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Buying cannabis seeds in Canada can be quick, easy and totally secure when you purchase through a reputable Canadian based company. Online sales of cannabis and marijuana seeds have multiplied over the last twelve months, with more and more Canadian residents taking up their right to legally grow and cultivate up to four cannabis plants per household, as defined in the changes to the law.

Cannabis Laws in Canada

Cannabis in Canada is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Medicinal use of cannabis was legalized nationwide on 30 July 2018 under conditions outlined in the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, later superseded by the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, issued by Health Canada and seed, grain, and fibre production was permitted under licence by Health Canada.The federal Cannabis Act came into effect on 17 October 2018 and made Canada the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to formally legalize the cultivation, possession, acquisition and consumption of cannabis and its by-products. Canada is the first G7 and G20 nation to do so.

The changes in law permitted all Canadian residents over the age of eighteen to legally possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in public and cultivate up to a maximum of four cannabis or medical marijuana plants for their own personal consumption. Laws were also changed allowing for the legal sale and purchase of cannabis from registered outlets.

The adult residents of Canada were now allowed to use cannabis and marijuana if they so wished, and many began searching for cannabis seeds and strains to grow and cultivate for their own legal, personal use.

If you are considering growing your own cannabis in Canada, it’s important that you purchase the right seeds and best strains for your needs, experience level and growing methods. With all our recommended seeds being dispatched and distributed by the leading cannabis seeds company in Canada, you know you’re dealing with a leading, reputable company.

Understanding Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is a deciduous form of flora, whose seeds are genetically programmed to germinate into either a male or female plant. While many plants can reproduce themselves, cannabis requires the female flower to be fertilized  with pollen from the male plant. While the female plants produce flowers, similar to small white hairs, males generate pollen sacks that look like small bunches of hanging grapes. Once mature, the male sacks explode, expelling pollen in the hope of fertilizing a nearby female cannabis plant.

The vast majority of cannabis and medical marijuana growers only want to grow female plants, a single male can pollinate many females, sending them from bud to seed production almost overnight. As seeds and vegetative plants, both males and females are the same, making them indistinguishable from each other. It’s only after the first weeks of flowering that the plants sex becomes apparent. This means time, space and resources may be wasted growing unwanted male plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds were created to eliminate the chances of growing a male plant. Genetically modified, they are guaranteed to produce pure female plants with stabilized traits and characteristics. Almost all of the modern, popular cannabis seeds available are feminized, ensuring the best chance of cultivating a strong and stable, female plant.

Naturally generated seeds produce an average 50/50 male/female ratio. Planting natural seeds will probably produce some male and some female plants and so growers will have to manually separate the two during the early stages of flowering. These types of seeds are referred to as Regular seeds, and if you wish to breed seeds yourself, are your only way to cultivate a high quality breeding male.

Autoflowering seeds are the third form of cannabis seeds for sale, and are very popular with outdoor growers around the world. Completely feminized, each seed is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant. The difference between autoflowering seeds and feminized, is their ability to flower regardless of the number of hours of darkness the plants receive, ageing and maturing with age, rather than the changing season. Auto seeds are becoming very popular with outdoor growers due to the speed and ease with which a good quality harvest can be produced.

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Growing Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Cannabis can be cultivated in a variety of different methods and techniques, depending upon the environmental conditions and climate. With each household in Canada legally permitted to grow up to four plants, the choice for many people is whether to cultivate them indoors or outside.

Growing cannabis outdoors in Canada is cheap and easy to set-up, with the seeds planted either directly into the prepared soil, or large pots. The short Summer and quick onset of Winter makes for a short growing season, and care should be taken to select fast-flowering strains to ensure complete maturity before the air becomes to cold and damp for the buds to develop.

Many growers decide growing indoors is the better option, allowing them the opportunity to cultivate their own, high quality marijuana all year long. Indoor grown buds are generally of higher quality than those produce outdoors, due to the greater degree of control the grower has over the plants climate and growing conditions.

We offer a wide selection of seeds for both indoor and outdoor growing, from easy to grow, fast-flowering Auto seeds to longer-flowering, Sativa dominant strains, catering for all needs, requirements and levels of experience. Take the time to review different seeds and strains until you discover the one’s that suit you best.


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Buying Cannabis Seeds In The Canadian Provinces

All the provinces in Canada are governed by the same laws, unlike the United States which has both State and Federal laws. Growing cannabis in Canada has been legalized across the entire country, allowing all adult Canadian residents the right to grow a limited number of cannabis plants and possess its harvest.

Covering a large area, many parts of Canada are too cold to grow cannabis outdoors, while the more southerly locations in the provinces can provide the conditions needed for seasonal outdoor cultivation. We recommend a variety of different cannabis seeds and strains, catering for both the indoor and outdoor grower. Check out our recommendations for your province below.

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