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Grapericot Pie Cannabis Seeds Sale

The Grapericot Pie Marijuana Seeds Sale.

We’ve added a new strain into our feminized seeds collection, a sure-fire winner with an exception pedigree. To celebrate its inclusion, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana are giving away an extra 10-seed packet with all 10-seed pack purchases. Receive twenty seeds for the price of just ten, during this special Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds sale.

Starting today, September 6th and running through until September 10th, we’re giving you the chance to double your buying-power. Save yourself almost $100 during this this time-sensitive sale. Be one of the first to grow this fantastic new strain. Why wait and pay full-price when you can double your stocks at no extra cost.

Grapericot marijuana seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate. Receive the freshest seeds, guaranteed to produce the finest, pure-female plants. All postage and packaging costs are included in the price, together with fast, guaranteed delivery across the USA.

Get 10 free Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds during this time-sensitive sale.

A new and exciting strain, now incorporated into our feminized marijuana seeds for sale collection. Celebrate its inclusion with us and grab an extra 10-seed packet during this special sale. An easy strain to grow, Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds are the perfect choice for quick, indoor harvests, regardless of your experience.

Grapericot Pie Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds were created in Oregon by Certified Seeds. A complex hybrid with an incredibly candy-sweet flavor, it quickly gained popularity with both growers and smokers alike. Originally created from Grape Octane OG and the lesser known Flavor Crystals, itself a hybrid of Legend Orange Apricot and Grape Pie, this new, flavor-filled strain was born. Grape-Apricot-Pie.

Now available for sale online, Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds are quickly becoming one of the ‘main-attractions’ for many indoor grow-rooms. The blend of 60% Indica, 40% Sativa genes, produces a medium-sized plant, capable of reaching up to around 5-feet tall when fully mature. Perfect for indoor growing set-ups, big and small.

Like many modern-day hybrid strains, Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds produce their best quality buds when cultivated indoors. The slight, Indica-dominance produces bushy, robust plants with thick stems and strong, close branches. Regular pruning of over-lapping leaves and weak, lower shoots can help to increase air-flow around the plants, aiding growth and bud development.

Grapericot Pie

Feminized Seeds

Grapericot Pie Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Seeds Free

Average vegetative times are between 4 – 8 weeks, depending on conditions and growing technique. A favorite for Sea-of-Green growers, their squat, bushy appearance can quickly fill a growing area, forming a thick, even canopy. Flowering begins when the plants receive twelve hours of undisturbed darkness per-night.

Under ideal conditions and with stable temperatures of between 68 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit, Grapericot Pie marijuana plants can flower and mature in approximately eight-weeks. The buds are large and dense, with a subtle, sweet-candy and light grape aroma. Ideal conditions can produce between 14 – 16 ounces per square meter, depending on growing technique, environmental conditions and experience.

Grapericot Pie marijuana seeds can be successfully cultivated outdoors given a warm, sunny climate. Planted from the middle of Spring, the plants enjoy a longer vegetative cycle, producing taller, bushier plants. Mold-resistant, the buds can cope with slightly higher humidity levels than some varieties, culminating in mid-October harvests of between 16 – 19 ounces per-plant.

Once dried and cured, the buds develop a sweet, earthy aroma, combined with citrus notes. The flavor is refreshing, a mix of grape and sweet, fruity candy. The addition of the Legendary Orange Apricot genetics, adds a tangy, orange twist, inducing an extra dimension to its already, appealing flavor.

With THC levels of between 18% – 20%, and a 0.5% CBD content, these feminized Grapericot marijuana seeds for sale offer a potent mix of soaring Sativa and relaxing Indica effects. Unlike many modern-hybrids, the Indica-influence doesn’t induce ‘couch-lock’. Instead the effects are uplifting and creative, perfect for day and evening use.

An easy to grow strain with generous, fast-maturing harvests. Take advantage of this time-sensitive sale and grab yourself one of the most popular, new marijuana strains. With just a little knowledge and experience, grow your own high-quality buds. Taste for yourself, these sweet-grape and candy flavors, offering uplifting highs and long-lasting effects.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online.

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