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420 Cannabis Seeds Sale 2023

Marijuana Seeds Sale – The Big 420.

Find the largest selection of strains in this year’s Marijuana Seeds Sale – The Big 420. We’ve been building up to this week over the last month, incorporating new seeds and strains almost daily. Today sees even more more top-selling varieties added, incorporating some of our most popular Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale.

With more and more states legalizing the use and cultivation of Marijuana, we expect this year’s 420 Day to be one of the biggest ever! What better way to celebrate than with a free, 10-seed packet of your favorite seeds? With a wealth of choice available, choose from fast-maturing Autoflowering strains. Or Feminized varieties, great for outdoor planting.

There’s a perfect strain for everyone, from beginner to seasoned veteran. Thirty-eight different seeds to choose from, all included in this special, Marijuana Seeds Sale Big 420. Simply purchase a 10-seed packet in the usual way and a second, identical packet, will automatically be added to your order.

Don’t delay, buy today and receive a second 10-seed packet completely free of charge. Free shipping and guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA included in the price.

Feminized Marijuana Seed Sale Big 420.

Feminized Marijuana seeds are extremely popular with both indoor and outdoor growers. Guaranteed to germinate, they grow and develop, while receiving at least twelve hours of sunlight per-day. As the daylight hours reduce, the plants begin to flower. Complete maturity requires between 8 – 10 weeks, depending on strain selection and growing conditions.

This Marijuana Seeds Sale Big 420, includes some of our best-selling, most popular strains. Receive the highest quality seeds, direct from the I Love Growing Marijuana depot in Modesto, California. With so many seeds to choose from, save money and increase your stocks today.

Banana Kush Marijuana Seeds.

Banana Kush was created in California and has become extremely popular with growers across the USA. A hybrid variety, comprising of 60% Indica, 40% Sativa genetics. The plants are quite large and tall, given ideal conditions, requiring pruning and training when cultivated indoors.

After a short vegetative period, the plants can be sent to flower. Ensure adequate airflow across the buds and leaves, removing any weak, lower branches to help greater development. Flowering times average between 7 – 9 weeks, depending upon conditions, generating up to 17 ounces of buds per-plant. Outdoor harvests are in early October, producing up to 21 ounces per-plant.

Well-known for its tropical fruity aroma, Banana Kush is a sweet-flavored strain that produces a smooth smoke. THC levels of up to 21%, ensure the effects are fast-acting and long-lasting, inducing a relaxed, but uplifting sensation. A perfect daytime strain, generating positive energy and creativity.

This Marijuana Seeds Sale Big 420 includes both Feminized and Autoflowering Banana Kush varieties. Select your favorite seeds and receive 10 more free.

Banana Kush

Feminized Seeds

Banana Kush Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds.

When size matters, Bruce Banner Marijuana seeds are the perfect solution. They may be named after the small, meek scientist, but these top-selling seeds produce the Hulk of the Marijuana world. A blend of 60% Sativa, 40% Indica, the plants are tall and bushy, with a natural resistance to mold and bud-rot.

Created from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel these feminized seeds produce big yields, high potency and a strong, powerful aroma. Indoor growers should use odor filtration to help remove their pungent smell during the later stages of flowering. Cultivated indoors, allow between 8 – 9 weeks for the plants to fully mature, generating up to 14 ounces of dried buds per-plant.

A great strain for outdoors, the plants grow tall and bushy, producing an abundance of hard, dense buds. Typical harvests are around early October, generating up to 19 ounces per-plant. It’s unique fruity-diesel aroma is easily identifiable and carries through into the flavor. THC levels of 25% induce a heightening of the senses, with a happy, relaxed euphoria.

Bruce Banner Feminized and Autoflowering seeds for sale. Buy 10, get 10 free during this special, Big 420 event.

Bruce Banner

Feminized Seeds

Bruce Banner Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Gorilla Glue Marijuana Seeds.

Gorilla Glue #4 pushes the THC boundaries to the limit, offering some of the highest levels and strongest effects. A perfect blend of 50% Sativa, 50% Indica, the tall plants are easy to grow, adapting to a variety of both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques. From beginner to seasoned grower, produce some of the most potent, powerful Marijuana buds.

