How To Grow Cannabis

Tips For How To Grow Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Tips For Growing Cannabis Indoors.

Growing Cannabis Indoors can produce the highest quality plants and buds. However, achieving the large harvests and per-plant yields quoted, requires the correct equipment, good environmental controls and enhanced growing techniques. Indoor growers may have more control over their plants, but they also have a selection of unique problems to overcome, compared to growing outdoors. Read our tips for growing Cannabis indoors to enhance your harvests.

An indoor growing area can be a room in your home, a cupboard, or purchased grow-tent. Ensure the area is large enough for your intended number of plants, with sufficient height and room for the plants to grow. Sterilize the area, killing any pests and bugs. If you’re growing in a small room or cupboard, cover the walls with reflective mylar to help contain and reflect the light. Purchase the best quality equipment possible and install it into position from the very start of your grow.

As an indoor grower, you assume the role of Mother Nature. Outdoor growers have the perfect light-spectrum, via the sun. Plenty of fresh-air and movement from the wind, as well as instant access to the correct CO2 levels. If you’re growing indoors, you’ll have to monitor and supply these elements, to produce a good quality, successful harvest. Low-light levels, or the incorrect spectrum, will reduce plant growth, as will poor air-quality.

In this article we explain why each piece of equipment is vital for growing Cannabis indoors and how it has a bearing on the final harvest. Investing in good quality equipment may seem expensive, but it pays dividends of bigger yields, greater harvests and more potent, flavor-filled buds.

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Top Tips For Growing Cannabis Indoors.

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Correct Lighting.

Your plants need sufficient levels of light for growth. During the early, vegetative stages, Metal Halide (MH) bulbs are preferred, emitting a ‘blue-light’ spectrum. As the plants begin to flower, these bulbs are often swapped for High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs, which produce a warmer, ‘red’ spectrum of light. By switching between the two bulbs, you can enhance both the vegetative growth and flowering phases of the plants development.

More watts equal a bigger harvest. Many new and beginner growers underestimate how much light their plants need. Given good conditions, growers can harvest up to 1-gram of dried bud, per watt, per square meter. Growing in a larger area, without sufficient light, won’t increase your harvests. A 600 watt lamp produces a greater intensity of light, than a 400 watt unit and is able to penetrate further through the plant canopy.

Do not allow the growing tips to get too close to the lights. The height of your lamps will need to be altered at various stages of the plants development. If the plants gets too close, the heat will burn them. However, too far away and they will stretch, requiring training to produce an even canopy.

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Ventilation and Air-Flow.

If you’re growing within an enclosed area, good air-flow and ventilation is vital. The air within the grow-room needs to be expelled and replaced on a regular and constant basis. Grow lamps emit a lot of heat and the more lights, the greater the heat build-up. Cannabis plants grow best in temperatures of between 70 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to maintain an even temperature both day and night. Replace the air using both intake and exhaust fans.

Oscillating fans at various heights, help improve air-flow. Cannabis plants intake air through their leaves. They use the CO2 for growth and respiration, expelling unwanted oxygen. Without movement, the air across the leaves can quickly become stale, restricting intake and slowing growth. Air-flow around the plants from the seedling stage, will help to strengthen the stems and branches, increasing nutrient uptake.

During the Winter months, night-time heating may be required. If the temperature in the growing area drops below 60 degrees, plant development and bud growth will slow down. However, cooler night-time temperatures during the last two-weeks of maturity can enhance the purple coloring of strains such as Granddaddy Purple.

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Humidity Control.

Cannabis plants transpire, expelling water-vapour through their leaves. Growing within an enclosed area, without adequate ventilation, will cause the humidity levels to rise significantly. Once these levels become too high, they can cause a host of problems and issues, culminating in water dripping down the walls and causing mold and bud-rot in later flowering.

Fit a humidity sensor in your grow room and try to control the levels during the various stages of the plants development. Young seedlings enjoy higher levels, with best results achieved between 60% – 70% humidity. This should be decreased during the vegetative stage to between 40% – 60%. Flowering requires the lowest levels, between 40% – 50%, which should be reduced even further as harvest-time approaches.

