Blue Marijuana Strains.

Blue Strains will get your taste buds going when it comes to fruity flavors, Blueberry is one of the most popular. For years, smokers have enjoyed a selection of Blue Marijuana strains, with good yields, high potency levels and mouth-watering flavors. Choose from Indica or Sativa dominant varieties, perfect for a wide variety of growing techniques.

Despite what some new growers may think, Blue Marijuana strains do not produce blue-colored buds. The reference is to their Blueberry genetics and heritage. Cold night-time temperatures can cause the flowers and pistols to display a purple/blue coloring, but this is true for a number of Cannabis and Marijuana varieties.

We have a selection of Blue Marijuana seeds for sale, all completely feminized and of the highest quality. If that fruity, Blueberry flavor gets your mouth watering and taste buds dancing, these are the seeds for you!

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All our Blue Cannabis seeds for sale are completely feminized, guaranteed to germinate and produce a pure female plant.

Learn more about the 3 most popular Blue Marijuana strains.

Top 3 Strains

Blueberry Feminized.

Created in the mid-1970’s from three Land-race strains, Blueberry Marijuana seeds have always been one of the world’s best-selling Marijuana varieties. An 80% Indica dominant variety, the plants are short, squat and bushy, perfectly suited to modern, indoor growing techniques.

With good conditions and techniques, growers can produce up to 18 ounces of buds per square meter indoors. Plants cultivated outside, over the course of a season, can generate up to 25 ounces, with an average nine-week flowering cycle.

Expect large, dense buds with a sweet blueberry flavor and fragrant aroma. THC levels of 16% induce a calming, relaxed sensation, perfect for evening and night-time use. Often used to help reduce chronic pain and inflammation, reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Blue Dream Feminized.

One of the USA’s best-loved strains, Blue Dream is an 80% Sativa-dominant variety, moderately easy to grow, with that unmistakable fruity flavor. A ‘West-Coast’ favorite, combining Blueberry with Super Silver Haze, it delivers a powerful, euphoric high and energizing body-buzz.

A modern, hybrid strain, perfect for indoor growing techniques. The plants can grow tall, with long branches and multiple budding sites. A perfect variety for the Screen-of-Green technique. Flowering times average approximately 9 weeks, producing up to 21 ounces per square meter, given good conditions.

With THC levels of 21% and a CBD content of 2%, the effects are fast-acting and long-lasting. A daytime favorite, with motivating, uplifting effects and a fabulous fruity flavor. Find out for yourself why this is one of our most popular Blue Marijuana strains.

Blue Cheese Feminized.

The Blue Cheese variety took the Cannabis community by storm when it was first created. A blend of original Blueberry genetics, combined with the UK’s favorite, The Cheese. A truly pungent strain with a delightfully fruity, berry flavor.

Very easy to grow and adaptable to a wide variety of cultivation techniques, a perfect strain for everyone, from beginner to seasoned veteran. The plants are squat and compact, with a natural resistance to mold and bud rot. The short, 8-week flowering cycle can produce between 5 – 8 ounces of top-class buds per square meter.

An 80% Indica-dominant strain with THC levels of 19% and a 2% CBD content. The effects are very relaxing, easing aches, pains and stress. A great night-time smoke, expect to feel happy, relaxed and sleepy. Can help to stimulate the appetite and reduce nausea.

How To Grow Blue Marijuana Strains

Growing Blue Marijuana Seeds

The original Blueberry genetics have been incorporated with many other strains, offering a wealth of choice, flavors and effects. Indica-dominant varieties generally produce smaller, squat plants with dense buds and a generous coating of resin. Sativa-dominant strains grow taller, often requiring a week or two longer to fully mature.

With such a wide choice available, there’s a Blue Marijuana strain for all levels of experience and growing methods. Indoors or outside, amateur to professional grower. Enjoy some of the best flavored buds and strongest effects, from these fruity Blue Marijuana strains.

There are many ways to grow Marijuana, from simple pot culture, through to automated hydroponic systems. Knowing how to produce the best quality harvests from your seeds can make a huge difference to the flavor, potency and quantity you achieve.

You can learn all the secrets to a successful harvest from the Marijuana Grow Guide. A complete cultivation manual dedicated to growing Cannabis and Marijuana plants.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions – Blue Strains.

  • Are Blue Marijuana seeds easy to grow?

    The original Blueberry strain was an Indica-dominant variety with a hardy, easy-to-grow nature. Due to its popularity, it’s been crossed with many other strains, offering a wide selection of flavors and aromas. Some of these strains are easier to grow than others.

  • Can I grow Blue strains indoors?

    Many of the Blue strains available are hybrids, combining both Indica and Sativa genetics. Perfectly suited to modern cultivation techniques, they are an ideal choice for indoor growing methods and systems.

  • How long from germination to harvest?

    Once germinated, the plants require a period of vegetative growth in order to develop. Running an 18 hour light-cycle usually produces the best results. Once of a sufficient size, reduce the lights to a 12-on/12-off regime, to promote flowering. Complete maturity requires approximately 8 – 9 weeks for the buds to fully ripen.

  • How much Cannabis will Blue strains produce.

    Yields vary from strain-to-strain with some of the faster-flowering varieties producing only modest harvests. Sativa-dominant strains generally produce bigger yields, but require a week or two long to fully mature.

  • How will these Blue strains of cannabis make me feel?

    With such a wide selection of Blue Marijuana strains available there are varieties for both daytime and evening use. Enjoy an uplifting, euphoric sensation, great for energizing the body and motivating the mind. Or relaxing, sedative strains, perfect for relaxing and relieving stress.

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