How To Grow Cannabis

How To Flower A Cannabis Plant

Tips For Flowering Cannabis.

Flowering Cannabis starts after a few weeks of growth, your plants should be ready to send to flower. If you’re growing indoors, maximizing growth during the early stages of the plants life, should have produced a thick, even canopy. Outdoor plants will flower naturally, as the daylight hours decrease. Learn more about the vegetative cycle with our Tips For Growing Cannabis.

When the plant receives twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness per day, it will begin to flower. At first, small white hairs will begin to appear. During the coming weeks, more of these flowers will be produced, bunching together and swelling, forming buds. Over an average of 8 – 9 weeks, the buds will mature, ready for harvesting.

Cannabis plants undergo rapid change during the flowering phase. This requires a different set of conditions for optimum growth and development. Harvests from both indoor and outdoor cultivated plants can be enhanced, using a selection of techniques. Bud size, density, flavor and potency can all be increased with good growing methods.

By following these tips for flowering Cannabis, you’ll have a better understanding of what your plants need and why. Controlling the environment of indoor cultivated plants can be easier than those grown outdoors, but the general principles remain the same. For more information, follow the links provided.

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Flowering Cannabis Plants.

While the vegetative period of growing Cannabis can be anywhere from four-weeks upwards, flowering has a more defined time-period. In general, Indica-dominant plants require approximately eight-weeks to fully develop and mature. While Sativa-dominant strains often require an extra week, ten-days, to completely ripen.

The flowering cycle can be defined as three separate phases.

  • 1. Preflower or Transition – Reducing the daylight hours to twelve per-day induces a chemical change to occur within the Cannabis plant. Despite the reduced number of daylight-hours, the first two-weeks will see rapid growth. The branches will stretch, small white hairs, known as Pistils will appear, and the leaves will begin to reduce in size.
  • 2. Budding – As the plant begins to flowering, growth starts to slow. Development focuses on producing more and more pistils, protruding from where the future seeds will be produced, if the flowers become fertilized. Leaves become smaller, reducing down to just a single blade and tiny crystals beginning to appear across much of the budding area.
  • 3. Maturity – Like any flower, Cannabis buds reach peak ripeness and then begin to deteriorate. Understanding when your plants are changing from the budding stage through to ripening and maturity, is key to a successful harvest. The pistils will change color and shrink, while the seed-bracts will swell, becoming much larger, adding weight and density. The crystals covering the buds and smaller leaves become more visible, filling with a milky-colored liquid under close inspection.

    Over an average of 8 – 9 weeks, your plants will bud and ripen, ready for harvesting. During this time, the plant changes dramatically, and so does its needs. Maturity is the end of the flowering stage. Maximizing the yields from your plants requires an understanding of the process and why the plant undergoes these changes.

    Cannabis is a deciduous plant. That means plants are either male or female. Female Cannabis plants produce flowers in the form of small, white hairs. Male plants produce sacks of pollen, that look like miniature bunches of grapes. The males release their pollen, this become attached to the sticky resin, coating the pistils of the female plant and fertilization occurs. The plants stop developing further buds, focusing on producing the seeds for the following generation.

    Seeded buds are considered lower quality. As a grower, you want to produce the highest quality buds possible. The best way to guarantee your plants are all female is to buy Feminized Cannabis seeds. Devoid of all male chromosomes, they are guaranteed to produce the finest, pure-female plants.

Top Tips For Flowering Cannabis.

Best Tips For Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Best Lighting Tips For Growing Cannabis Plants

Which Grow Lights?

Tips For Indoor Grow Lights

It’s important to consider the number of lights you will need for your plants and the problems of having too much. Too much light can cause complications for your cannabis plants. If you don’t want to worry about these things, choose LEDs as they don’t produce as much heat as HIDs or Fluorescent lights.


Cultivated outdoors, Cannabis plants react to the reduction in daylight hours to induce flowering. Although many of the modern, hybrid strains have been specifically created for indoor growing techniques, it’s still the reduction in light hours that forces the plants to flower.

During the last week of vegetative growth and the first week of flowering, reduce your light-cycle by around 30 minutes per day, rather than shocking the plants with an instant reduction. This will promote bigger buds, as they have slightly longer during the pre-flower stage to develop.

The light-spectrum also plays a significant part in the flowering process. During the vegetative stages, Cannabis plants require large amount of ‘blue-spectrum’ light. However, flowering requires more ‘red-spectrum’ light.

Changing from Metal-Halide to Sodium bulbs, or altering the color-output from your LED lamps as the plants enter the budding stage, will promote better growth and density.

Best Temperature And Humidity Tips For Growing Cannabis Plants

Climate Control

Tips For Growing Indoors

Many of our strains thrives in a well balanced environment with consistent, moderate temperatures. For the highest THC level, limit your buds exposure to extreme temperatures and manage your humidity levels indoors with a dehumidifier.

Temperature and Humidity.

Controlling the humidity and temperature levels during flowering is easier if you’re growing Cannabis indoors. Outdoor growers may wish to use greenhouses, or pop-up clear tents, giving themselves a greater degree of control.

