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High THC Seeds Sale.

The High THC Seeds Sale 2023 starts as we move into February, Spring-time planting approaches. A great time for us to give away some of our very best Marijuana seeds. Beginning today, February 8th, and running through until the 12th, buy a 10-seed packet, from a selection of some of our strongest, most potent strains and a second, identical packet will automatically be added to your order.

The High THC Seeds Sale offers a variety of seeds and strains, with some of the strongest THC levels. Perfect for modern, indoor techniques, these plants produce large yields of top-quality buds. Cultivated outdoors, from early Spring, enjoy some of the heaviest yields and biggest, most potent buds.

This is a terrific opportunity for you to double your stocks at no extra cost. If you enjoy soaring Sativa ‘highs’, relaxing Indica’s, or the rollercoaster effects from some of our most potent hybrid’s, this is the sale for you! With no added costs and guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, there’s never been a better time to buy Marijuana seeds online.

With several strains available and a choice of Autoflowering, or Feminized Marijuana seeds, there are seeds to suit all growing styles and levels of experience. Enjoy flavor-filled buds with a knockout punch, or uplifting, energizing effects. Choose your favorite and receive ten free Marijuana seeds during this special, time-limited High THC Seeds Sale.

High THC Marijuana Seeds Sale.

Afghan Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Afghan Seeds

Afghan Feminized Seeds

A 100% pure Indica with a relaxing high and long-lasting euphoric effects. Increased resin production and sweet, earthy flavored buds make Afghan one of most popular Indica strains available. Potent medical marijuana with a 20% THC content.

Afghan Feminized Seeds.

The Afghan Marijuana strain is a 100% pure, Indica variety, producing high-quality yields and potent, powerful buds. An easy-to-grow and adaptable strain, it can cope with slightly cooler night-time temperatures, with a natural resilience to mold and bud-rot. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques.

The pure Indica plants are squat and bushy, producing strong, close branches and multiple budding sites. Cultivated outdoors over the season, the plants are large and dense, producing an abundance of resin-coated buds. With good conditions, harvests of 14 ounces can be produced per-plant, over an average 8 – 10 flowering period.

THC levels of 20% induce a fast-acting, uplifting high. The effects can be euphoric, stimulating thoughts and creativity, while inducing a relaxed, subdued ‘body-buzz’ effect. A great choice for lazy afternoons and evenings, leaving you feeling happy and content for hours to come. Can also reduce stress and depression, aiding restful sleep.

Get 10 free Afghan Feminized Seeds during this special offer.

AK 47 Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

AK-47 Seeds

AK-47 Feminized Seeds

Highly popular Sativa dominant hybrid with a long-lasting cerebral high. A complex strain combining three different natural varieties, AK 47 has a sweet, earthy flavor and aroma. Highly stable and uniform with generous harvests of potent buds.

AK-47 Feminized Seeds.

The AK-47 Marijuana strain is an absolute classic. Fast-acting, hard-hitting, it’s everything you would want from a top-quality Marijuana strain. A combination of 65% Sativa, 35% Indica genes, formulated from several, original strains, the plants are quick and easy to grow, responding well to modern training and Low-stress techniques.

Cultivated indoors, these plants produce their biggest, best-quality harvests. Allow plenty of room for them to grow and develop, together with odor-control to reduce their skunk-like fragrance as maturity approaches. Flowering times average between 7 – 9 weeks, producing yields of up to 14 ounces per square meter, given ideal conditions.

With its blend of Sativa and Indica genes, the buds induce a happy, stimulating high, perfect for daytime use. THC levels averaging 20%, quickly relax the body, while allowing the mind to focus on the tasks in-hand. A clear, level-headed high, with long-lasting effects.

Buy 10, get 10 free AK-47 Seeds. Find out more.

Blue Haze Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Blue Haze Seeds

Blue Haze Feminized Seeds

This 80% Sativa dominant variety combines the powerful cerebral high of the Haze, with a deep, rich Blueberry, creating an invigorating, energizing high with a wonderful blueberry flavor and fruity aroma.

Blue Haze Feminized Seeds.

An uplifting, euphoric high, with succulent, flavor-filled buds. That’s what you get from these top-quality Blue Haze Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale. One of the best-selling strains available, enjoy a free, 10-seed packet during this special High THC Seeds Sale. An 80% Sativa, 20% Indica hybrid, that’s straight-off the top-shelf.

Created from Haze and Blueberry, the plants are tall, bushy and moderately easy to grow. Despite its low CBD content, the strain has become a favorite for many medicinal users, providing relief from stress, depression and anxiety. The tall plants grow quickly, requiring some training when cultivated indoors.

Flowering requires an average of 10-weeks for the buds to fully mature, producing up to 14 ounces, given good conditions. THC levels average 20%, but can increase up to 24%, with a rich, blueberry aroma and flavor. A great daytime strain, inducing an energizing, uplifting high and positive, happy sensation.

Grab 10 free Blue Haze Marijuana seeds during this special offer.

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple Feminized

Grand Daddy Purple is a very distinctive form of marijuana, first created by Ken Estes in San Francisco and hugely popular across the West Coast. Loved for both its exotic coloring, and intense body-stone effects, it’s enjoyed by both recreational and medical users, helping to aid relaxation and sleep.

Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds.

An easily identifiable strain, Granddaddy Purple Feminized Marijuana seeds are a pure, 100% Indica variety, created from Purple Urkle and Bud Bud. Known the world-over for its large buds, colorful purple appearance and high THC content. These pure-female seeds are fast and easy to grow, perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation methods.

A strong, compact plant, perfect for indoor growing and the Sea-of-Green technique. Cultivated in warm, sunny conditions, the plants can grow to a substantial size, generating up to 17 ounces of top-quality, purple buds each. Flowering times average approximately 9-weeks, or late-September outdoors.

