flavor and aroma.

Whether you’re new to growing Marijuana or an experienced ‘cash-cropper’ Sour Diesel seeds are an ideal choice. The Autoflowering variety are perfect for beginners and outdoor methods. While more experienced growers, with indoor growing areas can bring out the very best of the strains flavor, potency and aroma.

Take advantage of this time-sensitive special offer and grab yourself a packet of free Sour Diesel Marijuana seeds today.

Sour Diesel Marijuana Seeds Offer