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Tropicana Cookies Marijuana Seeds Sale

Tropicana Cookies Seed Sale.

If there’s a strain to brighten up the coming Winter days, it has to be Tropicana Cookies. Full of flavor, aromatic and the best ‘pick-me-up’ of the day, all wrapped up in some of the most amazing, colorful buds. Right now our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana are holding one of their strain sales, featuring this fabulous variety. Find out how you can claim your free, top-quality Marijuana Seeds.

Tropicana Cookies is a 70% Sativa, 30% Indica hybrid, great for day-time and evening use. A perfect ‘wake-and-bake’ variety, it delivers a long-lasting high, very euphoric and creative. Perfect for socializing, the tantalizing aroma is unmistakable, with a few puffs, you’ll soon creating that happy vibe.

From today, 2nd November, until the 6th, you can buy a 10-seed packet of the very best, feminized Tropicana Cookies and receive a second, identical packet completely free of charge. Treat yourself to something new and different, with one of the very latest, new Marijuana strains.

Tropicana Cookies Spotlight Strain

Tropicana Cookies Strain Spotlight.

Tropicana Cookies Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies Feminized Seeds

A 70% Sativa-dominant strain with uplifting, motivational effects. Enjoy tropical fruit flavors and aroma’s, with fast-acting effects. A ‘Wake and Bake’ strain, perfect for daytime use.

Since winning the 2019 Michigan Cannabis Cup, Tropicana Cookies has grown in popularity across the USA. A blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie genetics, it’s a great choice for growers and smokers, while offering several medicinal benefits.

Completely feminized, each seed is of the highest quality and sold with the guarantee of germination. Feminized seeds provide the best chances of producing a successful crop. Devoid of male chromosomes, every seed has the potential to produce the best female plants and most sumptuous buds.

Tropicana Cookies are an easy Marijuana strain to grow and can be cultivated indoors, outside or within a greenhouse. Once germinated and sprouted, allow your young seedlings between 4 – 8 weeks to develop and grow. Once a thick, even canopy has been produced, alter the light-cycle to run 12-on, 12-off to promote indoor flowering.

Given warm, sunny conditions, seedlings can be planted outdoors and cultivated over the late Spring and early Summer months. Flowering occurs naturally, as the daylight hours decrease, culminating in late September harvests. Tropicana Cookies grow well in southern states, generating up to 18 ounces per-plant, given good conditions.

With it’s 70/30, Sativa-dominance these hybrid plants can grow tall, reaching up to 2-meters outdoors. The Indica genetics are evident from its leaf-size and thick, close branching structure, producing dense, bushy plants. Indoor growers are advised to use low-stress training techniques to achieve a fast, even canopy.

With good conditions and techniques, growers can produce up to 17-ounces per-plant indoors, with flowering times of between 8 – 9 weeks. The buds are large and dense, with a purple coloring that can be enhanced, with cooler, night-time flowering temperatures.

With its blend of genetics, Tropicana Cookies offers a mix of citrus and chocolate-cookie flavors. A fresh, citrus orange aroma quickly fills the air as soon as the buds are lit. While the taste-buds are infuse with a creamy, cookie-dough sweetness, as the rich smoke dances across your tongue.

With THC levels up to 22%, and a 0.5 CBD content, the effects are uplifting, energizing and focused. A great choice for day-time smokers, waking your senses like a cup of strong coffee. If you’ve a job to do, this strain can help improve focus and creative thought. It’s also a great choice for socializing, and relaxing with friends.

If you’ve never tried this amazing daytime strain, now’s the perfect opportunity to grow your own and enjoy its euphoric, stimulating effects. Buy a 10-seed packet of Tropicana Cookies during the next few days and receive an identical packet completely free of charge.

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