How To Grow Cannabis

How To Grow A Cannabis Plant

Tips For Growing Cannabis Seeds.

Growing Cannabis is a follow on from our previous article, Tips For Germinating Cannabis Seeds, explained the correct method used to ensure the highest germination ratio. By following the steps, your young seedlings should now be ready to transplant into larger pots, ready to begin their growing phase and vegetative cycle.

This stage of the plants life focuses on development. Given the right conditions, the young seedlings will grow quickly, producing new shoots, leaves and branches. There are a variety of growing techniques and methods, some better suited to certain strains and conditions than others.

Both indoor and outdoor cultivated Cannabis plants grow in the same way. Both require adequate light, fresh air, water and nutrients to grow. Some of our tips for growing Cannabis are better suited for indoor cultivation. However, the general principles can also be employed on plants growing outdoors over the Summer seasons.

In this post we will cover some of the basic points on growing Cannabis, with a selection of tips to help enhance your experience. Some of the topics require a more in-depth explanation and are covered in greater detail in future posts. Follow the links to learn more.

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The Vegetative and Growth Stage of Cannabis.

The vegetative or growth stage of the Cannabis plant, is the period of time between seedling and the start of flowering. It can last anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks, or longer, given the correct conditions. During this time, plants can be left to develop naturally, or trained, using a variety of techniques, to grow a certain way.

  • Planted outdoors in Spring, your Cannabis plants will have months of vegetative growth, before the light-hours reduce and force flowering. Most varieties require an average of eight-weeks in flower to reach maturity. Outdoor growers harvest their buds late September, through October. Regardless of when they are planted.
  • Indoor growers have greater control over the environment and can force the plants to flower, whenever they wish. Several crops can be produced per year from a single growing area. The expertise is to maximize each harvest without extending the vegetative period for too long. A range of techniques can be used to achieve this.
  • Whether you grow indoors or outside, your plants will require care and attention. Cultivated outdoors, the plants will have several months before flowering. The aim is to produce the largest plants possible, with the maximum amount of budding sites.

  • Indoor growers do not benefit from tall plants, artificial lights are rarely powerful enough to reach the lower branches. Instead, harvests are maximized by creating a thick, even canopy, filling the growing area. Plants are trained using a selection of low-stress techniques, forcing them to develop more lateral branches and budding sites.

  • The vegetative stage is often over-looked by new, inexperienced growers. Many look upon it as ‘the plants just growing’. In reality, understanding how the plant grows, what it needs to develop and how to maximize its future potential during this time, is the key to a bountiful harvest.

Top Tips For Growing Cannabis.

Best Tips For Growing Cannabis Seeds

Best Tips For Growing Cannabis Plants Indoors

Growing Indoors

Tips For Indoor Growing

The first thing to consider is where you will have your grow room. Most beginners start with a single plant so closets, cabinets, or other small places in your home are a cheap and ideal option for your first grow room location.

Growing Indoors.

Growing Cannabis indoors can produce the highest quality buds. However, it requires investment in equipment, as well as paying for the running costs. These can include electricity, nutrients, additives, pest-control and replacement bulbs when necessary. The only way to keep your per-ounce costs to a minimum, is to maximize your harvests, producing the greatest amount of high-quality buds possible.

Growing rooms can be quite simple, or very complex, depending upon your level of investment. A single growing lamp can only emit limited light, of a set light-spectrum. Don’t expect big harvests of large, dense buds without enough, quality light. Your plants will also require fresh air and water, as well as protection from bugs, pests and molds.

Plants grow and develop by intaking water, containing soluble nutrients, through their roots. Sunlight and CO2, gathered from the leaves, then help to produce the energy for growth, through a process known as photosynthesis. Ensuring the plant has easy access to each of these, guarantees the best possible growth and development.

There are many top tips for growing Cannabis inside a grow-room. You can find out more by reading Tips For Growing Cannabis Indoors.

Best Tips For Growing Cannabis Plants Outdoors

Growing Outdoors

Tips For Outdoor Growing

Strong plants start with great genetics. Every strain has different qualities such as taste, yield and strength. ILGM seeds ensure your harvest to be of the highest possible quality.

Growing Outdoors.

Growing Cannabis outdoors is one of the cheapest ways to produce your own buds. Cannabis plants grow best under the full spectrum of the sun, rarely achieved in many indoor growing rooms. An abundance of fresh air and wind-flow, helps to strengthen stems and branches. Which, with care and attention, can produce some of the biggest, tallest plants, yielding pounds of good quality Cannabis buds.

Germinate your seeds at the start of Spring, keeping them indoors until after the last frost. These first few weeks will help strengthen the seedlings, helping to develop its roots and branches. Plants can be ‘topped’ at this time, creating stronger main branches and a bushier growth structure.

