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Special Halloween Seed Deals.

With Halloween quickly approaching, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana have cooked up a tasty treat for all their customers. Starting today, they are giving away some of their best-loved, top-selling strains, with their special Halloween Seed Deals. Grab yourself 10-free Marijuana seeds when you buy Marijuana seeds online.

With so many strains available, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Everything from classics, through to modern hybrids. The indoor growing season is in ‘full-swing’, so what better time to grab yourself a bargain. If you’ve been waiting to stock-up on your reserves, now’s the perfect time! Double your buying-power with these top-quality Marijuana seeds for sale.

There’s something for everyone in this time-limited Halloween Seed Deal. No ghastly frights, only delights, with some of the USA’s top-selling varieties. Find potent Feminized seeds and fast, Autoflowering varieties. Every seed of the highest quality, guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure-female plant.

With no limited per-customer, buy as many 10-seed packs as you wish and enjoy an extra, identical packet completely free of charge. Buy Feminized Marijuana seeds or the Autoflowering varieties and your 10-seed pack purchase will be doubled, giving you twenty, top-quality seeds of your choice for the price of just ten.

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

Created by crossing an OG Kush with a Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies is a highly popular Californian strain that’s achieved legendary status. Very potent, generating a relaxing, euphoric high, recommended for recreational and medical users.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds

As you would expect from a Girl Scout Cookie variety, the buds are dense and covered in resin. THC levels are high at 21% providing a fast, hard-hitting, but euphoric high that leaves the user very relaxed and uplifted.

Girl Scout Cookies – Fem and Auto.

Combining OG Kush and Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is an 80% Indica dominant hybrid, offering greater flavor and more potent effects. Created in California, the strain quickly gained popularity with both growers and smokers alike.

Perfect for growing indoors, or outside during the Summer months, buy a 10-seed packet of Feminized seeds, or the Autoflowering variety and receive a second packet, completely free of charge.

Grow your own top-quality Marijuana for a fraction of it’s retail value, and with free seeds on all 10-pack purchases, save even more money.

With it’s delicious chocolate and cookie flavor, this aromatic strain is an instant favorite for many smokers. THC levels of 21% induce a calming high, uplifting and creative, while relaxing and euphoric.

A great strain for early evening and socializing, it can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, as well as increasing the appetite and improving restful sleep.

Girl Scout Cookies is a fairly easy plant to grow with an average flowering time of 10-weeks for the feminized seeds and a total growing/flowering time of 14-weeks for the autoflowering version.

Both plants are squat and bushy, producing large, colorful buds with a thick coating of resin.

Find out more about one of the USA’s most popular strains and receive 10-free Marijuana seeds on all 10-pack purchases.

LSD Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


LSD Feminized Seeds

If height is an issue, LSD is a great choice, remaining short and squat through to maturity.It’s dense buds and close lateral branches generate a healthy harvest of approximately 400 grams per square meter, slightly more, around 500 grams per square meter when grown outdoors.

LSD Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


LSD Autoflower Seeds

A potent 80% dominant Sativa strain, almost psychedelic in effect. Fast to mature, easy to grow. Perfect for all levels of experience.

LSD – Fem and Auto.

The LSD Marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid, comprising of 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genes.

Created from Mazar and the legendary Skunk #1, it offers fast-acting, long-lasting effects, with an almost psychedelic high. A past Cannabis Cup winner and one of many people’s favorite strains.

Choose from feminized or autoflowering varieties, both capable of generating buds with an average 24% THC content. The plants are very easy to grow, with a natural resilience to many pests, molds and diseases.

Once harvested and dried, buds from both varieties display identical coloring and characteristics.

Feminized LSD Marijuana seeds are great for growing indoors. A short vegetative period, followed by 9 – 10 weeks in flower, can produce harvests of approximately 14 ounces per square meter.

Outdoor growers can produce up to 18 ounces per-plant, given good conditions, with harvests around mid-September.

With high THC levels and a CBD content of between 2% – 5%, LSD Autoflowering seeds have become a popular strain for fast, easy yields.

The plants remain short and squat, growing and flowering simultaneously through to maturity.

Typical returns average 4 – 6 ounces of buds per plant, with a total growing time of between 10 – 14 weeks.

A super-strong strain with a sweet, citrus flavor. Find out more and receive your free Marijuana seeds.


Harlequin Feminized Seeds

Harlequin marijuana seeds are a complex blend of four pure strains; Columbian Gold, Swiss and Thai Sativa’s, together with an Nepalese Indica. Together they produce a moderately easy to grow strain that offers exceptionally high levels of CBD, and a reduced THC content.

Harlequin – Feminized.

If you’re looking for an energizing, uplifting high, but with less intensity and greater medicinal benefits, Harlequin feminized seeds could be the perfect strain for you. An 80% Sativa dominant hybrid, expect tall plants, capable of producing between 14 – 17 ounces each, given good conditions.

An adaptable strain, fairly easy to grow both indoors and outside, but requires a degree of knowledge to produce its best harvests. Growers should allow between 8 – 9 weeks for the plants to fully flower and mature. The buds are large and colorful, with a subtle aroma of fresh earth and a sweet hint of mango.

With a CBD content of between 10% – 15%, Harlequin is a favored strain for many medicinal users. Combined with its 7% THC level, the effects are light, uplifting and creative, perfect for daytime use.

Medicinal Marijuana can have positive effects on a persons physical health and mental well-being. Well-known for reducing epileptic seizures, it can help combat pain and inflammation, while reducing stress, headaches and muscle spasms.

A strain with medicinal properties and uplifting effects. Buy-10-get-10-free during this Halloween seed deal.

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