With THC levels of up to 23%, the buds generate a powerful, long-lasting high. Moderate-use can induce a giggly, light-headed sensation, while further enjoyment can induce a deeply relaxing sensation. Perfect for evening and night-time use, it can help combat stress and insomnia, often prescribed for medicinal use.

Buy ten, get 10 Granddaddy Purple seeds free during the High THC Seeds Sale.

Zkittlez Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Zkittlez Seeds

Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

Cultivate the rainbow with the latest addition to our selection of high quality feminized Marijuana seeds. Zkittlez, a colorful and tasty strain, that’s easy to grow both indoors and outside.

Zkittlez Feminized Seeds.

When it comes to top-quality, modern hybrid Marijuana strains, Zkittlez Feminized seeds are one of the best. Highly popular, these easy-to-grow plants are adaptable and versatile, producing heavy yields of colorful, fruity-flavored buds. Named after the candy, taste the rainbow with these visually stunning nuggets.

A blend of 70% Indica, 30% Sativa, the plants are compact, dense and bushy. Mold resistant, a great choice for all levels of experience, both indoors and outside. Flowering times average 8 – 9 weeks, for the buds to mature, producing up to 13 per square meter indoors and up to 17 ounces per-plant, when cultivated outdoors, over a season.

A top-quality strain, that oozes ‘bag-appeal’ both visually and with the fruitiest of aroma’s. Sparkling resin glands cover the buds, with a THC content of up to 23%. The effects are both cerebral, inducing an uplifting, euphoric high, while inducing a calming, but energizing ‘body-buzz’ sensation. The very best of both world’s!

Receive an extra 10 free Zkittlez Marijuana seeds during this sale.

Buy Autoflowering Seeds Get 10 Free.

This High THC Marijuana Seeds Sale has something for everyone. From season-long, Feminized seeds, through to fast-maturing and indoor Autoflowering strains. Traditional Marijuana seeds have separate growth and flowering cycles, determined by the number of light-hours the plants receive. Cultivated outdoors, most strains will be mature from September onward.

Autoflowering seeds produce plants that grow, flower and fully mature over a period of approximately 12 weeks, regardless of the time of year. With no requirement for long-hours of darkness to produce their buds, they generate the biggest, heaviest yields during the height of the Summer months, when the sun is at its longest and strongest.

Early planting across the Spring and Summer months can generate top-quality buds, long before traditional plants are ripe or mature. Allow your plants space to develop and an adequate pot-size to grow into. With plenty of fresh air and long hours of sunlight, Autoflowering plants can produce between 5 – 15 ounces each, with little care or attention required.

When it comes to harvesting, there’s little to tell these buds from one’s produced from traditional, feminized seeds. Almost all popular, sought-after Marijuana strains now have an Autoflowering alternative, producing buds with an identical appearance, aroma, flavor and high. Enjoy all the effects without the long wait for harvest-time.

With many High THC seeds available, choose from traditional or Autoflowering varieties and begin growing your own top-quality Marijuana plants and buds today. You’ll be amazed at just how quick and easy it can be. With 10 free seeds on all the qualifying strains, you’ll be saving money too!

Afghan Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Afghan Autoflower

Afghan Autoflowering Seeds

A powerful Marijuana strain, Afghan Autoflowering seeds can produce buds with THC levels of up to 20%. Fast-acting and long-lasting, the effects are felt as a powerful ‘body-buzz’. Free shipping to USA.

AK 47 Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

AK-47 Autoflower

AK-47 Autoflowering Seeds

One of the easiest ways of producing your own, high quality AK 47 buds, with generous harvests in approximately ten weeks from sprouting. Discreet and compact, these seeds require as much sunlight as possible to produce their best harvests.

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering Seeds

Combining the original Granddaddy Purple genetics and a top-quality Hindu Kush, these pure Indica Autoflowering seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to produce autoflowering female plants.

Super Skunk Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Super Skunk Autoflower

Super Skunk Autoflowering Seeds

Speed, ease and quality combine in these autoflowering Super Skunk seeds, providing the quickest and easiest means of producing your own recreational and medical marijuana. The number #1 choice of ‘guerrilla growers’ across the USA.

White Widow Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

White Widow Autoflower

White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

The most famous medical marijuana strain just got easier to grow with these White Widow autoflowering seeds. Great for beginners, requiring very little knowledge to produce a high quality crop, within twelve weeks from germination.

Zkittlez Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower

Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower seeds produce dense, fruity buds with a powerful 23% THC content inducing a relaxing high.

Buy Marijuana Seeds.

Why wait to buy Marijuana seeds, when you can purchase a 10-seed packet today and receive a second, identical packet completely free of charge. Enjoy twice the buying power and increase your stocks during this High THC Seeds Sale.

All our recommended Marijuana seeds for sale are shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana. Based in Modesto, California, they provide fast, free, guaranteed shipping to all parts of the USA.

Find the very best seeds and strains, with flavor’s, aroma’s and effects to suit all tastes. Take advantage of the sales and special offers, saving you money on purchases. With a selection of secure payment options, buying Marijuana seeds online has never been easier.

Shop All High THC Cannabis Seed Deals

With a wide selection of top-quality Marijuana seeds for sale, choose from a variety of recreational and medicinal strains. Read customer comments and complete strain reviews, helping you choose the best seeds for your needs.

Whether you grow indoors or outside and regardless of your experience, growing Marijuana can be fun, enjoyable and rewarding. With the right strains and the best seeds, even a complete beginner can produce a high-quality harvest. Find out more with our Tips on Growing Cannabis.

This time-limited offer is available until February 12th. Don’t delay, buy Marijuana seeds online today and double your buying power.