Large outdoor plants develop a lot of roots, spanning a wide area. Before planting the seedlings outside, prepare a big enough area in the soil for the roots to properly develop. Many growers dig out large, deep holes and fill them with high-quality soil and growing mixes. This provides the plants with many of the necessary nutrients for development, as well as soft soil through which the roots can penetrate.

You may be more dependant upon nature, but with a little care and attention the yields can be extreme. Find out more with our Tips For Growing Cannabis Outdoors.

Best Tips For Using Nutrients and Additives With Your Cannabis Plants

Which Nutrients?

Tips For Feeding Your Plants

If your seedling starts showing signs of discoloration, or are crispy/spotted, you probably have a nutrient problem. Problems with bugs can resemble nutrient deficiencies at first, so make sure you look carefully before you diagnose.

Nutrients and Additives.

Plants are living, complex organisms that require a wide range of nutrients and minerals to grow at optimum levels. Salts can build-up around the roots, affecting their efficiency. The acid and alkaline levels, known as the PH value, may require adjustment. Or diseases my attack the roots, rotting them and rendering them useless.

Certain strains are more ‘nutrient-heavy’ while others can cope with small errors and mistakes. Understanding your chosen strains preferences will help maximize growth and potential harvests. Nitrogen is necessary during the vegetative phase, promoting fast, healthy growth. Too much though will lead to ‘nitrogen-burn’ damaging your plants, sometimes fatally.

As your plants begin to flower, they will require a different combination and ratio of nutrients. complex formulas can be added to the regular feeds to enhance bud development, density and flavor. Pests such as Spider-mites and molds, such as bud-rot, can become an issue. These will require immediate attention, before they destroy your buds.

Understanding the needs of your plants is vital for good growth and a successful harvest. Find out more with our Tips For Cannabis Nutrients.

Best Tips For Growing Cannabis Plants In Soil And Hydroponics

Soil v Hydroponics

Which Is The Best Grow Medium

Soil may seem obvious, but nowadays, with soil alternatives and hydroponic growing, even that is optional. Making the decision between traditional soil growing vs growing with a hydroponic system depends on personal preference, space, and experience.

Soil Or Hydroponics.

The majority of new growers begin by planting their seedlings into pots of prepared soil, purchased from the local garden center. Although this isn’t wrong, neither is it the best option. Ultimately, all the plant requires, is for its roots to be moist and out of the light. Together with access, to the range of nutrients it requires.

If you’re growing in soil, it’s important to buy the best quality soil available. Specific preparations, designed for growing Cannabis, can now be purchased. These may be slightly more expensive, but they do contain the correct balance of minerals needed, during the plants first few weeks of growth.

More developed indoor growing rooms now run hydroponic systems. Plants cultivated this way can produce the largest harvests, but require greater levels of skill and understanding. Water temperature, aeration, nutrient levels and PH, all play a major factor in the overall yield and quality.

Different growing methods can produce a variety of results. Find out more with our Tips For Soil Or Hydroponics.

Best Tips For Low Stress Training Cannabis Plants

Bigger Yields

Maximise Your Harvest

Low stress techniques do require some practice and a strong understanding your plant’s life cycle. If you are growing your first marijuana plant ever, I recommend waiting to attempt these techniques until you have developed more experience.

Low-Stress Training Techniques.

The term ‘Low-Stress Training’ refers to a set of techniques that can help maximize yields, without shocking the plant too severely. Cannabis plants are strong and hardy, growing under almost any conditions and can cope with immense amounts of damage. After all, it’s not called Weed for nothing!

Almost all training requires a small level of skill and patience. Choosing the best techniques for your plants, depends upon the strain and their characteristics. Allowing your plants to become tall, thin and with just a few large buds, will never yield the size harvests you read about and dream of.

If your plants are Indica-dominant, they will naturally be squat and bushy. These are perfect for Sea-of-Green growing methods. Sativa-dominant strains tend to grow taller, with long, thin branches. Screen-of-Green growing methods, topping and bending can help reduce height issues, as well as maximizing the number of future budding sites.

Understanding which techniques to use and when, can make a major difference to your potential harvest. Find out more with our Tips For Low-Stress Training.

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What To Do Next.

Understanding how the vegetative stage has an impact on your plants yield, is a large part of learning how to grow Cannabis. Given perfect conditions, some strains can grow up to six-inches per-day.

Controlling this growth is the key to a successful harvest. Whether you are planning to grow Cannabis indoors or outside, learn as much as you can about how the plants grow and develop during the vegetative stage.

You can find a more detailed description of each of the tips above, by clicking through to the relevant article. There are many ways to improve the growth and yield from your Cannabis plants, some requiring more skill and detailed analysis than others. Learn the best techniques for your chosen strain, with relevant, up-to-date information.

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