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Free Marijuana Seeds Christmas Sale

Merry Christmas to all our readers and customers, have a Happy New Year.

It’s almost Christmas and although 2020 has been very difficult across the globe, the outlook for the coming new year looks brighter. Not only are several vaccines becoming available to fight this terrible virus, but life will slowly return to a more normal way of living.

Throughout this year, I Love Growing Marijuana have celebrated all the major holidays and events with some outstanding special offers and deals, giving you the chance to double your purchase at no extra cost. With the year end, quickly approaching, they have one last offer, The 12 Days of Christmas Sale.

From now until the end of the year, you will receive 10 free Marijuana seeds on all 10-seed packet purchases, included in the long list of qualifying strains. Simply select your favorite seeds, purchase them using any of the secure payment methods, and I Love Growing Marijuana will double your order, sending you a second 10-seed packet of your chosen strain, absolutely free.

With a huge selection of Marijuana seeds and strains on offer, you’re bound to find one of your favorites, with a variety of flavors from the juicy-fruit and sweet-candy tastes, to the more unique diesel-fuel and chemical-like aromas and flavors. This special, 12 Days of Christmas sale offers you the opportunity to double your stack with 10 free Marijuana seeds on all qualifying purchases.

12 Days of Christmas – Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana seeds are the most popular and commonly purchased form of Marijuana seeds. Created containing no male chromosomes, they are completely stable and guaranteed to produce pure female plants.

With no time or resources wasted on unwanted male plants, and with little chance of pollination, or the plants producing seeds, they are the perfect option for growers, regardless of their level of experience.

With the correct conditions, feminized Marijuana seeds produce the largest plants and heaviest yields. Cultivated outdoors the plants will grow and develop until the daylight reduces to approximately 12 hours per-day.

As the plants begin to receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per-night, they begin to produce small, white flowers. Over a period of 8 – 10 weeks, the flowers will form buds and cola’s, gradually ripening until fully mature.

With a wide choice of feminized Marijuana seeds available in this 12 Days of Christmas Sale, choose your favorite strain and receive double the amount of seeds you pay for.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Extremely aromatic and filled with an explosive fruit flavor, Blue Dream is an highly popular West Coast strain producing a relaxing and balanced high. Easy to grow and capable of producing large harvests, a perfect choice for indoor growers.

Mango Kush Seeds

Mango Kush

Mango Kush Feminized Seeds

Mango Kush is a great strain that can be cultivated outdoor by both new and experienced growers alike. Resistant to cold, it produces potent kush buds with a fruity mango flavor and aroma.

Zkittlez Feminized Seeds


Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

Cultivate the rainbow with the latest addition to our selection of high quality feminized Marijuana seeds. Zkittlez, a colorful and tasty strain, that’s easy to grow both indoors and outside.

12 Days of Christmas – Autoflowering Seeds

If you’re looking for a quick and easy Marijuana harvest, feminized Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice, devoid of male chromosomes these pure female plants produce buds with similar traits and characteristics to traditional feminized seeds, but are far easier to grow, both indoors and outside.

All the high-quality Autoflowering seeds on offer combine a mix of both Sativa and Indica genetics, together with genes from a top-quality Ruderalis Marijuana plant, to enable self-flowering and the ability to flower, ripen and completely mature, regardless of the time of year, or number of daylight hours the plants receive.

Unlike conventional Marijuana plants, Autoflowering seeds combine both the vegetative and flowering cycles together, reducing the time the plant requires from sprouting to harvest to an absolute minimum, with many strains completely mature, approximately 10 weeks after germination.

Perfect for outdoor and guerrilla growers, the plants remain short and squat, making them easy to hid and conceal. Harvests are smaller, averaging between 4 – 6 oz of good quality buds per plant, but the faster cultivation time allows for several crops to be cultivated in the same spot over the course of a complete growing season.

There are several Autoflowering strains on offer in this 12 days of Christmas free Marijuana seeds give-away, learn more about these strains below.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

Kush CBD Autoflower Seeds

CBD Kush

CBD Kush Autoflower Seeds

CBD Kush Auto seeds are easy to grow and fast flowering, no trimming is required during the grow cycle. Enjoy guaranteed results with this 50% Indica 50% Sativa hybrid.

Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds

Northern Lights auto seeds are the perfect choice for quick indoor crops, discreet outdoor personal plants, or, larger guerrilla grows during the late Spring and throughout the Summer.

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

The most famous medical marijuana strain just got easier to grow with these White Widow autoflowering seeds. Great for beginners, requiring very little knowledge to produce a high quality crop, within twelve weeks from germination.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in the USA.

Buying Marijuana seeds online in the USA has never been easier, or more secure. All our recommended Feminized and Autoflowering seeds are dispatched by I Love Growing Marijuana, and are sold with postage and packing included within the price, as well as guaranteed delivery to all parts of the US.

Receive all the help and support you may require, from purchase through to harvest with a first-class customer care service, willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your chosen seeds.

A wide number of both Feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana seeds and strains are included within this 12 Days of Christmas Free Marijuana Seeds offer, so you’re sure to find the right one’s to suit your tastes and growing style.

Find out more about all the Marijuana seeds included within this offer by clicking below.

Christmas Buy 10 Get 10 Free Marijuana Seeds Offer

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