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Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Maine

Since January 2017 all residents over the age of twenty-one can legally buy marijuana seeds in Maine and begin growing their own medical and recreational marijuana without the fear of prosecution. Maine implemented a medical marijuana program back in 1999, allowing those with qualifying conditions to legally grow and possess marijuana. Due to changes in state law, that legislation was amended after the vote in November 2016, to allow all adult residents to grow marijuana seeds in Maine as long as certain criteria was adhered to.

Together with Colorado and California, Maine has adopted a friendly view to the use of marijuana and set reasonable limits on the amount of marijuana seeds you can grow, and quantity of dried marijuana buds you can possess. Growing marijuana indoors in Maine as well as outside is legal, as long as the plants are not visible to the public. An unlimited number of seedlings may be planted, but you can only cultivate a maximum of twelve plants in their vegetative stage, taller than twenty-four inches, but not yet in flower, as well as up to six plants in flower at any one time. You may also possess all the marijuana you personally produced, up to the sum total of six plants.

You can legally buy marijuana seeds in Maine and have them delivered directly to you without fear of prosecution and the assurance of guaranteed delivery when you purchase your seeds through us. We offer a selection of the finest seeds and marijuana strains, suitable for all levels of experience and growing methods. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just beginning, buy marijuana seeds in Maine through us guarantees a worthwhile and potent harvest.

All our recommended marijuana seeds are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading marijuana seed producers and suppliers. Using the very best, most stable genetics, together with rigorous quality testing, their marijuana seeds and strains are guaranteed to germinate and produce the finest marijuana plants, buds and cola’s. Buy marijuana seeds that are best suited to your level of experience and growing method, while all seeds can be grown outdoors, some perform better than others, and while the faster flowering, Indica dominant strains are often easier to grow, some of the longer flowering Sativa based seeds often produce the heaviest yields and most potent buds.

Feminized seeds are usually the best choice, producing a pure female plant from every seed. As you are only permitted to have a maximum of six plants in flower at any one time, it’s important that each plant produces the maximum amount of potent marijuana buds possible. Buying feminized marijuana seeds in Maine through us guarantees your maximum permitted harvest, by ensuring that all the seeds you germinate produce the most stable and vibrant female marijuana plants.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds.

Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds In Maine.

We offer a wide choice of feminized marijuana seeds for sale in Maine, suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. Devoid of all male chromosomes, each seed is 100% guaranteed to produce a female marijuana plant with the characteristics you desire. Many of the most popular strains incorporate both Sativa and Indica genetics and have been created for their ease of growing and improved harvests. Yields can vary, depending on length of flowering, growing methods and experience, and the plants will not begin to flower until the daylight hours decrease to approximately twelve hours per day when grown outside, or when the lights are switched to a twelve on, twelve off pattern if grown indoors.

Select and buy marijuana seeds based upon your level of experience, if you are new to growing marijuana in Maine, don’t attempt one of the longer flowering, and often more difficult strains to grow. Instead, select one of the faster maturing strains that will provide you with a good harvest as soon as possible. If you’re growing indoors, study different techniques such as Screen-of-Green and Sea-of-Green, these methods can enhance your yields and maximize the plants potential.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream Feminized

Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds

Extremely aromatic and filled with an explosive fruit flavor, Blue Dream is an highly popular West Coast strain producing a relaxing and balanced high. Easy to grow and capable of producing large harvests, a perfect choice for indoor growers.

Green Crack Seeds

Green Crack Feminized

Green Crack Marijuana Seeds

A highly potent Sativa dominant strain which leaves the user feeling euphoric and energized. A firm favorite with many medical and day-time smokers for it’s positive and uplifting effects. Easy to grow and recommended for beginners.

Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck Feminized

Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds

Extremely potent with a 25% THC content, Trainwreck is an almost ‘mind-bending’ strain generating a highly euphoric, relaxed feeling. A complex hybrid combining Mexican, Thai and Afghani genetics, suitable for indoor and outdoor growing.

Buy Autoflowering and Regular Marijuana Seeds in Maine.

As well as a selection of the finest and most popular feminized seeds, we have a choice of both autoflowering and regular marijuana seeds for sale in Maine. Outdoor growers, especially during the early Spring and Summer months often plant autoflowering seeds and strains outdoors to produce a fast harvest. Unlike traditional seeds, autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously, reaching peak maturity in approximately ten weeks from germination. Unlike both feminized and regular marijuana seeds, autoflowering strains don’t require a reduction in sunlight hours to build up potent buds, instead they produce their heaviest, most potent harvests when subjected to the maximum number of light hours and intensity possible.

We also offer a selective range of highly stable and popular regular marijuana seeds for sale.  Perfect for breeding or creating clones, regular marijuana seeds are capable of producing either a male or female plant, and will require sexing as flowering begins. If you want high quality male pollen to bred with, or a superior quality clone mother, whose cuttings root and develop quickly, our recommended regular marijuana seeds for sale are totally guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest, strongest plants.

Autoflower CBD Seeds Mix

Autoflower CBD Mix

Autoflowering CBD Seeds Mix

Containing equal amounts of both THC and CBD, they produce a balanced high and positive effects, perfect for both recreational and medicinal use.

Autoflower Super Seeds Mix

Autoflower Super Mix

Autoflowering Super Seeds Mix

Great for beginners and those growers looking for a quick and easy harvest, these super-fast Autoflowering Marijuana seeds require no set hours of darkness to fully ripen and mature.
Autoflower Sweet Seeds Mix

Autoflower Sweet Mix

Autoflowering Sweet Seeds Mix

Their ‘throw-and-grow’ nature and smaller size makes them far easier to disguise and camouflage, while the 8 – 10 week total time from sprouting to harvest means several crops can be cultivated over the course of a full growing season.

Buy Marijuana Seeds in Maine with 100% support.

Dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, all purchased are shipped using the very best ‘stealth’ postage and packaging methods, fully guaranteed to arrive, or replacements will be sent totally free of charge. Choose between a variety of ways to pay, including cash, credit or debit card and Bitcoin, each totally secure and with total discretion.

I love Growing Marijuana pride themselves on their first-class customer service and support, offering help and advice where ever needed to ensure the most potent, highest quality marijuana buds are cultivated from their seeds.

Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Enjoy free, no obligation downloads to assist you in growing marijuana seeds in Maine, whether your a seasoned veteran or new to growing, these downloads will help you germinate, grow and harvest the highest quality buds and cola’s, with tips on maximizing potency and yield.

If you want to buy marijuana seeds in Maine with total support and the 100% guarantee of a worthwhile, potent harvest, select one of the many strains on offer and learn more.

Learn How To Grow Marijuana Seeds

Did you know the success to the perfect taste, highest potency and best buds is when you harvest!

Marijuana Grow Bible

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  • Marijuana grow guides, learn the basics from building a grow room to starting your seeds and through the different stages to harvest.

  • Plant care guides, follow the simple steps and be aware of the signs of nutrient effeciences, pests, diseases, mold and more.

  • Medical Guides, With more USA states legalizing marijuana learn about growing your own medical marijuana and its uses and effects.

  • The grow bible also teaches you how and when you should harvest your plants for maximum taste, potency and how to get the most THC.