A true hybrid, created from three, top-quality strains. The plants have a high resistance to many common diseases, making them a great choice for growing outdoors in warm, sunny climates. Indoor flowering requires between 8 – 9 weeks, producing up to 18 ounces per-plant. Outdoor yields can exceed 21 ounces, given good conditions.

Once dried, the buds have a thick coating of sticky resin with a rich, enticing aroma. Flavors of rich coffee, chocolate and spices have made this strain a favorite and great for cooking with. THC levels can reach up to 26%, more than enough for even the most seasoned smoker. Inducing a relaxing, narcotic state, perfect for evenings and long, lazy afternoons.

Enjoy the most powerful effects from these Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized seeds. Or try the Autoflowering version for faster harvests. Both included in this Marijuana Seeds Sale Big 420.

Gorilla Glue

Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Glue Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Wedding Cake Marijuana Seeds.

Wedding Cake Marijuana seeds are a match made in heaven. A blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, flavor-filled, aromatic and strong! If you’re looking for big plants, big buds and easy harvests, these should be top of the list. A blend of 70% Indica, 30% Sativa, great for outdoors, perfect for modern, indoor cultivation techniques.

A brief vegetative cycle produces short, squat plants with strong, close branches, perfect for Sea-of-Green growing methods. Cultivated outdoors, the plants increase in size, producing long branches and multiple budding sites. Flowering times vary between 8 – 10 weeks, depending on conditions, generating between 18 – 21 ounces of high-quality buds per-plant.

A smooth, gentle smoke with a subtle flavor and aroma. Sweet notes and spices, vanilla and ginger can be detected, but none overpowering or harsh. The ‘top-draw’ genetics produce potent THC levels of up to 25%. Relaxing, but uplifting, it can help to reduce stress, tension and pain while inducing positive thoughts and creativity.

Choose Wedding Cake Feminized or Autoflowering Marijuana seeds and receive a second, 10-seed packet completely free.

Wedding Cake

Feminized Seeds

Wedding Cake Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds.

Zkittlez Marijuana seeds are one of our most sought-after strains. A 70% Indica-dominant variety, its mix of fruity-citrus flavors have made it one of the most popular modern strains in the USA. Easy to grow and perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, taste the rainbow with these sweet-flavored buds.

The plants remain relatively short, reaching no more than 4-feet tall. Expect thick, strong branches, capable of supporting the dense buds to come, with large, dark green leaves which may require pruning during the early stages of flowering. Complete maturity requires between 8 – 9 weeks, early October outdoors. Per-plant harvests up to 13 ounces indoors, 17 ounces outdoors.

Like many modern hybrids, Zkittlez produces a blended high of uplifting creativity and relaxing euphoria. THC levels of 23% induce a strong and fast-acting high, but not as ‘heavy’ as many Indica-dominant strains can produce. Enjoy a relaxed sensation with the energy to enjoy it. Perfect for afternoon and evening use.


Feminized Seeds

Zkittlez Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online During the Big 420 Sale.

This Marijuana Seeds Sale Big 420 offers the largest choice of strains ever. Created using the very best genetics, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest female plant. Choose from a wide selection of traditional feminized seeds, requiring separate vegetative and flowering cycles. Or for faster, easier harvests, check-out our huge selection of top-quality Autoflowering seeds for sale.

Buy Marijuana seeds online during this special 420 offer and receive a free 10-seed packet of your chosen strain. Purchase a 10-seed pack from any of the qualifying, 38 different varieties and a second, identical packet will be automatically added to your order and dispatched.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In The Big 420 Sale

Twenty of the best Marijuana seeds for the price of just 10! With so much choice and variety, this is the sale of the year. Best of all, there’s no limit on the number of packets you can purchase, with each one qualifying for an additional free packet. Stock-up on your favorite strains and save yourself money on future purchases.

All our Marijuana seeds for sale are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana. Choose from a selection of secure payment methods and receive all the help you may need when you buy Marijuana seeds online.

Double Your Dollar During The Marijuana Seeds Sale Big 420.

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