How To Grow Cannabis

How To Get Bigger Harvests From Your Cannabis Plants

Tips For Bigger Cannabis Harvests.

Bigger Cannabis Harvests are a must now many states allow their residents the right to grow a limited number of Cannabis plants. Whether you grow indoors, or outside, you’ll want to produce the biggest, best harvests possible. Several factors affect the yield you achieve from your plants. Some you can control, others you can’t. Read how to maximize your returns with our Tips for Bigger Cannabis Harvests.

People often ask ‘How do I increase my Cannabis harvests?’ Sometimes it’s improvements in the conditions, increasing the light-intensity, decreasing the temperature, or humidity. Other times it may be choosing a more suitable strain, buying Cannabis seeds better suited to your growing style, method or experience.

If you’re growing indoors, producing the biggest harvests will rely on you recreating the best conditions for your plants. Outdoor growers have a more limited effect on their environment, but enjoy a longer vegetative period, throughout the Spring and early Summer months. Helping develop larger plants, bigger buds and yields.

With good seed-selection and ideal growing conditions, your plants have the best chance of producing their biggest harvests. However, if you really want to take your yield to the next level, you’ll need to learn and employ, a selection of advanced growing techniques, best suited to your growing style and strain.

How To Grow AK-47 Cannabis Seeds


AK-47 Feminized Seeds

Highly popular Sativa dominant hybrid with a long-lasting cerebral high. A complex strain combining three different natural varieties, AK 47 has a sweet, earthy flavor and aroma. Highly stable and uniform with generous harvests of potent buds.

How To Grow Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

Jack Herer

Jack Herer Feminized Seeds

Jack Herer was a prolific campaigner for the right to use medical marijuana, and this strain was named in his honor. Dutch medical grade buds with a relaxing and creative high, perfect for indoor growing techniques and methods.

How To Grow Purple Haze Cannabis Seeds

Purple Haze

Purple Haze Feminized Seeds

Producing colorful buds as maturity approaches, the Sativa dominant Purple Haze is famous for both it’s appearance and effects. generating an energizing and creative high and good yields. Highly adaptable and an easy strain to grow.

Yield More Cannabis With Advanced Growing Techniques.

As your plants grow, there are a selection of Low-Stress training techniques that can help maximize your harvests. Selective pruning, bending and other proven methods during the vegetative stage, will help create a thicker, more even canopy indoors. As well as bigger, bushier plants outside.

Selecting which technique works best for you and your plants will come down to your chosen style and Cannabis strain. Indica-dominant strains are naturally squat, dense and bushy, while Sativa-dominant varieties will grow taller and thinner, producing long branches. Choosing the best Cannabis seeds for your environment is critical for a successful harvest.

By understanding the various techniques available, you can select the right advanced growing methods, helping to improve your harvests. Learn more about Low-stress training and its importance during the vegetative cycle.

Blackberry Kush Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Blackberry Kush Seeds

Blackberry Kush Feminized

A great strain for the new or inexperienced grower, with feminized seeds guaranteeing that each one cultivated produces a pure female plant. Easy to grow, requiring only a small amount of experience or knowledge.

Topping Cannabis.

In general, Cannabis plants produce one main stem and a several side branches. The upper-most tip of the plant will always grow the fastest and usually produce the biggest cola. Topping, as you would expect, is the removal of this main shoot, allowing the two, directly underneath, to take-over.

Topping is best performed during the early vegetative stages, allowing the plant plenty of time to produce twin-stems. Although the resulting colas may be slightly smaller than the one, central cola may have been. The combined weight of the buds more than equals it. Topped plants generally have a reduced height and bushier appearance.

Blue Cheese Seeds

Blue Cheese Feminized

Comprising of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genes, Blue Cheese marijuana is an immensely popular strain, loved by both recreational and medicinal users alike for it’s unique, complex flavors and effects. Combining the award winning UK Cheese and classic Blueberry.

Fimming Cannabis.

Slightly more difficult than Topping, Fimming is a ‘High-stress’ technique, best performed in the early vegetative stages. Performed correctly, the plant will produce four main branches, rather than the two, generated by Topping. When used in conjunction with bending or the Screen-of-Green method, plants can quickly generate a level, even canopy.

Rather than the complete removal of the main-stem, Fimming requires just the removal of the very tip of the upper-most shoot. This results in the main-stem splitting into two, while the two shoots directly underneath catch-up and also take-on main-stem growth duties.

Blue Haze Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Blue Haze Seeds

Blue Haze Feminized

This 80% Sativa dominant variety combines the powerful cerebral high of the Haze, with a deep, rich Blueberry, creating an invigorating, energizing high with a wonderful blueberry flavor and fruity aroma.

Super Cropping Cannabis.

If you’ve ever bent the main-stem or branches on your Cannabis plant, you will have seen how the plant repairs itself, producing a swollen ‘knuckle’ around the damaged area. Buds grown past this point are often larger and more dense than others. This is due to the increased uptake the plant can achieve through these swollen ‘repair-points’.

