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Although it’s late in the season, there’s still enough daily sunlight hours and warm weather left this Summer to produce a worthwhile crop. Of course, feminized seeds, planted earlier in the season, will soon be flowering. It’s much too late to plant those outdoors now. However, Autoflowering seeds don’t grow like traditional feminized Marijuana plants, giving you one last chance to produce an outdoor crop this year.

Our friends at  Love Growing Marijuana have become one of the biggest producers and suppliers of high-quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds in the USA. Based in Modesto, California, they offer a wide choice of high-quality Autoflowering and Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale online. During the coming day’s, double your purchasing power. Take advantage of the buy-10-get-10-free offers, during this Last Chance Auto Seed Sale.

What Are Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

If you’re new to growing Marijuana, you may have seen that many of the best, most popular strains are available as either Feminized or Autoflowering seeds. But what does this mean? What’s the difference? In fact, very little! You’ve probably smoked nuggets from Autoflowering plants and not even realized!

Once harvested, dried and cured, the buds are identical to those produced by traditional feminized plants, the same flavor, appearance and effects. Even while they are growing, it’s almost impossible to tell an Autoflowering Marijuana plant from a small, feminized one of the same variety. The only real difference is in the way the plant develops and matures.

Back in the late 1980’s a gene was isolated in a wild form of Hemp known as Ruderalis. Grown naturally in cold, Siberian climates as animal feed, these Hemp plants had the ability to grow, flower and fully mature, regardless of the number of daylight, or darkness hours they received.

A relative of the Cannabis and Marijuana family, work began to add this Ruderalis gene into known Marijuana strains. The initial results were encouraging, proving it was possible to incorporate the gene, producing self-flowering Marijuana plants. However, the plants were small, with low-quality buds and disappointing harvests.

With further work and development, Autoflowering strains began to improve. The isolated gene was incorporated into a selection of popular, feminized seeds, producing a new, Autoflowering version of these top-selling varieties. With many of the states across the USA permitting the use and cultivation of Marijuana, demand for these easy-to-grow, top-quality strains increased dramatically.

The last decade has seen a wide selection of new Marijuana strains released, with almost all having an Autoflowering version available. Strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato and Wedding Cake can all be grown quickly and easily, with the minimum of care, effort or experience. Discover for yourself why Autoflowering Marijuana seeds have become so popular.

Gelato Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


Gelato Autoflower Seeds

With Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies as its parents, Gelato Marijuana was always going to be tasty, expect sweet, fruity flavors and a floral aroma from its large, dense buds.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds

As you would expect from a Girl Scout Cookie variety, the buds are dense and covered in resin. THC levels are high at 21% providing a fast, hard-hitting, but euphoric high that leaves the user very relaxed and uplifted.

Wedding Cake Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds

Wedding Cake are a great choice combining the delicious flavors of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie has created a match made in heaven.

Growing Autoflowering Seeds.

Autoflowering seeds produce plants and buds with almost identical characteristics to those generated from traditional feminized seeds. So why choose to grow them? The answer is the ease and speed at which they mature. Traditional Marijuana plants have separate vegetative and flowering cycles, depending upon the number of darkness hours the plants receive. Autoflowering seeds combine both stages together, flowering almost as soon as the seedling develops, regardless of the time of year.

By combining the growth and flowering cycles, Autoflowering plants mature over an average of 10 – 14 weeks, depending upon the strain and conditions. Indica-dominant varieties usually mature slightly quicker, with some Sativa-dominant strains requiring the full 14-weeks from sprouting. Autoflowering plants will fully mature under any number of light-hours. However, the biggest, best-quality harvests are produced when the plants receive as many hours of strong, direct sunlight as possible.

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds can be planted outdoors from the beginning of Spring, through to mid-August. Completely feminized, each seed is capable of producing a substantial harvest from the free Summer sunshine. In general, the plants are small, squat and bushy, usually growing to no more than a meter tall. They can be cultivated directly into prepared soil, growing discreetly in your back-yard. Or placed in large pots on balcony’s or porch.

Use the very best soil and growing medium available. With such a short life-cycle, avoid re-potting or pruning the tops. With little time for the plants to recover, these techniques can reduce the quality and size of your harvests. Do not over-water your plants. It’s one of the biggest mistakes made by new growers. If your using a good quality soil, you may not need more nitrogen, but additional flowering nutrients can help increase the size, weight and flavor. Improve your harvests with the best Marijuana Plant Feeds.

Under good conditions and with a little care, Autoflowering seeds can produce between 5 – 10 ounces of good quality buds per-plant. With minimal expenses, growing Autoflowering seeds outdoors over the Summer months can generate a regular supply of fresh buds at a fraction of their retail cost.

With many modern, popular hybrids, as well as ‘Old-School’ classics now available in Autoflowering seed form, you’ll find all your favorite strains.

Durban Poison Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Durban Poison

Durban Poison Autoflower Seeds

Generous yields of pure-Sativa buds. Perfect for the outdoor grower, regardless of experience. Uplifting, creative high, great for daytime use.

Purple Punch Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Purple Punch

Purple Punch Autoflower Seeds

If you like terpenes, you’ll love these new feminized Autoflowering Purple Punch seeds. This lovely hybrid features more terpenes than you can count on one hand, making it a powerful punch for whatever ails you.

Runtz Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds


Runtz Autoflower Seeds

This is a strain every grower needs to have in their garden, it was even named the 2020 Leafly Strain of the Year! Runtz produces buds that are compact and dense with royal purple, bright pink, emerald green, and lime shades.

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