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Grand Daddy Strain Reviews.

Granddaddy Purple High THC Seeds

Created from Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Grand Daddy Purple is a pure, 100% Indica Marijuana plant. A favorite with medical and recreational users alike, it induces a strong, powerful high with a range of medicinal benefits. Easy to grow and very adaptable, the plants produce large, dense buds with a purple coloring and generous harvests.

Sold in Feminized form, every seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female plant. With no requirement for sexing, or unwanted males, per-plant harvests are maximized and growing your own Marijuana is made easy. Find out more about growing Grand Daddy Purple seeds.

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized

Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple is a very distinctive form of marijuana, first created by Ken Estes in San Francisco and hugely popular across the West Coast. Loved for both its exotic coloring, and intense body-stone effects, it’s enjoyed by both recreational and medical users, helping to aid relaxation and sleep.

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana plants can be successfully cultivated indoors or outside. Planted outdoors during the Spring and early Summer months, the seeds will quickly produce large, bushy plants with close branches and an abundance of future budding sites.

Indoor growers can maximize their yields by using the Sea or Screen-of-Green cultivation methods. Close-quarter growing techniques, designed to create a thick, even canopy of buds. Harvests can be improved further using Low-Stress Training. Bending, topping and super-cropping all help to increase the number of buds the plants produce, their size, weight and appearance.

Flowering begins once the plants receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per night. On average, Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Marijuana seeds require approximately 9 weeks for the buds to completely form and mature. Expect outdoor plants to be ready to harvest in early October.

A generous as well as colorful plant, with good conditions and a little experience, growers can produce between 14 – 17 oz of high-quality buds per square meter indoors. Plants cultivated in warm Southern climates can generate up to 15 oz of good quality buds each.

A flavor-filled strain with a sweet taste of grapes and berries and similar fruity aroma. THC levels of 23% induce a fast, long-lasting high. Very relaxing and perfect for evening and night-time use.

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Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Seeds

Combining the original Granddaddy Purple genetics and a top-quality Hindu Kush, these pure Indica Autoflowering seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to produce autoflowering female plants.

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering Seeds.

If growing your own potent, purple buds sounds like a great idea, but you’re worried about a lack of experience, Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering seeds offer a fast and easy alternative. Completely feminized, these special seeds require little care or attention, producing identical buds in super-fast times.

With the inclusion of the Ruderalis gene, Grand Daddy Purple Feminized seeds have attained autoflowering capabilities. These pure female seeds will grow and flower simultaneously from sprouting, regardless of the number of daylight or darkness hours they receive.

Perfect for outdoor cultivation methods, the plants will grow, flower and fully mature over a period of approximately 9 weeks. The buds are identical to those produced by traditional Marijuana plants, but faster and easier to grow.

Will very little care, attention or experience, anyone can grow their own Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana plants. They may only reach a meter tall when fully mature, producing between 4 – 6 oz per plant, but the color, flavor and potency remain the same.

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Perfect for hobby growers and those looking to generate a fast, potent harvest. Get double the number of seeds using this offer and enjoy some of the finest Marijuana buds this Summer.

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Grand Daddy Purple Feminized Autoflowering Seeds Sale

Enjoy all the help and support needed to cultivate a successful harvest. Find articles and reviews designed to help you produce the most potent harvests.

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