Both day and night-time temperatures affect the growth and development of your buds. Try to maintain a constant 70 degrees for the best results. If your chosen strain produces purple-colored buds, such as Granddaddy Purple, reducing the night-time temperatures in the later stages of flowering will help to promote this characteristic.

Although Cannabis plants perform best when given high levels of humidty during the vegetative phase, it can cause problems in the later stages of flowering.

Warm, humid conditions cause moisture, creating the perfect conditions for bud-rot and mold, as your plants mature. Keeping the humidity to between 40% – 45%, reduces the chances of these conditions affecting your buds.

Best Tips For Odor Control When Growing Cannabis Plants

Reduce Smells

Tips For Odor Control

The best way to manage the smell is with an odor filter, usually some sort of carbon binding contraption that traps molecules in it. There are a number of different options for this sort of device, and they work far better than other options.

Improving Airflow and Quality.

Good airflow around the plants is vital when growing Cannabis indoors and often overlooked by new growers. It forces the stem and branches to move, strengthening them as they grow. Cannabis plants require CO2 for growth, expelling oxygen through respiration.

Without air-movement, oxygen levels will increase across the surface of the leaves, reducing the plants ability to intake Carbon Dioxide. Increasing air-flow and CO2 levels during the pre-flowering stage can increase the size and weight of your buds.

For an indoor growing room to operate at optimum levels, air intake and extraction fans need to be fitted. Heat, humidity and smell will all quickly increase within an enclosed area.

Many Cannabis strains emit a strong aroma, especially during the later stages of flowering and maturity. Carbon filters, fitted to extraction fans, help to reduce and eliminate these issues.

Best Tips For Flushing Your Cannabis Plants

Healthy Plants

Overwatering Your Seedlings

To prevent this, it’s important to start your seedling off in a smaller container and transfer it to a larger container later. Make sure the small container isn’t too small as your plant grows. It’s important to monitor the growth of your plants and make sure there is enough space for the root system to expand.

Nutrients and Watering.

Given a large enough area and good quality soil, the roots of the Cannabis plant will seek out and use the minerals it needs for its development. Within more confined spaces, such as pots or hydroponic set-ups, these nutrients need to be added manually.

Often new growers believe more nutrients equal bigger buds. This is not the case and can have the opposite effect. Your flowering plants require less Nitrogen, with increased levels of Potassium, Magnesium, together with a range of minerals and micro-nutrients. Find out more about Nutrients For Growing Cannabis.

The plant accesses water and nutrients through its roots. It also expels unwanted salts this way. These salt deposits can build up around the roots, reducing the plants growth.

Flush your growing medium regularly to remove unwanted build-ups. Do not allow your plants to stand in water, unless in a hydroponic system, as this can cause root-rot and irreversible damage.

Best Tips For Pruning Your Cannabis Plants

Increase Yields

Maximise Your Harvest

You should have some experience growing before you attempt pruning because you need to give the process some thought and planning beforehand. The process of pruning marijuana plants is delicate, and you could damage your plants.

Pruning and Support.

As you complete the vegetative stage, the majority of the pruning and training has taken place. You don’t want to be removing the shoots at this time, as you’ll be reducing the number of buds the plant produces.

The lower, weak branches can be removed, as they will produce very little. Lower, large fan-leaves can also be removed, improving air-flow and reducing humidity.Do not remove healthy leaves, even if you feel they are shading lower buds. These hold the stores of energy the plant requires. Removing them will reduce the size and density of your buds.

Many new Cannabis strains produce extremely heavy, dense buds, formed from a combination of both Indica and Sativa genetics.

Often these buds can become too large and heavy for the branch or stem to hold, resulting in it splitting and the buds dying before becoming completely mature. Support your plants as they develop to avoid future disappointment.

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What To Do Next.

The flowering process ends with fully ripe, mature buds, ready for harvesting. Different strains produce a variety of characteristics. Aroma’s, colors and sizes all vary, as do the THC and CBD levels, together with the effects they invoke. Timing your harvest can depends upon your own personal tastes and needs.

Producing the biggest buds and heaviest yields isn’t always the key to a successful harvest. A large quantity of tasteless, low THC buds, can be less appealing than smaller yields of tasty, potent nuggets. Are you are ‘cash-crop’ grower, or producing buds for your own use?

Strain selection is essential for achieving the best harvests and this can vary depending upon your needs. Medicinal users often prefer CBD Cannabis seeds, while recreational users chose strains with a higher THC content. Cash-crop growers opt for heavy-weight varieties, while concentrate and oil producers require plants with large quantities of resin.

There are a variety of methods to help improve the flowering cycle of your Cannabis plants. By understanding which techniques work best for your plants and growing method, you can improve the quality and yield you produce. These tips and techniques are covered in greater detail in the Marijuana Grow Guide.

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With a little knowledge, patience and information, you’ll soon be growing your own, high-quality Cannabis plants and buds. Follow our tips to help guide you to a successful harvest.

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