High humidity levels cause more problems than low humidity does. Growth and development is reduced, while creating the perfect environment for mold, bud-rot and attacks from pests. A small dehumidifier can quickly and cheaply reduce these issues, producing greater harvests through better control.

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Pot Size and Growing Medium.

Choose the right sized pot for your growing style. The bigger the plant, the larger the pot will have to be to accommodate an adequate rooting system. Screen-of-Green growers often cultivate large plants in big pots. While the Sea-of-Green method requires smaller pots, but more of them.

Ensure there are plenty of holes for excess water to drain away. A common mistake made by new growers is to over-water their plants, drowning the roots and making the growing medium too heavy for the roots to develop easily. A saucer or tray under the pot will capture any excess, but do not allow the pot to stand in water for too long.

Your growing medium needs to be light, aeriated and fluffy. A variety of high-quality mixes can be purchased, or mixed individually using a variety of ingredients. These can including; perlite, vermiculite, worm castings, bat guano, coco fibre and more. A good quality mix can provide all the plants require, during the early stages of development.

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Cannabis Nutrients

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If you want the biggest harvests and tastiest buds you’ll need to provide your marijuana plants with a complete range of nutrients from common Nitrogen and Phosphorous, through to a host of micro and macro nutrients required for exponential growth.

Watering and Nutrients.

Your plants will require a selection of nutrients and minerals for fast-growth and superior flowering. Do not be tempted to feed your plants too much. More nutrients doesn’t mean more growth or bigger buds. In fact, it has the opposite effect, resulting in problems such as Nitrogen burn and overdose. Or blocking the intake of another mineral, causing other, harder to detect issues.

Keep the growing medium moist, but do not flood or over-water the plants. Small, young seedlings do not require large amounts of water. Roots should be encouraged to develop and seek-out moisture. A root-booster can be applied during the early weeks, but avoid high levels of nitrogen during this stage.

Your plants will require a variety of different nutrients as they begin to flower. Use a good quality additive to supply the plants all they need. Follow suggested feeding patterns and schedules and always check the Ph levels before adding. Feeding the plants with too acidic, or alkaline water, will reduce the plants uptake, resulting in slower growth.

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Pests and Diseases.

Spider-mites are one of the biggest, ‘problem-pests’ faced by indoor Cannabis growers. Tiny and almost undetectable at first, they quickly multiple and cause an infestation. To begin, they live on the underside of the leaves, sucking liquid from the blades. As they increase in numbers, they build webs across the buds, and are very difficult to eradicate.

Poor ventilation, uneven temperatures and high humidity are the perfect breeding ground for bud-rot and mold to develop. Fungus spores build-up within the deep parts of the bud, destroying it from the inside, outward. Once it has taken-hold, the only option is to cut-away and remove the affected buds, harvesting the remaining ones as soon as possible.

Root-rot is an often unseen problem, undetectable until it’s too late. Instead of a healthy rooting structure, the root-mass breaks-down, becoming a mulch of rotting mess. The plant’s ability to intake nutrients is severely reduced, often causing it to die. Allowing the roots to stand in water, or constantly over-watering the growing medium, is the most common cause.

Maximize Your Indoor Cannabis Harvests.

Growing Cannabis indoors can produce the best-quality buds and highest potency levels. However, achieving these harvests will require some investment and time. Equipment isn’t cheap and the better the quality, the greater the initial costs. Running costs also need to be considered, power usage and replacement parts.

Knowledge is vital. The more you understand the needs of your plants, the better you can help them develop. Growing Cannabis indoors can be easy, if you follow proven methods and procedures. Our list of tips for growing Cannabis indoors only covers the basic points. For a greater understanding, a more in-depth, detailed explanation is required.

All the information you need to produce a successful harvest is freely available to you at the click of a button. Find and follow the techniques of the professionals to maximize your harvests.

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