How To Grow Cannabis

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Tips For Germinating Cannabis Seeds.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Many states have legalized the use and cultivation of Marijuana and Cannabis, allowing residents to grow a limited number of plants for personal use. Learn how to grow Cannabis from seed with our collection of tips and techniques, helping you produce the best plants, buds and harvests possible.

Cannabis seeds can be a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, depending upon the strain and quality. In general, Sativa-dominant seeds tend to be small and light-colored. While Indica-dominant seeds are usually larger in size and often display a striped coloring.

The seeds are created when the pollen from a male plant fertilizes the female flower. The seed-bracts that swell and form buds, stop growing and begin to produce seeds instead. A single male plant can pollinate many females, producing hundreds of seeds. In nature, half of these seeds will produce male plants, the other half will become females.

Most people do not want to grow male plants, as only the females produce flowers and buds. One of the most important parts of growing Cannabis is selecting the best seeds for your growing style and level of experience. Feminized seeds contain no male chromosomes, ensuring every plant cultivated is a pure, high-quality female.

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How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds.

Your seeds have arrived and you’re eager to begin growing your own Cannabis. The first thing to do is to germinate your seeds, ensuring as many as possible become seedlings. By following these steps, your seeds will germinate and be ready to plant into their growing medium within a few days.

  • Step 1 – The seeds need to be activated, induced to germinate. The hard, outer shell needs to be softened, allowing it to crack and the roots to develop. Place a small amount of water into a cup and allow your seeds to soak for 24 hours. During this time the seeds may swell and a visible split appear.

  • Step 2 – Soak two sets of paper-towels in lukewarm water. Distilled water is often recommended, but not essential. Place the first set of towels onto a plate, ensuring the towel is moist, but not sitting in water.

  • Step 3 – Carefully remove the soaked Cannabis seeds and place them onto the moist paper towel. Space each one about 3 cm apart. Take the second set of moist paper towels and place them gently over the seeds.

  • Step 4 – Cover the plate with a second, similar-sized one, creating a dark, moist environment. Keep them in a warm area for a couple of days. Ideal temperatures are between 21 – 26 centigrade. Check periodically and ensure the towels are always moist, creating the necessary humidity.

  • Step 5 – Once the outer husk of the seed has cracked open, the ‘tap-root’ will quickly uncurl and develop. At this stage the seeds should be carefully removed and placed into your chosen growing medium.

Top Tips For Germinating Cannabis Seeds.

Best Tips For Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Creating The Right Environment.

Creating the right environment for your seeds to germinate is paramount to success. As the hard, outer husk absorbs water it begins to soften, allowing the inner part to develop. The seed needs a dark, moist and warm environment to perform best. Keep the temperature between 26 – 28 Celsius and humidity levels around 70% for optimum development.

Keeping The Medium Moist.

By placing a second plate over the moist paper towels, you are creating the dark conditions necessary for germination. It also helps to reduce evaporation. Without the moisture and humidity from the paper towels, your seeds will not crack and germinate. Never allow your medium to dry out. Check regularly and moisten as required.

When To Transplant.

Many new growers leave their seeds germinating for too long. Once the husk has split and the tap-root has become exposed, the seeds should be placed into their growing medium. Allowing the root to become too long, can cause damage when it’s potted. Exposure to light and air can also damage the tap-root, limiting future development.

Avoid Direct Potting.

While it may seem a good idea to plant the seeds directly into soil or rockwool cubes, it often leads to poor germination. Even good quality soil can become too wet and heavy, or quickly dry-out in the wrong conditions. Seeds require set environmental conditions to invoke the chemical reaction needed to germinate. This is much easier to control using the paper towel method, allowing you to monitor their progress.

How To Transplant Your Germinated Seeds

Once your seeds have cracked and exposed the tap-root, it’s time to transplant them into their individual pots. Hydroponic growers should carefully place one seed into a single, small rockwool cube, pre-soaked and moist. Soil growers should use small pots containing a light mix. Perlite and vermiculite can be added. The cubes or soil-filled pots should now be placed in a warm, light, humid environment, allowing time for the seedlings to push through the medium.

Selecting The Right Sized Pots.

At this stage the seeds do not require a large pot, in fact it can often have a negative effect on the plants development. Smaller pots, up to one-litre, are more than adequate, giving the tap-root enough depth to develop, while generating a good, solid root-mass.

Never Make Seeds Share A Pot.

While it may be tempting to plant several seeds in a larger pot, it rarely produces a good harvest. Each plant should be given adequate pot-space to ensure good root development. Seedlings cultivated within the same pot will compete for space and nutrients, reducing growth and making future repotting difficult without damaging the roots.

Correct Positioning and Depth.

Whether your placing your germinated seeds into rockwool cubes, or pots of growing medium, it’s important to sow them at the correct depth. Make a small hole approximately 2 cm deep and lightly cover. Any deeper, the stem will struggle to reach daylight. Too shallow and the stem will be weak and unable to support the leaves. The exposed white section protruding from the seed is the tap-root. This must face downwards when planting, or the seedling will fail to grow.

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What To Do Next.

Given warm, light, humid conditions, your germinated seeds will soon push through the surface and become developing seedlings. You can aid development by keeping them in a propagator or greenhouse, with a good lighting source and environmental controls. As the seedlings grow they will require a larger pot, or their development will be restricted.

If you’re new to growing Cannabis, you probably want to learn as much as possible, as quickly as you can. The internet is full of advice, methods and techniques for growing Cannabis, both indoor and outside.

Some of it is very good and useful. Some of it unhelpful and completely wrong. As a grower, you need to find the right methods to suit your style, strain and needs.

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