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How To Prevent Moldy Marijuana Plants

Tips To Prevent Moldy Cannabis.

Prevent Moldy Cannabis – Everyone knows not to eat moldy food, it can make you sick and ill. However, many people are unaware that Cannabis buds can become moldy and smoking them can also have a detrimental effect on your health. Learn how to prevent mold attacking your plants and destroying the quality of your harvest.

Mold on Cannabis can be difficult to detect until it’s too late. It thrives in damp conditions and often begins in the center of the buds, working its way outwards. It often attacks the biggest buds first, as they are providing the most optimal conditions for the spores to flourish and reproduce.

In general, mold occurs during the later stages of flowering and can continue to flourish even after the buds have been harvested. Even the best quality buds can degrade if exposed to heat, light, air and moisture. All of which create the perfect conditions for mold to develop.

The best way to avoid mold ruining your buds is to prevent it from developing. Environmental control, prevention formulas and correct storage can all help to increase your chances of a successful harvest. Learn more with our Tips To Prevent Moldy Cannabis.

How To Grow Candy Kush Cannabis Seeds

Candy Kush

Candy Kush Feminized Seeds

With genes from OG Kush and Blue Dream, Candy Kush feminized marijuana seeds are a 75% Indica dominant strain, with a subtle aroma and sweet candy-berry flavor. Easy to grow, requiring very little previous experience or knowledge.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

Highly recommended strain for both recreational and medical users, Sour Diesel induces a creative, dreamy cerebral high that energizes and invigorates. Perfect for relieving stress, pain and depression with a unique flavor and aroma.

White Widow

White Widow Feminized Seeds

One of the first true indoor marijuana plants and still as powerful and potent as ever, White Widow is a popular medical marijuana choice offering high levels of natural pain relief and relaxing high. Energizing and a great social strain.

What Causes Moldy Cannabis?

Mold is a form of fungi. There are many different types and species, all of which live and thrive in damp conditions and on decaying organic matter. Mold affecting many food products often appears green. While mold on Cannabis is usually white or a grey color, making it harder to spot around the resin glands.

Keeping control of the humidity in your growing area is critical during the flowering process. Bud development can be enhanced when the plants are cultivated under lower humidity levels. Below 50% is recommended, but the lower, the better. Mold loves high-humidity, so reducing the levels can prevent its onset.

The air trapped around the buds can quickly become stale, collecting moisture. This creates the perfect wet, damp conditions for the mold spores to develop. Increase the air-flow around your plants during the flowering stage. Lower leaves and weak branches can also be removed, improving air-movement and enhancing quality bud-growth.

Strong indoor lighting can generate quite a lot of heat when they are running. However, once the lights are turned off, allowing the plants to flower, the temperature within the growing area can decrease substantially. Wide temperature fluctuations are another cause of mold to develop on your Cannabis buds. Try to maintain even, day and night-time levels.

Incorrect drying and poor storage. People often rush the drying process and this can create the perfect conditions for mold to develop during storage. Ensure your buds are completely dry before storing them for later enjoyment. Curing is vital, stopping many later issues. Avoid placing your buds in plastic bags until you’re sure they are completely dried and cured.

Bergmans Plant Food

Can I Smoke Moldy Buds?

If you’ve smoked Cannabis for a while, you’ve probably come across some moldy buds. Sometimes it’s hard to notice, other time, the buds fall off the stems and seem oily, a clear indication! The first-time, you may be tempted to smoke them, perhaps not even realizing. However, the effects can make you ill.

Will moldy buds kill you? No, they wont. So why shouldn’t you smoke them? Mold on Cannabis is a fungus that releases microscopic airborne particles. Smoking moldy buds, by any means, even a vaporizer, can allow these fungus spores to enter the lungs and cause an infection.

The general feeling after smoking moldy buds can make you feel sick and nauseous. Your chest can become tight and lungs irritated, often inducing sudden and harsh coughing fits. A feeling of breathlessness often follows, lasting several days and this is for a fit, well person. For asthma sufferers, the effects can be more intense and dramatic.

Don’t be tempted to smoke Cannabis buds that display signs of mold, your health is far more important. Cut away all infected material and dispose of it. Isolate any surrounding buds and check thoroughly before smoking or consuming.

3 Tips For Preventing Mold On Cannabis.

California Dream

California Dream Feminized

An extremely popular choice with outdoor growers, California Dream can grow tall, producing some of the heaviest yields. Extremely high THC levels of 24% and a high CBD content make it perfect for both recreational and medical users alike.

Strain Selection – The beginning of any grow starts with the seeds. While it may be tempting to buy Cannabis seeds based on a certain flavor, aroma or THC content, choose strains that are better suited to the environment and conditions they are growing in.

There are a wide variety of Cannabis seeds for sale, some are better suited to indoor growing techniques than others. If you have a controlled growing area, strain selection is less of a concern. If your a ‘hobby-grower’ or cultivating outdoors, try to select strains with a natural resilience, for the best chances of success.

We offer a wide choice of Cannabis seeds for sale, including several that naturally resist attacks from mold and fungus spores. Although total immunity from mold can’t be guaranteed, these varieties offer a natural protection and resilience.

Find out more about our Top 3 Mold Resistance Strains.

Bergmans Plant Food

Cannabis Nutrients

Help stop moldy Buds

If you want the biggest harvests and tastiest buds you’ll need to provide your marijuana plants with a complete range of nutrients from common Nitrogen and Phosphorous, through to a host of micro and macro nutrients required for exponential growth.

Control Your Growing Environment – Controlling your growing environment is far easier for indoor growers. Climate and environment controls can produce the perfect conditions for Cannabis to grow, develop and thrive. Larger, commercial growers often use dehumidifiers, as well as large extraction and air-movement fans, maintaining optimum levels.

Hobby growers can install smaller dehumidifiers into their growing area. Even cheap, household one’s can collect air-moisture, helping to reduce the humidity. Fit these around the buds to collect as much as possible. Increase air-movement and remove any lower, unwanted fan-leaves.

Dramatic fluctuations in air-temperature can create the ideal conditions for mold to develop. Consider running your lights during the night, if your growing Cannabis indoors. The equipment will warm the room when it’s colder and provide a more constant and even temperature.

Bergmans Plant Protector

Plant Protector

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Suitable for all grow mediums.

For up to 20 cannabis plants.

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Use Additional Plant Protectors – Once mold spores have ‘taken-hold’ of your buds, there’s very little you can do but throw them away. All that effort, time and energy wasted, it can feel pretty devastating! There is no magic cure, no way back. The only options are prevention.

During the flowering stages, it’s not recommended to spray the buds. This can cause moisture to build up in the center, creating the perfect conditions for mold to develop. However, spraying a fine mist of Mold Control formula, can prevent these spores from developing further.

Mold Control has been specially formulated to fight mold on Cannabis from developing. Applied as a fine mist, it coats the bud with its fast-acting ingredients, including neem-oil and potassium bicarbonate.

Purchased as part of the Marijuana Plant Protectors Set, prevention is just a few clicks away.

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