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St Patrick's Day 2022 Cannabis Seeds Promotion

St. Patrick’s Day Marijuana Seed Sale 2022.

Thursday 17th March is St Patrick’s Day. Celebrate this year with a free 10-seed packet of some of your favorite Marijuana strains, with this free seed give-away from I Love Growing Marijuana. Buy a 10-seed packet from any of the qualifying strains and receive a free, identical packet, completely free of charge.

Over the year, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana hold several sales and free seed give-aways. Each promotion incorporates a variety of selected strains, rarely repeated for several months. Choose from a selection of seeds, including both Feminized and Autoflowering varieties, in this St. Patrick’s Day 2022 Marijuana Seed Sale.

With Spring quickly approaching, this special, time-limited sale has some of our easiest, fastest growing stains. Enjoy the highest quality seeds, all included in this special, buy-10-get 10-free offer.

St Patrick’s Day Seed Sale 2022

Starting today and continuing until March 20th, double your seed stocks with this super, free Marijuana seeds offer. Qualifying for your extra seeds couldn’t be easier!

Simply select a 10-seed packet of your favorite, from the selection of qualifying strains and an identical packet will be added to your purchase, prior to dispatch.

Prices include postage and packaging costs, with guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA. Enjoy fast, discreet shipping from the I Love Growing Marijuana warehouse in Modesto, California.

Northern Lights Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Feminized

Well-known for it’s stable, uniform plants, Northern Lights is an Amsterdam Coffee-shop classic. Pungent, bitter-sweet buds produce a colorful display upon maturity, ensuring a ‘couch-locking’ body-buzz and relaxing, long-lasting euphoria.

Northern Lights Feminized – THC 18%

The Northern Lights Marijuana strain has been around since the late 1980’s.

A firm favorite, found in many dispensaries and Amsterdam Coffee-shops. 90% Indica dominant, these feminized seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing the finest plants from their top-quality genetics.

Easy to grow and adaptable to a wide variety of techniques, the plants thrive both indoors and outside. Flowering times are short, between 7 – 9 weeks, depending on conditions, with outdoor harvests around the start of October. Enjoy impressive yields of between 12 – 16 ounces per square meter.

The buds are large and dense, with a sweet pine, earthy aroma and enticing flavor. THC levels of 18% induce a mild euphoric high and relaxing body-buzz. A great, ‘Old-School’ strain, known for reducing strain, chronic pain and inflammation.

Green Crack Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Green Crack

Green Crack Feminized Seeds

A highly potent Sativa dominant strain which leaves the user feeling euphoric and energized. A firm favorite with many medical and day-time smokers for it’s positive and uplifting effects. Easy to grow and recommended for beginners.

Green Crack Feminized – THC 21%

This 60% Sativa, 40% Indica hybrid strain was dubbed Green Crack by Snoop Dogg, due to it’s uplifting, energizing effects.

A perfect day-time strain, requiring just a small amount of knowledge and experience to produce heavy, high quality harvests. Perfect for indoor growers and cultivating outdoors in southern states.

A tall plant, it responds well to advanced growing techniques and Screen-of-Green set-ups. Flowering times average around 10 weeks to achieve peak maturity, with yields of between 18 – 20 ounces per square meter.

The effects are ‘text-book’ Sativa, inducing an energizing euphoria that’s highly creative and stimulating. Reduce stress and worry while increasing your motivation with THC levels of up to 22%. A highly recommended strain, perfect for ‘wake-and-bake’ smokers.

NYC Diesel Feminized - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel Feminized

With its intense fuel-like aroma, NYC Diesel is often compared to Sour Diesel, although the strong grapefruit flavor soon becomes apparent. Created from an Hawaiian Sativa and Afghani Indica, this 60% Sativa dominant marijuana strain is a great day-time smoke.

NYC Diesel Feminized – THC 21%

For those growers with experience, the NYC Diesel strain is a great choice.

A tall plant, it requires care and attention to produce its best yields. The 60% Sativa dominance is evident in the long, thin branches and ‘running’ buds, with an average 10-week flowering cycle.

A strain with a unique flavor and aroma, once tried, you’ll never forget it. The pungent ‘diesel’ smell is immediately evident, with a mouth-watering taste of lime and grapefruits. Great ‘bag-appeal’ with yields of 14 – 17 ounces per square meter.

An enjoyable smoke with strong, uplifting effects. THC levels of up to 20% induce a happy, sociable high, perfect for early evening use, leaving you relaxed and stress-free. Often prescribed for medicinal use, due to its higher-than-average CBD content.

Lowryder Autoflowering - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Lowryder (Auto)

Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

One of the first autoflowering strains, Lowryder offers small, compact plants with a large central cola. Very easy to grow, camouflage and disguise, often referred to as a ‘throw-and-grow’ strain with a smooth flavor and powerful, cerebral high.

Lowryder Autoflowering – THC 14%

If you’re looking for fast, very easy harvests, they don’t come much quicker than the Lowryder strain.

One of the first, original Autoflowering varieties, these automatically flowering, feminized seeds, contain much-improved genetics to produce stable plants, abundant yields and tasty buds.

Whether you grow indoors or outside over the Spring and Summer months, these easy-to-cultivate seeds require little care or attention to produce a top-quality harvest. With no changes in the number of light hours needed to induce flowering, plants will produce harvests automatically, 10 – 14 weeks from germination. Perfect for outdoor Summer grows.

Yields are smaller from Autoflowering seeds, averaging between 4 – 6 ounces of good quality buds per plant. Light intensity and the number of sunlight hours the plants receive, can make huge differences. THC levels average approximately 14%, inducing a relaxing, ‘stoned’ sensation that’s perfect for night-time use.

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