Gently crush the stem between your fingers and bend the plant. It may require some support for the first few days using a form of splint. The area will quickly heal and repair itself, resulting in a thicker, stronger part of the stem. Super-cropping and bending your stems away from the center of the plant will result in more light penetrating the through to the lower levels.

Bubblegum Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Bubblegum Seeds

Bubblegum Feminized

An American classic with that unmistakable bubblegum flavor, this perfect 50/50 Indica-Sativa hybrid generates good harvests of dense, tasty buds. Generous THC and CBD levels create a balanced ‘body-buzz’ and long-lasting cerebral high.

Monster Cropping Cannabis.

Monster cropping Cannabis plants is performed for one, of two reasons. You may have entered the flowering stage of the plants life and now wish to take some cuttings, knowing your plant is a pure-female. It may be to seriously increase the yield from an individual plant.

Performed during the second/third week of flowering, end-branch shoots are removed. These can be cultivated as clones or cuttings. The plant is then forced back into vegetative growth by increasing the light-hours back to an 18/6, on-off cycle. Once into vegetative growth, revert back to a flowering regime and enjoy the explosion in new budding sites.

Chemdawg Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Chemdawg Seeds

Chemdawg Feminized

Chemdawg produces it’s best yields and quality when cultivated indoors in a purpose built growing area. A tall strain, that can stretch considerably during the first few weeks of flowering, making it a favorite with Screen-of-Green systems.

Staking and Bending Cannabis.

When combined, bending and staking Cannabis plants can help to form a thick, dense canopy, filling the growing area. A very simple ‘low-stress’ technique, it involves simply bending the top over, securing it from reverting back to its original position. The main-stem will begin to grow horizontally, increasing the number of budding sites.

When combined with topping and fimming, bending and staking can produce bushy plants with a large, even canopy. This allows the plant to receive the greatest amount of available light, producing more buds with increased density. Plants can be secured using a level screen above them, resulting in the Screen-of-Green method.

G13 Cannabis Seeds For Sale

G13 Seeds

G13 Feminized

G13 is one of the most famous marijuana strains, Easy to grow indoors and outside these feminized seeds will give you guaranteed results. A perfect smoke for relaxing and unwinding with a high THC content upto 24%.

Lollipop Cannabis.

Often used in conjunction with the Sea-of-Green technique, Lollipopping Cannabis produces smaller plants with a large central cola and just a handful of dense, side-branch buds. Vegetative times are very short, with the plants often sent to flower after developing just six side-nodes and future branch sites.

As the flowering cycle begins, remove the first 2/3 nodes, together with their supporting fan-leaves. The plant will focus its energy on the remaining upper-most shoots, resulting in larger buds with increased density and resin levels. As the plant matures it will look like a lollipop, with a thin stem and bushy upper-section.

skywalker OG Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Sky Walker OG Seeds

Sky Walker OG Feminized

Skywalker OG is an 80% Indica dominant marijuana plant, producing heavy yields of sticky, resinous buds. Highly potent and fast-hitting, this strain is one of the strongest forms of Kush marijuana available.

Screen-of-Green Cannabis.

The Screen-of-Green technique maximizes the yield per-plant, perfect when a limited number of plants can be cultivated at any one-time. Young seedlings are trained, used the methods described above, with a wire screen fitted at the desired canopy height. As the shoots reach the screen, they are bent and secured, forcing each shoot and branch to grow horizontally.

Advanced methods also include adding screens and lighting to the sides of the growing area. This can increase growth across all areas, forming a thick hedge or box-effect. Growing plants using the Screen-of-Green method requires a longer vegetative cycle, but produces some of the biggest per-plant yields.

Tropicana Cookies Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Tropicana Cookies Seeds

Tropicana Cookies Feminized

A 70% Sativa-dominant strain with uplifting, motivational effects. Enjoy tropical fruit flavors and aroma’s, with fast-acting effects. A ‘Wake and Bake’ strain, perfect for daytime use.

Sea-of-Green Cannabis.

The Screen-of-Green method requires more plants to be cultivated within a given area. Plants are cultivated close together, with the minimal amount of space. The vegetative cycle is short, requiring just a few weeks of development from seedling. Utilized with lollipopping, growers focus on producing a few, top-quality buds per-plant.

With more plants growing within the area, focusing only on the top-cola and few main buds, the Sea-of-Green method produces some of the fastest, best-quality yields. Planted correctly, with the use of other low and high-stress techniques, the plants quickly produce a thick canopy and heavy, per square meter harvests.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online.

To achieve the biggest harvest, buy high-quality Cannabis seeds. With a wide selection of strains and varieties available, spend some time finding the best Cannabis seeds to suit your growing style and technique. Indica-dominate strains are great for Sea-of-green and lollipopping. While Sativa strains are better suited to bending, topping and fimming.

Feminized seeds are the best choice for both indoor and outdoor growers. Devoid of all male chromosomes, they are guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure-female plant. The last thing you want to find is a male plant after all the time and effort you’ve invested to get the plant to the flowering stage.

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