Top 3 Marijuana Strains

Find the Top 3 cannabis strains in each section. We cover the most popular Indica, Sativa, CBD and feminized autoflowering seeds.

Top 3 European Strains

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From the late 1980's, through to the early years of this century, the 'War on Drugs' was in full-force across the USA. Marijuana cultivation, possession and use were banned across the entire country, forcing many of breeders to quit, go 'underground' or move to more tolerant locations. The seed market flourished. Find the top 3 European Cannabis seeds here and learn more...

Top 3 USA Cannabis Strains

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The USA has always been a world leader in the development of high-quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds. The warm climate of the southern states made growing easy. Find the top 3 USA Cannabis seeds here and find out for yourself why these strains are so popular...

Top 3 Cash Crop Strains

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For some growers it's the flavor, for others, the high, but these Marijuana seeds for sale, are for growers looking for the biggest, most profitable harvests. Often referred to as Cash crop strains, the plants produce some of the heaviest yields, both indoors and outside. Learn more about maximizing your harvests...

Top 3 Premium Cannabis Seeds

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With a wide selection of Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale, we cater for all tastes, cultivation methods and levels of experience. From beginner to 'Cash-cropper' find the best varieties for your needs. All of our recommended seeds are of the highest quality, producing pure female plants, dense buds and bountiful harvests. Find out more...

Top 3 Fast Flowering Strains

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Some Marijuana varieties mature faster than others, reducing the flowering time to a minimum. These fast flowering strains are ideal for the outdoor grower, ensuring the plants are ripe and ready for harvest, before the night-time temperatures drop too low. Find the top 3 Fast Flowering Marijuana strains here...

Top 3 Double Seed Deals

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You can double your buying power and receive twice the seeds you order, with our Top 3 Double Seed Deals. Choose a 10-seed packet from any of the qualifying strains and receive a second, identical packet, completely free of charge. Get more for your money when you buy Marijuana seeds online. Find out more...

Top 3 White Strains

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With their frosted appearance, White Marijuana strains ooze 'bag-appeal'. Ever-popular and constant best-sellers, they offer potent, powerful high's as well as a selection of medicinal benefits. Learn more about our top 3 White Marijuana strains here...

Top 3 Purple Strains

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Maybe it's the color that sets smokers hearts racing. Perhaps its the deep fruity flavor. One thing's for sure, Purple Marijuana strains are extremely popular across the USA, with several top-quality strains available. Learn more about the top 3 Purple Marijuana strains here...

Top 3 Blue Strains

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When it comes to fruity flavors, Blueberry is one of the most popular. For years, smokers have enjoyed a selection of Blue Marijuana strains, with good yields, high potency levels and mouth-watering flavors. Learn more about these seeds and choose from a selection of Indica and Sativa dominant varieties, perfect for a wide variety of growing techniques.

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